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Home » April 11th (Thursday) AndTech WEB Online “Current Status, Issues, Latest Trends, Upgraded Recycling Technology of Plastic Recycling Technology” Zoom seminar scheduled to be held

April 11th (Thursday) AndTech WEB Online “Current Status, Issues, Latest Trends, Upgraded Recycling Technology of Plastic Recycling Technology” Zoom seminar scheduled to be held

April 11th (Thursday) AndTech WEB Online “Current Status, Issues, Latest Trends, Upgrade Recycling Technology of Plastic Recycling Technology” Zoom seminar scheduled to be held
Mr. Tetsuo Takayama, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Organic Materials Systems, Yamagata University, a national university corporation, will give a lecture.
AndTech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Masao Suyama, hereinafter referred to as “AndTech”) has announced that as part of the Zoom course for R&D development support, we will be conducting the We will be holding a course on “Plastic Recycling Upgrade Recycling Technology” led by one
The instructors will explain the current state of plastic waste, solutions and upgrade recycling technologies based on the results of their actual studies.
This course is scheduled to start on April 11, 2024. Details:
[Image 1:×1005.jpg] Live streaming/WEB seminar course overview
Theme: Current status/issues/latest trends of plastic recycling technology/upgrade recycling technology
Date and time: Thursday, April 11, 2024 13:30-17:30
Participation fee: 45,100 yen (tax included) * Materials will be distributed electronically
U R L: Web distribution format: Zoom (URL will be sent after application) Seminar course content structure
National University Corporation Yamagata University Graduate School of Organic Materials Systems/Assistant Professor Tetsuo Takayama Knowledge you can learn and technical issues you can solve in this seminar ・Current status of plastic waste and problems awaiting in the near future ・Basic concept and technology of material recycling
・Characteristics required for future plastic composite materials Format of this seminar
This will be a live streaming seminar using the web conferencing tool “Zoom”. Details will be provided after you apply.
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AndTech Co., Ltd. PR Manager Aoki
Email address: pr● (please change ● to @ and contact us) All program items below (please take a look if you are interested in details) [Purpose of the lecture]
In the current situation where microplastics are flowing into the ocean and threatening the ecosystem, the position of plastic is changing from a convenient material that is “light, rust-free, and cheap” to a material that has the problem of “pollution to the environment” due to its characteristics. is moving to. However, no matter how the situation changes, plastics are still useful, and we need to approach them in an environment-friendly manner without compromising quality of life.
In this seminar, we will learn about the current state of plastic waste and highlight the challenges that await us in the future from the instructor’s perspective. We will discuss the issues raised from the perspective of plastic properties and explain solutions based on the results of actual studies conducted by the lecturers.
1. Learn about the current situation of plastic waste
1.1 What is plastic waste?
1.2 Does Japan have a high recycling rate? !
1.3 Recycling containers and packaging materials
1.4 Recycling of auto parts
1.5 Future challenges and required material properties
2. Modification technology for plastic composite materials
2.1 Polymer blends
2.1.1 Toughening by elastomer dispersion
2.1.2 Ductility by hard polymer dispersion
2.1.3 Reaction compatibilization
2.2 Inorganic fiber reinforcement
2.2.1 Compound rules
2.2.2 Strength development mechanism
2.2.3 Shock absorption properties
3. Consideration regarding mechanical recycling
3.1 Difficulties in mechanical recycling
3.1.1 It was a product
3.1.2 Composition cannot be easily determined
3.1.3 If you can’t make it cheaply, people won’t use it
3.1.4 If it’s not better, its appeal will be halved
3.2 Recycling measures under consideration
3.2.1 Conventional mechanical recycling method
3.2.2 Upgrade recycling Dry blending Secondary processing
3.2.3 Organic fiber reinforcement Differences from inorganic fibers
4. At the end
Question-and-answer session
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