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Pre-order 2 kg of 3 types of juicy plums from Miyazaki Prefecture delivered directly from the farm during the early summer season

Koyu Foundation
[Pre-order] 2 kg of 3 types of juicy plums from Miyazaki Prefecture delivered directly from the farm during the early summer season Full of blessings from the sun! Limited quantity available for hometown tax payments in Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture. ……
Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (General
Incorporated Foundation, Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Junichi Saito, hereinafter referred to as Koyu Foundation) is commissioned to operate Shintomi Town Hometown Tax, and cultivates it outdoors under the warm Miyazaki sun. We would like to inform you that we have started accepting advance reservations for return gifts of “Plum” made with.
[Capacity] Assorted plums from Miyazaki Prefecture, approx. 2kg, 1 box (4 packs) [Application date] Until payment is confirmed on June 30, 2024 [Shipping time] Shipped during the harvest period from late June to early July 2024
[Business name] Ishimura Orchard
[Application] Accepted from each portal site of Shintomicho hometown tax payment ・Furusato Choice: ・Rakuten:
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Delivered in season and nearly ripe
■Summer Angel A sweet and juicy large plum with red skin and pale yellow flesh. It has a strong sweetness due to its high sugar content, and has a moderate sourness.
It also has a weak scent, but it is characterized by less fiber. ■Sai no Hime is beautiful with a pale yellow color and has a very high sugar content.
This variety is popular for its low acidity, very pleasant aroma, and peach-like taste.
It is suitable not only for eating raw, but also for making jams, juices, sweets, etc. ■Soldam has an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness, and is characterized by a rich aroma and rich taste. Another unique feature of Soldam is that the color of the fruit is bright red. Fruits carefully grown by the veteran farm “Ishimura Orchard” in Shintomi Town
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Ishimura Orchard is particular about quality and emphasizes careful manual work such as fruit thinning and bagging. We also try to harvest the fruit when it is close to full ripeness. The entire family is involved in growing pears, plums, and persimmons with love, combining traditional techniques with the latest cultivation methods to produce high-quality fruit that is highly valued in the region. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the sweet and sour juicy fruit “Ishimura Orchard Plum Assortment”.
Recommended for processed products such as jam, fruit wine, compote, etc.
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Plums, which can be eaten with the skin on, are rich in nutrients that modern people need.
Dietary fiber: Pectin, a type of dietary fiber contained in plums, has an intestinal regulating effect and helps improve the intestinal environment.
Polyphenols (anthocyanins):
Contains a large amount of anthocyanin, a type of polyphenol, which is effective in improving tired eyes, preventing presbyopia, and has strong antioxidant effects to prevent obesity.
In addition, plums are said to contain nutrients that are effective for preventing anemia with folic acid, improving sensitivity to cold with vitamin E, making skin beautiful, and having an anti-aging effect, and potassium that is effective for regulating blood pressure and improving swelling.
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■What is Shintomi-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, with a population of approximately 16,200?
Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture is a small town with a population of 17,000, about 30 minutes north by car from Miyazaki Airport. It is a region where greenhouse horticulture is popular, and the area has vast farmland the size of approximately 460 Tokyo Domes, where a variety of crops such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, lychees, and kumquats are harvested throughout the year.
[Video 2:] ■What is the Koyu Community Development Promotion Organization (Koyu Foundation)?
We are a regional trading company established in April 2017 in Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture with the aim of creating a sustainable region. Based on the vision of “the world’s most challenging city,” we earn money through branding and product development centered on agricultural products, such as the 1,000 yen lychee, and reinvest the profits into human resource development. In the operation of the Shintomi Town hometown tax donation program, which is our main business, we have recorded a cumulative total of approximately 9 billion yen in donations over the six years from 2017 to 2022. is being used to improve.
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