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NPO Figs received a donation from Sakura Yamamoto.

NPO Figs received a donation from Sakura Yamamoto.

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Press release: April 2, 2024
NPO Figs received a donation from Sakura Yamamoto.
*~ Fundraising activity held as part of activities in the high school entrepreneurship community “Orange” ~*
NPO Figuka (location: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Chairman: Hiroto Nakafuji, hereinafter referred to as “NPO Figuka”) is a subsidiary of Hosen High School (location: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Principal: Maruyama).
We would like to inform you that we have received a donation from Sakura Yamamoto of Hiroshi.

Mr. Yamamoto held a fundraising campaign as part of his activities with the high school student entrepreneurship community Orange, and donated the collected funds to the NPO Fig. The donations we receive will be used carefully to help the children make their dreams come true.

* ■ About fundraising activities *
– Date and time: March 21, 2024 (Thursday) 18:30-19:00
– Location: Okayama city
– Donation amount: 2,727 yen
* [Scenes during fundraising activities] *
* [State upon receiving]*
* ■ Comment from Sakura Yamamoto *

It was my first time fundraising and there were a lot of things I didn’t understand, but with the support I received, I was able to successfully conduct the fundraiser. I’m really grateful.
All of the people who donated were warm and touched. Some people donated because they felt it was no one else’s problem, and I was reminded once again of the seriousness of the fact that there are many children who don’t have a place at school. We hope that this donation will bring smiles to the faces of the children at the free school. I would like to continue to do my best through fundraising activities to make the dreams of not only the children at the free school, but also many other people, come true.

* ■Comment from NPO Chairman Hiroto Nakato *
I remember feeling very warm when Sakura told me that she wanted to raise money for children.
They started their activities immediately after that, and I am truly happy that they have donated the funds they have raised.
We will carefully use the donations we receive to provide a good education to children.
We will continue to support Sakura-san in expanding her activities to help various people achieve what they want to do, and the warm-hearted Sakura-san is confident that she will be able to make that future a reality. I am.
This time, thank you very much!

* ■ About the high school entrepreneurship community “Orange” *

“Orange” is an entrepreneurial community for high school students co-founded by the Fig Group, Okayama University, and NPO Dappi. As an outlet for fostering entrepreneurship, we provide support for starting a business and taking the comprehensive selection entrance exam. We have opened a community space at Fig High School and are open every Thursday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm for activities.
– Location: 1st floor, 2-8-6 Hokancho, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
– Date and time: Every Thursday from 17:00 to 21:00 Free entry and exit – Instagram: @unblue.23 (Please check Instagram for class cancellation dates)

* ■ About the fig group *
The Fig Group engages in activities aimed at “creating and delivering good education” in two forms: Fig Co., Ltd. and the non-profit organization Fig.
– Fig High School
Fig High School provides correspondence support that allows you to obtain a high school graduation qualification by attending school one or more days a week and studying reports.
This is a school (learning support facility). The Okayama Campus started in April 2022 in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, and the Tsuyama Campus started in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture in September 2022. We offer courses aimed at realizing the current future that students desire, valuing the three concepts of “alone or with others,” “like it or not,” and “with or without it.”
Official LINE: – Teacher training system development
We provide teacher training and know-how to corporations engaged in education business to better practice “good education.” We are currently developing “teacher AI for teachers” to train “good teachers” to make “good education” a reality, and we will disseminate it throughout society in the future.
– Fig Moegi Free School
This is a free school that creates a place for children outside of school. Elementary school 1st grade to high school 3
Targeting graders, we provide a place for children to discover and realize what they want to do at their own pace. In addition, while providing learning opportunities free of charge at free schools, we will develop our activities as an organization that handles counseling services as social work, connecting consultations received with appropriate institutions.
Official LINE:

* ■ About the NPO fig *
Corporate name: NPO corporation Figs
Representative: Chairman Hiroto Nakafuji
Established: November 2022
Address: 25-14 Ekimotomachi, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture URL:

* ■Feelings behind “Fig” *

“Fig” means “fruit without flowers,” meaning that the flowers cannot be seen from the outside. But in fact, flowers are blooming inside. We named this flower “fig” because we believe that the way this flower blooms is similar to that of children, who hide their uniqueness and creativity in places that adults cannot see.
We tend to judge people based on their visible results or talent. However, I believe that everyone has great potential, even if it is not visible on the surface. “Figs” is a project that continues to think about education in rural areas and believes in the potential of children who are blooming within.
“Fig” homepage:
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