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Home » NPO ZESDA ZESDA News Vol. 17 (March 2024 issue) ZESDA staff carry out reconstruction support activities in Noto. Support for disaster areas is moving to the next phase.

NPO ZESDA ZESDA News Vol. 17 (March 2024 issue) ZESDA staff carry out reconstruction support activities in Noto. Support for disaster areas is moving to the next phase.

[ZESDA News Vol.17 (March 2024 issue)] ZESDA staff carry out reconstruction support activities in Noto. Support for disaster areas is moving to the next phase.
ZESDA, a non-profit organization (Representative Director: Daisuke Sakuraba, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as ZESDA) is a parallel career organization that produces glocal business. We will report on events sponsored by our organization and activity information on projects carried out at home and abroad.
For more information on ZESDA, please see the official website below.
1 Top news
■Conducted recovery support activities in the Noto area. We provided support to restore normalcy to the disaster-affected areas, centering on Shunran no Sato.
From March 8th to 10th, seven staff members, including ZESDA Representative Sakuraba, carried out on-site activities to support the recovery of those affected by the disaster in the Noto area, focusing on Shunran no Sato. Approximately two months have passed since the earthquake occurred on January 1st, and as volunteers from outside have finally been able to enter the disaster area, ZESDA staff were also able to visit Noto.
According to Kiichiro Tada, the representative of Shunran no Sato, road repairs are progressing, but in the area where Shunran no Sato is located, collapsed houses remain untouched, and recovery will still take some time.
[Image 1:×2016.jpg] ▲The cold continued into March, and it snowed on the day I visited. The main activity was cleaning the Minakami-tei guesthouse in Shunran no Sato. The walls collapsed due to the earthquake and furniture was scattered, but no efforts were made to restore the building. ZESDA staff were able to organize the furniture and clean the interior of Minakami House in a day’s time, but the current situation is that the house still remains untouched.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] ▲The dining room of the Minakami residence, where furniture is scattered
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] ▲It took one day to move the furniture out.
On the 10th, we visited Kobushi, an accommodation facility serving as an evacuation center, and held a piano concert in the hope of providing a heartwarming moment to those affected by the disaster.
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] ▲Piano concert held at “Kobushi”
The concert lasted for one hour including an encore. At the end of the meeting, we received a tearful thank you from Kiichiro Tada, who has continued to work proactively toward recovery, and there was also a scene where he exchanged a hug with ZESDA representative Sakuraba.
[Image 5:×1288.jpg] ▲Kiichiro Tada and Sakuraba embrace
It will still take a lot of time and effort for the Noto region to return to its pre-disaster daily life. Nevertheless, ZESDA will continue to work together with the people of Shunran no Sato to make Noto a place filled with smiles, by providing support step by step like this time.
Click here for a detailed report by ZESDA staff who participated in volunteer activities
2 Event information sponsored by ZESDA
[Image 6:×640.jpg] As Vol. 27 of the Glocal Business Seminar Series, we will be presenting “From rural areas to expanding into the U.S. Local companies have a chance to break into overseas markets – Case studies of local small and medium-sized companies that are opening up in the U.S. market. “Thinking about U.S. market strategy” was held on March 23, 2024.
Mr. Seki, CEO of Glowkey Co., Ltd., spoke to us about the key points for Japanese local companies to expand overseas. As interest in quality of life increases around the world, the discussion expanded to include important ideas for overseas expansion and specific
methodologies such as the use of live commerce.
Click here for past Glocal Business Seminar lecture videos 3 Activity reports for each project
ZESDA produces glocal business (overseas expansion of local small and medium-sized businesses) throughout Japan. We will report on the activity information of each project.
■Shunran no Sato Project (produced regional revitalization in the Noto area of ​​Ishikawa Prefecture)
・Crowdfunding for “Notokko” mushroom bed cultivation continues until April 30th
[Image 7:×414.png ]
Noto Peninsula Earthquake | My late father’s long-cherished desire to pass on the shiitake mushroom bed that won the grand prize at the competition to future generations
The Notokko crowdfunding campaign, which ends on April 30th, has achieved over 70% success rate. In addition to the shiitake mushrooms that won the grand prize at the fair, you can also choose processed products as a return. Thank you for your continued support.
・”Hira Miyuki Farm” resumes selling sweets using a kitchen truck Hiramiyuki Farm, which grows blueberries, has resumed selling sweets using blueberries in Kanazawa City from March 13th. Originally, we were doing mobile sales using a kitchen truck in Noto Town, but we moved our base to Kanazawa and made a fresh start.
It has been covered on NHK and is being broadcast not only in Japan but also overseas.
・A farm in Ishikawa Noto Town resumes selling sweets using local blueberries (March 13, 2024 NHK NEWS) ・Noto Town’s blueberry sweet truck back in busines (March 14, 2024 NHK WORLD-JAPAN)
■Amami Project (produced the Amami Oshima area in Kagoshima Prefecture) ・Members of Meet My Amami, co-represented by Marin Naruse, visited “AMAMI Vanilla Farm Cafe Pole Pole”
Members of Meet My Amami visited “AMAMI Vanilla Farm Cafe Pole Pole” run by Mr. Hayashi and exchanged opinions on future activities to enliven Amami Oshima.
[Image 8:×900.jpg] ▲Members of Meet My Amami visiting Pole Pole
Marin and his colleagues are planning a workshop for high school students for the summer of 2024, with the aim of delving deeper into the charms of Amami. We are collaborating with Mr. Hayashi to prepare for the event, and ZESDA also plans to provide support in planning and operation.
・Meet My Amami website
・Meet My Amami Instagram ・Vanilla beans business was brought up in the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives
Mr. Hayashi’s vanilla bean cultivation business was brought up in the answer by Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Sakamoto. There were talks about supporting agriculture that is unique to the region, including vanilla bean cultivation, which can only be done on Amami Oshima, and creating agriculture that young people can participate in.
February 28, 2024 Budget Committee Sixth Subcommittee (approximately 2:08:00) ■Kinan Art Project (produced in the Kinan area of ​​Wakayama Prefecture) ・ZESDA staff participated in the Kinan Art Project event
An event related to the Kinan Art Project was held on March 9th and 10th, 2024. It was an opportunity to delve deeper into Kinan mandarin oranges through a tasting comparison of mandarin oranges and a seedling transfer event.
・Colorful mandarin oranges – A party to enjoy a variety of citrus fruits –
・Seedling transfer event “Mikan Seedling Journey”
The transfer of seedlings was carried out as part of the “Commons Farm” initiative, which is part of the Kinan Art Project. Those who participated in the event will take care of the seedlings as foster parents until a candidate site for the farm is found.
・Commons Farm
A ZESDA staff member who participated in the event said, “I was able to experience many things, including the organizers’ thoughts and philosophy behind the event, as well as the social and cultural value of unraveling the history of mandarin orange breeding. ” was the comment.
[Image 9:×1536.jpg] ▲We tasted and compared 11 types of Kinan mandarin oranges.
[Image 10:×2048.jpg] ▲Saplings kept as foster parents
■NY bureau activities
・Supporting Japanese experts active in New York
In New York, we are also supporting the activities of Japanese people by making use of ZESDA’s connections (network). This time, we held a meeting between Japanese people active in the Japanese subculture field and people who are influential in the New York anime scene. ZESDA staff were also present and provided support.
A wide-ranging conversation was held about the possibilities of spreading Japanese culture around the world, such as the expansion of subculture-related books published in Japan into the United States and the expansion into the Middle East, where Japanese anime is becoming increasingly popular.
■“Noufuku” support project (produce collaborative activities between agriculture and welfare)
・The event report for “Noufuku Award 2023” has been published. The Noufuku Award 2023 Award Ceremony & Symposium report has been posted on the Noufuku Project website. You can view the awards ceremony and symposium, as well as presentation materials on the Noufuku Lab activity report that ZESDA Director Sezaki gave on stage. Noufuku Award 2023 Award Ceremony & Symposium was held
[Image 11:×1281.jpg] ▲The social welfare corporation Aoba Jin-kai won the grand prize.
[Image 12:×1281.jpg] ▲Lecture by WizFarm Co., Ltd., which won the Grand Prix
4 Information on activities of related organizations, etc.
■8PEACE will hold a premium sensitivity exploration experience event “HAPPY STYLE SALON” on April 27, 2024
8PEACE, which co-sponsors the new cultural industry promotion “Glocal Collaboration” through the fusion of cultural exchange and business, with ZESDA, will hold “HAPPY STYLE SALON” with the aim of realizing “a cycle and chain of the joy of creation and the joy of use.”
This is a program to hone your sensibilities through a garden tour of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and the experience of creating “Kimekomi Art” with Asako Iwami as an instructor.
■Ogawa Manufacturing
Mr. Ogawa Seisakusho, who took the podium at the 5th PSRi Monozukuri Third Generation: Why the Third Generation of Manufacturing Tweets the “Facts” of the Japanese Economy Every Day – The Current Location and Challenges of the Japanese Economy Confirmed by Economic Statistics (Facts) We communicate the reality of the economy every day. We bring you the latest article in a series that deciphers Japan’s economy based on data.
・Is individual consumption in Japan low? – International comparison per person (Ogawa Manufacturing website 2024/3/17) ・Ogawa Seisakusho Official X (old Twitter) 5 Services provided by ZESDA, etc.
■An ordinary business person will teach you the mindset and techniques that will make you “no longer ordinary”! “New Edition Producership Recommendation” ~Shishushoin~ Now on sale!
“Producership (R)” is a Japanese-style innovation method advocated by ZESDA. “Recommendation of Producership”, which systematically summarizes 16 case studies based on this theory, has been released as a new edition with new content, a new binding, and an even more affordable price! There is also a Kindle version, and it also supports Unlimited (unlimited reading)! Please read it!
[Image 13:×2222.jpg] ▲Mind and technology that creates an innovative environment. That is “Producership(R)”
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