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Home » Sony Music Entertainment Five members from “VERSEn”, “Alba Sera”, “Kagase Uno”, “Kashi Otoha”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona” have been transferred to Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE” Decided to join!

Sony Music Entertainment Five members from “VERSEn”, “Alba Sera”, “Kagase Uno”, “Kashi Otoha”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona” have been transferred to Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE” Decided to join!

Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Five members from “VERSEn”, “Alba Sera”, “Kagase Uno”, “Kashi Otoha”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona” will be transferred to Sony Music’s VTuber project “VEE”!
Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiaki Muramatsu) has announced that it will be promoting the virtual talent development and management project “VEE” with “Alba Serra”, “Kagase”, who are affiliated with “VERSEn”. We would like to inform you that five people, “Uno”, “Kashi Otoha”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona” will join VEE through management transfer.
“VEE” is a virtual talent development and management project by Sony Music. The number of applicants exceeded 18,000 for the “VEE Virtual Talent Audition” held in July 2021. Virtual talents who passed the audition will debut/join the service one after another from May 2022, and a total of 25 VTubers are currently active.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Talents belonging to VERSEn (Maru Nanamona, Hitoshiro Itsuki, Kagase Uno, Alba Sera, Kashi Otoha)
Starting today, five members of “VERSEn” (pronounced: verse), “Alba Sera”, “Kagase Uno”, “Kashi Otoha”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona”, will be transferred to management. He became a VEE affiliated talent.
“VERSEn” is a VTuber project that revolves around various stories, created by NeOFRONT (Sony Music Labels) and Helixes, which started in 2021.
From now on, “VEE” will manage the activities of five talents and will support their further success while collaborating with “VERSEn”. In addition to the profile and visuals released on the official website, a PV commemorating this management transfer was also released.
[VERSEn Talent Transfer Announcement PV]
[Video 2:] Support from five new members of VEE: Alba Serra, Kagase Uno, Kashi Otoha, Itsuki Hitoshiro, and Maru Nanamona, as well as VEE talent and VERSEn. Thank you for your continued patronage.
Joined talent information
■Alba Sera
“Songs are proof of existence.”
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] VEE: Alba Serra
A girl who sticks to her beliefs even in loneliness.
Although she is stoic and not very good at socializing, she is able to care for others and shows her side of a cute girl.
She sings out her strong feelings in the midst of her doubts and conflicts. [Dream] – Becoming big through singing and standing on a big stage [Favorite thing/thing] Singing [Special skill] Singing [Illustrator] Kane
・YouTube: ・X: ■Kagase Uno (Kagase Uno)
“I felt sleepy after eating dinner.”
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] VEE: Kagase Uno
A bright, innocent and free-spirited girl.
Although he has a noisy and troublesome personality, he is quick to turn his back on himself, but he is more sensitive to the atmosphere than anyone else.
A mood maker who pulls everyone together while having his own policies. [Dream]・Challenger [Favorite things/things] Motorcycles / Drama / Balloons / Games (especially MOBA, FPS, high-difficulty games) / Knowing the heart and thoughts [Special skills] 47 prefectures can tell if you are doing well / Immediate fall 2 Koma [Illustrator] Shugao
“Music that brings you closer”
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] VEE: Kashi Otoha
A girl who is easy-going, but more thoughtful than anyone else. Even though he grows up in a world where everything is fulfilled, something bothers him and he begins to question common sense. Defying the world, she sings the feelings that everyone has but cannot express in words.
[Dream]・Holding a 3D audience live performance
・ Performing acoustic live with original songs [Favorite
things/things] Singing / Playing and singing / FPS [Special skills] Guitar / Can do pretty much anything by myself [Illustrator] popman3580
・YouTube: ・X: ■Hitoshiro Itsuki (HITOSHIRO ITSUKI)
“The noise is my exclusive patent”
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] VEE: Hitoshiro Itsuki
A serious, hard-working, caring and dependable girl.
Because he was raised under strict discipline, he can be a little formal. Perhaps as a reaction to this, he is interested in many things and has the spirit to take on any challenge.
[Dream]・I want to hold a V martial arts tournament in 3D! [Favorite things/things] Strong women / Games / Drawing [Special skills] Chinese / General exercise [Illustrator]
・YouTube: ・X:
“It’s so warm.”
[Image 6:×1000.jpg] VEE: Maru Nanamona
Although she is shy, she is a kind-hearted girl who cares about her friends. He works at his own pace and has a unique sensibility, sometimes leaving those around him behind.
Despite his laid-back demeanor, he is intelligent and has a wide range of knowledge, especially in languages.
[Dream]・Expand the kindness of “knowing”
・Participate in overseas VTuber events!
・Grow big enough to hug the Earth [Favorite things/things] Movies / Games / Multilingualism / Chocolate mints / Tangerine [Special skills] English / Recording strange lost items [Character design]
・YouTube: ・X: *Notice regarding transfer
For “Kagase Uno”, “Hitoshiro Itsuki”, and “Maru Nanamona”, in conjunction with joining VEE, procedures will be carried out to join “MCN (Multi Channel Network)” on the YouTube channel.
Therefore, the membership function will be temporarily suspended. The period of temporary suspension is scheduled to be a few hours at the shortest and several days at the maximum.
Please note.
*Membership status (continuation period, etc.) will be carried over at the time of restart.
Please note that the membership function will automatically resume if there is no problem with YouTube’s billing to the customer.
If it does not restart or if you have any questions, please contact Google from the site below.
(*Please log in with the account you are currently using)
“VEE” project overview
[Image 7:×1000.png ]
VEE: Logo
The largest virtual talent development and management project in history by Sony Music. Through this project, in addition to streaming and video production, each virtual talent will develop activities such as music, voice acting, and creation to make their “dreams” come true. We will support the activities of each virtual talent by making full use of the know-how and solutions possessed by Sony Music Group, which has developed a wide range of entertainment businesses. Virtual talents who passed the audition will debut/join from May 2022. From April 2024, talents from the sister project “VERSEn” have also joined, and a total of 30 VTubers are currently active.・Official website: ・Official YouTube: ・Official X:
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