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Merchandising On Co., Ltd. RDS Supermarket Market Data

Merchandising On Co., Ltd.
RDS Supermarket Market Data
100,000 yen per month / sample release from 3,000 stores, the largest in the industry
To all members of the press, April 2, 2024 Merchandising on RDS Supermarket market data 100,000 yen per month / sample release of 3,000 stores, the largest in the industry
*Customers who sign up by the end of October 2024 will receive a monthly fee of 68,000 yen.
~Start of service with number of collected company stores, 4,200 supermarket stores, and no data usage restrictions~Merchandising On Co., Ltd. (Head office: Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Osamu Sasaki) will be a supermarket from May 2024. We have announced that we will be launching the service with a trend data RDS sample size of 3,000 stores, from the current 1,247 stores, which is the largest number of stores in the industry.
[Image 1:×648.jpg] *From our website [Service Background] RDS Market Data was transferred to Merchandising On Co., Ltd. from the Distribution System Development Center, a general incorporated foundation, in 2018. Although RDS, which started in 1988, was the oldest data in the market data industry, at the time of its acquisition, the number of companies was approximately 90 and the number of stores was approximately 350, which was a small sample compared to other market data. . In the first place, market data was often an expensive service and was mainly used by major manufacturers. I believe that for the development and revitalization of the distribution industry, reasonable data that anyone can use freely is absolutely necessary, regardless of company size, and that the Japanese distribution industry needs useful data that can better grasp the actual situation. After taking over Merchandising On, we continued to reach out to retailers across the country, and with the support of many retailers, we were able to expand to 268 companies and 6,501 stores as of March 2024. [What is RDS] Abbreviation for Distribution POS Data Service. The service was started in 1988 by the Distribution System Development Center, a general incorporated foundation, and Merchandising On Co., Ltd. took over the business in 2018 and continues to provide the service. [Characteristic service] ■ No restrictions on viewing/output of food and daily necessities. Example: Track record for all foods, including in-store products for fresh foods and delicatessen items, can be grasped by category, giving a more accurate overview of all foods. Trends can be detected.
[Image 2:×217.jpg] ■Unique classification from a consumer’s perspective (MD
classification) and detailed attributes Example of classification: RTD…by alcohol content, etc. Example of attributes: Wine…by country/color/Brand…Super Dry… You can analyze it using Ichiban Shibori etc. *Supported for some categories, with plans to increase the number of eligible categories in the future. ■Daily data (as early as 2 days ago) can also be viewed.Example: In the wake of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, sales of disaster prevention supplies have increased rapidly across the country.
[Image 3:×471.jpg] *Unit: thousand yen
■Standard Selling Prices Estimated standard prices nationwide that cannot be obtained from average selling prices are provided monthly for top category products. ■POS data from the past 30 years has been accumulated and published.
[Image 4:×199.jpg] *Unit: thousand yen
For example: Basic seasonings are shrinking year by year due to the increase in single-person households and time performance, but isn’t processed food products (retort pouches, etc.) increasing?
[Image 5:×246.jpg] *Unit: thousand yen
[Future initiatives] ■ Expansion of services Currently, we are continuing to expand data by asking retailers across the country. ■Providing special benefits to users With the expansion of the sample, we would like more people involved in distribution to use the service, and from May onward, new subscribers will receive a monthly discount of 10% off to users who apply by October 2024. We are running a campaign to keep the current usage fee of 68,000 yen instead of 10,000 yen. [Company Profile] About Merchandising On Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×191.jpg] [Location, etc.] Company name: Merchandising On Co., Ltd. Head office address: 13:00 Hall Building 3rd floor, 4-9-9 Takadanobaba,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 Main phone number: 03-6908-7878 URL: https:// Business content: System development, market research, and sales support services specializing in distribution [Contact information regarding this release] Merchandising On Co., Ltd. Public relations: Toshihiro Hirose / Asami Grand Main phone number: 03-6908-7878e-mail:

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