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Krypton DTM song contest “Sonicon” held! We are looking for song works until 6/2!

[Krypton] DTM song contest “Sonicon” held! We are looking for song works until 6/2!

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Press release: April 2, 2024
DTM song contest “Sonicon” held! We are looking for song works until 6/2! Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Representative Director: Hiroyuki Ito) is holding a song contest “SonicWIRE” as part of a creator support project sponsored by “SONICWIRE”, a download store for digital creators.
SONICWIRE CONTEST 2024 – Song version
-” will be held. The application period is from April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) to June 2, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59. Applications are for “uta-mono” songs with a duration of less than 5 minutes. This time, we are also offering a special benefit in which all 20 people who made it to the final selection will receive comments from the judges. A compilation album containing the award-winning works is also scheduled to be released.

* ▼”Sonicon SONICWIRE CONTEST 2024 – Song Edition -” application page *
The recruitment theme is “singing things”! You can apply if you have a melody line!
CONTEST” (commonly known as “Sonicon”) is a DTM song contest project sponsored by SONICWIRE, a download store for digital creators operated by Crypton. This time, which will be held for the fourth time, we are looking for “uta-mono” songs of 5 minutes or less. Entries can be submitted as long as they contain a melody line that makes it clear that the song is a sung part, and the lyrics or presence or absence of singing will not affect the judging. Even if you don’t normally create songs with singing in mind, please take this opportunity to create and apply.

A gorgeous panel of judges will provide critical comments to all 20 finalists! This contest will feature lyricist/composer “Watanabe” who has worked on popular anime theme songs, etc.
Mr. Sho is a composer/arranger who is active in providing music to famous artists and is also popular on SNS.
“yamazo”, CEO of Pleasure Creation Co., Ltd., which supports the creation of a production environment for creators who support the Japanese music scene, “Tani”
Shota and others will judge based on clear criteria.The judging criteria is based on five items: melody, chords, development, sound, and song idea. All 20 people who made it to the final selection will receive comments from our distinguished panel of judges.

Luxury prize benefits! A compilation album containing the
award-winning songs is scheduled to be released!
This year’s “Sonicon” also offers many luxurious prize-winning benefits that will help creators’ creative activities. In addition to 100,000 yen worth of SONICWIRE points, the grand prize winner will receive an opportunity to be exposed by posting an interview article on the SONICWIRE official website. Additionally, as a supplementary prize, we will be giving away three products from among the product licenses provided by supporting companies such as Media Integration Co., Ltd., Hookup Co., Ltd., and Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.

In addition, as a common benefit for prize winners, a compilation album “SONICON PowerPush” containing the winning works of each award will be released.
We will produce “Vol.1”. The album jacket features illustrator Hirotaka Tanaka. We are planning to release it digitally on music streaming services, etc. using original illustrations by Mr. Additionally, after the contest ends, a crossfade video introducing the winning songs will be released on the SONICWIRE official YouTube channel.
“SONICON PowerPush Vol.1” jacket image
*Delivery method is subject to change.

Please see the overview for details on other benefits. We look forward to receiving many applications.
* [Summary of “Sonicon SONICWIRE CONTEST 2024 – Song Edition -“] *

* ■Recruited songs*
“Songs” that are less than 5 minutes long
*Must include a melody line (virtual singer/synthesizer, etc.)

* ■Examination criteria*
5 items: melody / chord / development / sound / song idea

* ■Application period*
From April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) to June 2, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59

* ■Announcement of prize winners*
Scheduled for August 2024

* ■Application page*
*Please be sure to check the detailed application guidelines before applying.

* ■Awards and benefits* *The number of award winners is subject to change. -Best award-・・・1 person
SONICWIRE points worth 100,000 yen / Music download card “SONOCA” containing the submitted works / Interview article published on SONICWIRE / Supplementary prize (3 products)

-Excellence Award-・・・3 people
SONICWIRE points worth 30,000 yen / Supplementary prize (2 products)

-Special award-・・・4 people
SONICWIRE points worth 10,000 yen/supply prize (1 product)

-All award winners-…8 people
Compilation album “SONICON PowerPush”
Vol.1” / Crossfade video released on YouTube (SONICWIRE official channel) / Award-winning song introduction article published on SONICWIRE

-Bonus for finalists-…20 people
Song review comments from the judges

* ◆The supplementary prize can be selected for each product from the following prizes. *
《Media Integration Award》
– iZotope “Nectar 4 Standard”

《Sound House Award》
– AKG “K712PRO”

《Shimamura Musical Instruments Award》
– On-StageStands 『MBS5000』

《Dilligent Award》
– Minimal Audio『Current』

《Yamaha Music Japan Award》
– Steinberg “UR44C (RED)”

《Pleasure Creation Award》
– 1 free consultation for DTM/production system (2 hours)

《Computer Music Japan Award》
– VoosteQ “Material Comp” / “Model N Channel”

《Hookup Award》
– UnitedPlugins “Bitpunk” / “Cryostasis” / “Plamen” / “Autoformer” – MeldaProduction 『MMultiAnalyzer』 / 『MRhythmizer』

《Plugin Boutique Award》
– Plugin Boutique 『Scaler 2』 / 『Scaler EQ』
– Excite Audio “Lifeline Console” / “Lifeline Expanse” / “Bloom Vocal Aether” – Cableguys “ShaperBox 3”
– Tone Empire『FireChild』
– W.A. Production『InstaComposer 2』

《Krypton Award》
– “Hatsune Miku NT”

* ■Cooperation * *Honorific title
Sho Watanabe, yamazo, Media Integration Co., Ltd., Plugin
Boutique, Hookup Co., Ltd., Sound House Co., Ltd., Ginza Jujiya Co., Ltd. Diligent Division, Shimamura Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., Computer Music Japan

* ■Planning cooperation*
Pleasure Creation Co., Ltd.

* ■Sponsored*
Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. SONICWIRE Team
“SONICWIRE” will continue to work hard to help music creators further enhance their creative activities. We also post TIPS articles and videos related to music production for free, so please feel free to use them.

*DTM Guide*:

* [SONICWIRE official website/SNS account] *
Official website:
Official X (formerly Twitter): Official YouTube Channel: Official Instagram:
Official TikTok:

* [Contact information] *
Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. SONICWIRE
* -Reference information-*

* ▼What is “SONICWIRE” *
The world’s largest comprehensive download store for sound-related software, plug-ins, and materials, operated by Crypton Future Media Inc. Choose your favorite software from a huge lineup, from the highest quality orchestral sound sources used by professional musicians, the world’s most popular drum sound source, sound material collections for music production (sample packs), sound effects and BGM that can be used in video works and smartphone apps. You can purchase sound sources and sound materials “anytime, anywhere, immediately.” We also offer audio editing services such as audio separation, and services that license or produce the necessary sound/music. We provide tools and solutions for creations related to sound.
* -Company Profile-*

Company name: Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Hiroyuki Ito
Address: Nippon Life Sapporo Building 11F, Kita 3-jo Nishi 4-chome 1-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0003
Established: July 1995

Founded as a “sound trading company” that imports and sells sound materials. In 2007, while exploring her field of expertise, “sound,” and developing a business related to digital content, she planned and developed the singing voice synthesis software “Hatsune Miku.” Our mission is to “create” a place where creators can present the technologies and services they have created to make things happen, and the things they have created. From Sapporo, Hokkaido, we sell more than 30 million sound content licenses domestically and
internationally, as well as audio technology development, music distribution platform development and operation, character licensing business, live event production business, and local support for local communities. We are involved in a wide range of service construction and technology development, including project planning and management. Corporate site:
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