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Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Diners Club and TRUST CLUB Card Start of exchange for “PayPay Gift Card”

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club
[Diners Club and TRUST CLUB Card] Start of exchange for “PayPay Gift Card” ~ No upper limit on the number of points transferred! It can also be used as a gift! ~
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Koji Igarashi; hereinafter referred to as the Company), which issues the Diners Club Card and the TRUST CLUB Card
(Visa/Mastercard), will exchange the reward points earned by using the cards into PayPay shares. We have started a service that allows you to migrate to “PayPay Gift Card” issued by the company (hereinafter referred to as PayPay) from Friday, March 29, 2024.
Service contents
The transition service to “PayPay Gift Card” was realized in response to requests from our members who “wanted to use points at nearby stores and online shopping” against the backdrop of the ever-evolving cashless era.
[Image 1:×298.png ]
Points accumulated by using the card can be exchanged for an unlimited number of PayPay Gift Cards.
-What is a PayPay gift card? –
This is a code-type gift card issued by PayPay.
You can charge a preset amount to PayPay by entering your gift card number. By charging your card, you can use it at various locations such as participating stores and online shops.
By linking gift card numbers, you can not only use the card yourself, but also send it as a gift to a friend or customer.
[Transition rate]
Diners Club members: 5,000 points ⇒ PayPay gift card worth 2,000 yen TRUST CLUB card member: 8,000 points ⇒ PayPay gift card worth 2,000 yen [Transition method]
Apply through “Club Online,” an online service exclusively for our card members. We also have a variety of other point exchange prizes available. Accumulated points have no expiration date, so you can exchange them for any prize you want at any time.
We will continue to meet the needs of our members and provide services that enrich their lives.
▼Click here for details on point exchange prizes:
Diners Club:
TRUST CLUB Card: Diners Club Card/TRUST CLUB Card Information
Diners Club Card: [First year annual fee free] New membership campaign underway
[Image 2:×107.jpg] A piece that expands your possibilities.
Under our brand slogan, “There are things you can only find here,” we go beyond credit cards to provide you with the ultimate in excitement and experiences.
●Campaign benefits: Free annual membership fee for the first year for both main members and family members
●Application deadline: Until July 31, 2024 (Wednesday)
●Click here for details: Diners Club Premium Card (invitation only)
[Image 3:×108.jpg] Diners Club’s invitation-only card combines high-quality service and status. We will always assist customers who seek the best with various benefits and perks and the heartfelt hospitality of our concierge. ● Insider information regarding overseas use: Overseas travel accident insurance covers up to 100 million yen with no usage conditions ●Click here for details: ■Diners Club is currently distributing a video advertisement starring actor Hiroki Hasegawa.
Title: “Genuine things remain forever. Genuine status” edition
[Image 4:×390.jpg] Published at:
■Diners Club’s official YouTube site is currently releasing a variety of videos, from video advertisements featuring Hasegawa,
behind-the-scenes footage, to events exclusive to Diners Club members. Diners Club official YouTube account: ■Click here for details on Diners Club:
Diners Club website
From world-recognized cards to great cards that earn you miles, we’ll brighten up your day with travel, gourmet, and entertainment. The international brands we issue are Visa and Mastercard, both of which are highly convenient cards that boast wide networks around the world.
TRUST CLUB Platinum Mastercard
[Image 5:×262.png ]
We offer airport lounge services and restaurant benefits such as “Dining by Invitation Biyori” (1 person free when 2 people use the service).
■Click here for other TRUST CLUB cards:
■Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Corporate Information Site:
[Contact information for media inquiries regarding this matter] -Diners Club/TRUST CLUB Card-
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Public Relations Office TEL: 03-6770-2630 More details about this release: