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Sustainable Design Ltd. We have opened a “time-saving” learning course on sustainability management!

[Sustainable Design Ltd.] We have opened a “time-saving” learning course on sustainability management!

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Press release: April 2, 2024
We have launched a “time-saving” learning course on sustainability management! *A lecturer with 34 years of experience in this field has prepared a “Fast Pass” for you to grasp the entire picture of sustainability management at once! *
Sustainable Design Ltd. (founded in December 2002, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) has recently released new video training materials for its
sustainability management human resources training course.
* 1.* * Sustainability management blueprint 2024*
:The first video you watch after being assigned to the sustainability promotion department
* 2.* * Sustainability Management Basic Training 2024*
:It’s not too late, a video to help you understand sustainability correctly * 1. “* * Sustainability management blueprint 2024*
:50% OFF (up to the first 30 people or those who apply by 18:00 on Tuesday, April 30, 2024)
* 2.* * Sustainability Management Basic Training 2024*
:33% OFF (for the first 100 people or those who apply by 18:00 on Tuesday, April 30, 2024)
As we enter the new year, we will be holding a release campaign. Please take advantage of this opportunity. Videos can be purchased and attended from the web seminar platform: Deliveru. Please access below to check the details and apply.

* 1.Sustainability management blueprint 2024* * 2. Sustainability Management Basic Training 2024*

The video titles in 1.2. are links to the detailed
information/application page for each video, so you can access it from there as well.

Below is the content of each video.
1. Sustainability management blueprint 2024
:The first video you watch after being assigned to the sustainability promotion department
This is a video for managers and people in charge of sustainability promotion departments.
 * This is an introductory guide for gaining an overview of
sustainability management in a short time and understanding the minimum basic concepts and terminology that practitioners should know.*
The total time including the study guide is about 2 hours. * You can improve your time performance by reducing the time you spend studying and researching from scratch, such as searching websites without any clues or reading multiple books.*
Watching the video must be completed within a certain period, but there is a total of 94 pages of materials, including the study guide* You can download it, so we recommend that you add notes while watching it and use it as a handy reference even after the viewing period ends.*
It is divided into the following four parts. Once you have watched all the videos and answered the post-completion survey, you will receive a certificate of completion with your name on it.*
0 Study Guide
0.1 Aim of this course
0.2 About learning environment/preparation
0.3 About the use of learning content
 Securing an environment and time where you can concentrate, downloading materials in advance, verbalizing learning objectives (1Action
3Goals settings) and other preparations before you start watching videos. 1 Background of the need for sustainability management
1.1 Learn about the half-century lineage of sustainability
1.2 Understand SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as a group of social issues 1.3 Understand ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) as a corporate evaluation axis
1.4 The 2020s is an era of transition

Although awareness of the word SDGs has increased, there is a tendency to focus only on the Gs (17 goals) and 169 targets, and focus on specifics such as what should be done to contribute to which number of goals.
However, even if you think about the specifics without understanding what the goal is for, you will not be able to reach the conclusion that it is okay.

In this part, we will explain what SD (sustainable development) and ESG in the SDGs really mean, why they have become so important, and how they will help companies transition in the 2020s. This page explains the background behind the need for (transition).
2 Significance of engaging in sustainability management
2.1 Positioning sustainability as a KSF (key success factor) for company survival
2.2 Converting social issues into management issues through “risk and opportunity” analysis
2.3 Learn about the spread of sustainability management issues 2.4 Overview of typical sustainability management issues

There are many managers and business people who think that
sustainability is a non-financial topic and is separate from management and their core business. However, companies need to understand that sustainability is a critical success factor that affects the viability of the company itself, rather than at the level of individual products, services, or individual operations.
This part explains the significance of companies engaging in sustainability management, with a focus on “risk and opportunity” analysis, which converts social issues into management issues.

3 Management of sustainability management
3.1 Building and operating a sustainability promotion organization 3.2 Basic framework of sustainability management
3.3 Disclosure of sustainability information
In companies where there was no sustainability-related work until recently, there is no defined division of duties or duties, and there is no career path.

In this part, we explain how sustainability-related tasks can be divided among departments, incorporated into routines and
standardized, organizational structure and operational management, and information disclosure as a result.

2. Sustainability Management Basic Training 2024
:It’s not too late, a video to help you understand sustainability correctly 1 Background of the need for sustainability management
2 The significance of engaging in sustainability management
3 Management of sustainability management

This is a digest version created by extracting the important parts of the “Sustainability Management Diagram 2024.” It’s about half the time, 55 minutes. This course is for business people (assuming employees of listed companies and mid-sized companies) who want to learn sustainability management from the basics.

The content is consistent with 1. Sustainability Management Diagram 2024, so sustainability promotion personnel who have taken 1. You can also recommend that your representatives watch it.
* ■About Sustainable Design Co., Ltd.*
* [Representative] *
・Sustainable Design Ltd. Representative Director Hiroshi Nishihara ・*Since 1990 when I was a student, I have made “sustainability” my life’s work for 34 years*
We support sustainability management from the aspects of management planning, business development, financial measures, human resource development, and information disclosure, from small to medium-sized companies to listed companies.

* [Biography] *
■1991 Graduated from Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
*In 1990, I encountered “sustainability” while working on my graduation thesis, and it has been 34 years since it became my life’s work.
■1991-2002 Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Researcher
■December 2002 – Established Sustainable Design Institute Ltd. Representative Director
*From December 2017: Certified as a certified management innovation support organization (certification number 104713005712)
■August 2019: Changed company name to Sustainable Design Ltd. ■FY2020~ Aoyama Gakuin University SDGs/CE Partnership Research Institute Visiting Researcher
■University part-time lecturer (2003-2006: Faculty of Tourism, Rikkyo University, 2017-2018: Faculty of Built Environment, Kanto Gakuin University)
* [Books/E-learning materials] *
■“New Edition Banking Business Certification Exam CBT Sustainable Management Support Countermeasure Questions” (October 2023) Economic Law Research Group
■E-learning content provided: Aircourse “Introduction to SDGs for Correct Understanding 1. to 5.” (October 2021~)
■Aoyama Hicon SDGs Academia “SDGs Management Basic Course/Case Study Course (from June 2020)”
* [Results of seminars, lectures, etc.] * *53 seminars/75 times by March 2024 ■Government offices/local governments: Ministry of the
Environment/Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Kawasaki City/Katsushika Ward
■National organizations: National Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Associations/Japan Printing Industry Federation/Japan Printing Industry Federation/Japan Form Printing Industry
Federation/Japan Seal Printing Cooperative Federation/Japan Printing Industry Machinery Association/National Paper Raw Materials Commerce and Industry Association Union Federation/Japan Public Relations Association/Construction Byproduct Recycling Public Relations Promotion Council/Green Purchasing Network
■Local organizations: Kanto Paper Raw Materials Direct Delivery Chamber of Commerce Association / Chubu Paper Raw Materials Direct Delivery Chamber of Commerce Association / Chugoku District Paper Raw Materials Direct Delivery Chamber of Commerce Association
■Prefectural organizations: Saitama Chamber of Commerce and
Industry/Tokyo Bar Association/Tokyo Truck Association/Chiba Prefecture Industrial Resource Recycling Association/Saitama Green Purchasing Network/Hyogo Prefecture Environmental Conservation Managers Association
■Regional organizations: Kitazawa Corporation Association/Musashino Corporation Association/Eco Action 21 Regional Secretariat Tokyo ■Financial institutions: Skill improvement training for bank employees/local banks/credit guarantee associations
* [Consulting, etc.] * *marked is a listed company
■Individual companies: specialized trading company*/industrial waste treatment industry*/industrial waste treatment industry/recycling industry/printing industry, etc.
■Eco-Action 21 examination services: Industrial waste treatment industry/printing industry/construction industry/manufacturing industry/automobile maintenance industry/trading company/wholesale industry/system development company/consulting company/insurance industry/public interest corporation, etc.

* [Daily SDGs News] *
・From August 1, 2021, we will be picking up and commenting on SDGs-related articles every day.
*The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of announcement. It is subject to change without prior notice. [Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Sustainable Design Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Hiroshi Nishihara, Representative Director
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