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Toyo Technica Exhibited at “9th Manufacturing World Nagoya”

Toyo Technica
Exhibited at “9th Manufacturing World [Nagoya]”
Introducing cutting-edge measurement solutions such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and noise disturbance prevention. ……
Toyo Technica Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshiya Kono, hereinafter referred to as Toyo Technica) will hold a three-day event at Port Messe Nagoya starting April 10, 2024. We will be exhibiting at the “Measurement, Inspection, and Sensor Exhibition [Nagoya] 2024”, which is one of the component exhibitions of the 9th Manufacturing World [Nagoya]. (Booth number: 28-1/3rd exhibition hall)
“Manufacturing World [Nagoya]” is a place where companies dealing with IT, DX products, parts, equipment, equipment, measurement products, etc. will exhibit, and the manufacturing industry’s design,
development, manufacturing, production technology, purchasing, etc., mainly in the Chubu region, will exhibit. This is an exhibition where lively business negotiations are held with people from the information systems department.
Toyo Technica manufactures and develops a wide range of “measurement” technologies in the manufacturing field, including vibration measurement effective for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of mechanical equipment, noise exposure measurement of workers, one-stop evaluation of motor performance, and biological measurement. This contributes to shortening cycles and improving quality. At our booth, we will mainly introduce solutions that support technological innovation in the manufacturing industry.
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[Event overview]
◆Exhibition name: 9th Manufacturing World [Nagoya]/Measurement, Inspection, and Sensor Exhibition [Nagoya] 2024
◆Period: Wednesday, April 10, 2024 – Friday, April 12, 2024 10:00-17:00 ◆Venue: Port Messe Nagoya 3rd Exhibition Hall
◆Booth number: 28-1
◆Event official website: ◆Exhibition information page: Main exhibit products
●Condition monitoring/vibration evaluation sensor
[Image 2:×335.jpg] Industrial vibration sensor for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of mechanical equipment. It is robust, highly stable, and has an insulated structure that eliminates noise effects caused by ground loops. It can be used to monitor vibrations of all kinds of machines, including various rotating equipment such as motors and spindles. We also handle cables, and can propose sensors and cables to meet your various needs.
●Personal noise exposure meter
[Image 3:×180.png ]
It can be attached to the user’s shoulder to continuously measure the noise level near the user’s ear throughout the working day. No cables are required, so measurement setup is hassle-free and unobstructed. Conforms to guidelines for preventing noise disturbances.
●Wireless vibration sensor
[Image 4:×215.png ]
The measured vibration data can be transmitted wirelessly and the vibration data and FFT results can be viewed from a PC browser via a dedicated gateway. Condition monitoring is possible with simple installation. We also have models that transmit effective values ​​and models that can transmit vibration waveform data.
●All-in-one motor torque test bench
[Image 5:×228.png ]
This is an all-in-one motor torque test bench system that includes a torque sensor, load brake, load control measurement software, and bench jig required for motor performance evaluation. Motor performance evaluation is possible even if you do not have a motor torque test device in place. Suitable for motor torque tests with a rated torque of 0.14Nm to 48Nm and a maximum rotation speed of 15,000rpm. ●Biological measurement system
[Image 6:×283.jpg] A system that uses a pocket-sized device (80 mm x 80 mm x 20.4 mm) to simultaneously measure human brain waves, electrocardiograms, electromyograms, breathing, pulse waves, etc., and can also output CAN output. By understanding the user’s sleepiness, concentration, level of stress, etc., it is possible to improve the quality of the product. Dedicated monitoring software and Bluetooth communication enable real-time measurement and analysis.
-About Toyo Technica Co., Ltd.-
Since its establishment in 1953, Toyo Technica has contributed to technological innovation as a leading company in cutting-edge “measurement” technology. Our business fields are diverse, including information and communications, automobiles, energy, EMC
(electromagnetic compatibility), marine, software development, life science, and security. In addition to providing the latest technology in trending fields such as the spread of 5G communications, clean energy, and the development of self-driving cars, we are also focusing on developing our own products that take advantage of our unique measurement technology, and expanding our business both domestically and internationally. By providing the latest solutions, we will contribute to the creation of a safe and environmentally friendly society and the development of industry.
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