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Home » Sawamura Co., Ltd. First for a private company We held an induction ceremony at Minamiza, a theater with a history of over 400 years!

Sawamura Co., Ltd. First for a private company We held an induction ceremony at Minamiza, a theater with a history of over 400 years!

Sawamura Co., Ltd.
[First time for a private company] We held an induction ceremony at Minamiza, a theater with a history of over 400 years!
The stage is Minamiza, located in Shijo, Kyoto, the birthplace of Kabuki. Local construction company holds event based on the concept of “tradition and innovation”
Sawamura Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koichiro Sawamura, Headquarters: Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), a general construction company with a history of 73 years, announced on March 29, 2024 that it will build a new building in Kyoto, the birthplace of Kabuki. We held an induction ceremony using “Minamiza”. This will be the first time in Minamiza’s 400-year history that a private company will use Minamiza, Japan’s oldest theater, to hold an in-house event.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] On the day, based on the ceremony concept of “tradition and innovation,” Held a “Kaomise*” event in which 12 new employees announced their aspirations as new members of society on stage.
On the gorgeous stage of Minamiza, the new employees announced their resolutions: “How do we want to change ourselves as working adults?” and “What kind of working adults do we want to grow into?” *This is our unique “Kaomise” event, which is modeled after Kyoto’s annual event “Kaomise Performance.”
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[Image 3:×2000.jpg] VR calligraphy artist “Misou Aoyagi,” whose motto is “tradition and innovation,” will be the opening act.
An impressive VR calligraphy performance was held on the large screen in Minamiza, enlivening the entrance ceremony.
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[Image 5:×2000.jpg] The new employees said with smiles, “Having our induction ceremony in such a historic place was a memory I’ll never forget.I want to contribute to creating a lively town through construction.” Thoughts on holding the induction ceremony at Minamiza
It is likened to the spirit of Kabuki and conveys the message, “I want you to take on challenges with positivity and innovation.” For new employees who will officially become members of the workforce, we encourage them to “not be bound by common sense or tradition, but to take on challenges with innovation,” likening it to the spirit of Kabuki, which strives to develop in line with the times while weaving traditions together. . As our company, which has been in business for 73 years, aims to celebrate its 100th anniversary, we will hold an induction ceremony at Minamiza, the first private company to do so, in order to convey our desire to “take on challenges with innovation” even among local small and medium-sized enterprises. As luck would have it.
Entrance ceremony to give a sense of hope to the construction industry The construction industry has a deep-rooted image of the 3Ks (tight, dirty, and dangerous), and it is an industry that is struggling to attract and lose human resources. That’s why through this induction ceremony, we wanted to hold an induction ceremony where new employees who aspire to work in the construction industry can feel hope, and we wanted to brighten the image of the entire construction industry as much as possible. We have decided to hold an induction ceremony. A message to the industry: “Innovate the business content of the construction industry!”
The core of our business is to create opportunities for our customers to open up “future images and bright futures that they have never even thought of right now” through buildings. Construction has a huge impact on people’s lives and businesses. On the other hand, in the construction industry (particularly the general contractor industry), there are many cases where companies that can perform construction work at a low price are required rather than planning and proposal capabilities.
In response to this current situation, it is the responsibility of the construction industry, which handles large amounts of money, to follow the “spirit of Kabuki” and take the lead in projects that address people’s lives and activities and propose new value to the world. ” This message to the industry is also reflected in the meaning of holding the induction ceremony at this venue.
An internal awards ceremony and long service awards were also held on the day. I hope that by seeing their seniors receiving awards and praise, new employees will be motivated to work and learn.
[Image 6:×1870.jpg] It was a joining ceremony where all employees were able to celebrate the new employee’s new beginning.
The 12 new employees took their first steps into the workforce on the gorgeous stage of Minamiza, and I believe they will utilize the valuable experience they gained today in their future career experiences.
At Sawamura Co., Ltd., we will continue to aim to create a society in which people in rural areas can find work as rewarding and
self-fulfilling as those in cities, through various initiatives.
[Image 7:×383.jpg] Company name: Sawamura Co., Ltd.
Representative: Koichiro Sawamura
Head Office: 1108-3 Katsuno, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture Founded: 1950
Capital: 50,000,000 yen (entire group)
Employees: 180 (entire group) as of April 2024
■A general construction company founded in 1950 that provides one-stop solutions to problems, from new custom-built homes and renovations to the construction of offices, factories, stores, and public facilities, and civil engineering, mainly in the Shiga, Kyoto, and Fukui areas. He is also involved in the construction of the tourist attraction “Biwako Terrace.” We will also work on creating opportunities to revitalize local areas, such as by holding regional marches and branding seminars.
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