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Held simultaneously at 2 venues! Noseden Railway Festival 2024 Spring will be held

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Held simultaneously at 2 venues! Noseden Railway Festival 2024 Spring will be held
Nose Electric Railway will hold the “Noseden Railway Festival 2024 Spring” on Saturday, April 27, 2024 at two venues: Hirano Depot venue and Hinase Chuo Station venue.
In addition to various experiences that allow you to interact with trains, such as the popular “conductor experience,” “driving simulation experience,” and “car wash experience,” which have been well-received in previous years, there is also a wealth of content that you can enjoy, such as businesses with ties to the line, food truck stalls, and stage events. We offer. We will also hold a keyword rally that will take you to two venues, so please feel free to come to either venue.
Details are below.
(1) Event name Noseden Railway Festival 2024 Spring
[Image 1:×250.jpg] (2) Event date and time
Saturday, April 27, 2024 10:00-15:00
*Rain or shine, stormy weather canceled
(3) Venue
・Hirano garage venue
・Nissei Chuo Station venue
<1<2(4) Participation fee: Free
(5) Co-sponsor Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd.
(6) Sponsored by Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
(7) Contents
Hirano garage venue
・Driving simulation experience
・Conductor experience
・G gauge driving experience (cooperation: Rail Shop Cedar)
・Plarail driving experience
・Car wash experience
・Simulated cab
・Smart ball
・Plarail lottery
・Original goods sales
・Opening a kitchen car store
・Special booth commemorating the 140th anniversary of Mitsuya Cider and other companies exhibiting their booths
Hinase Chuo Station venue
Hinase Chuo Station Line 1 getting off platform
・Hankyu 8004 train stationed
・Conductor experience
・Original goods sales (Nose Electric Railway, etc.)
・Various workshops
・Talk show by employees appearing on Nose Electric Railway’s official YouTube channel
“People’s Square” in front of Hinase Chuo Station
・Commemorative photo with Hankyu Bus (Cooperation: Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd.) ・Stage event (Performance: Hankyu Corporation Brass Band, etc.) ・Opening a kitchen car/product store
・Head mark display, commemorative photo booth, etc.
2 venue keyword rally
Those who achieve the goal will receive a commemorative gift (exchange booths will be set up at both venues)
*Contents are subject to change without notice.
*Some content includes advance lottery and numbered ticket
distribution at the venue on the day of the event.
・Railway Festival details page We will also implement the following initiatives.
■Holding the “Noseden Station Tour! Digital Stamp Rally” using the station and city guidebook app “ekinote”
Using the app “ekinote” released by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in March 2022, we will hold a digital stamp rally at 15 stations on our line.
(1) Implementation period: April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2025 (Monday) (2) Implementation overview
[Image 2:×105.jpg] <1<2(3) Cooperation Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
In addition, to commemorate the event, special booths will be set up at both the Seden Railway Festival Hirano Garage and Hinase Central venues on Saturday, April 27th.
On the day of the event, if you present the app at the booth and collect one or more stamps, you will receive original Noseden goods. *Original goods are limited in number, so the sale will end as soon as they are gone.
[Image 3:×150.jpg] Stamp installation station:
Kawanishi-Noseguchi Station, Kinunobashi Station, Takiyama Station, Tsumugi-nomori Station, Tsuzumi-taki Station, Tada Station, Hirano Station, Ichino-Torii Station, Uneno Station, Yamashita Station, Sasabe Station, Kofudai Station, Tokiwadai Station, Myokenguchi Station, Hinase Chuo Station
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