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EmolutionCreative Co., Ltd. Startup media “uniqorns” research report March 2024 startup funding ranking TO P20

[EmolutionCreative Co., Ltd.] Startup media “uniqorns” research report March 2024 Startup Funding Ranking TOP20

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Press release: April 2, 2024
Startup media “uniqorns” research report March 2024 startup funding ranking TOP20
*Uniqorns, one of the largest startup media in Japan, announces startup funding status in March 2024 in ranking format*
In order to contribute to the evolution of the startup ecosystem, the information platform “uniqorns” operated by EmolutionCreative Co., Ltd. aggregates the funding status of domestic startups in March 2024 and uses the information platform uniqorns. Published within. Click here for startup media “uniqorns”

* overview*
We have summarized the startup funding announced from March 1st to March 31st, 2024 in a ranking format based on amount.
* [Survey overview] *
Title: [Monthly] Top 20 domestic startup funding amount rankings (March 2024) Collection period: This report collects data from March 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024. (As of April 1, 2024)
Originality of data: The information published in this report is based on data collected independently by our company, and all aggregations are made from our database.
Information sources: In compiling data, we mainly use press releases and news articles as information sources.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this document has been prepared from sources believed to be reliable, but we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage caused based on this material.
This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a solicitation or recommendation for investment. The contents are subject to change without notice.
Top 20 companies in terms of funding amount
Startup funding amount ranking in March 2024 (according to uniqorns) 1st place:GO Co., Ltd.
Business details: Operation of taxi app “GO”
Funding amount: 8 billion yen
Investors: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Aozora Bank

2nd place: Tier Four Co., Ltd.
Business content: Development of automatic driving system in the area of ​​route buses
Funding amount: 6 billion yen
Investor: Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd.

3rd place: Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Business content: Plans and produces a wide range of entertainment content including video, music, publishing, and goods.
Funding amount: 4.8 billion yen
Investor: SMBCCP Investment Limited Partnership No. 1

4th place:Energy Grid Co., Ltd.
Business details: Electric power wholesale business
Funding amount: 3.6 billion yen
Investors: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Aozora Bank, Aichi Bank

5th place: iKala Japan Co., Ltd.
Business content: Providing influencer marketing platform through AI analysis Funding amount: 3.1 billion yen
Investor: Chunghwa Telecom

6th place: Elephantech Co., Ltd.
Business details: Developing and manufacturing low-carbon printed circuit boards using metal inkjet printing
Funding amount: 3 billion yen
Investor: Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

7th place:TECHMAGIC Co., Ltd.
Business content: Developing business centered on cooking robots and business robots
Funding amount: 2.54 billion yen
Investors: Kewpie Corporation, Ajinomoto Co., Ltd., Fujimac Co., Ltd., Oriental Land Innovations Co., Ltd., Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.

8th place: TBM Co., Ltd.
Business details: Promote development of environmentally friendly materials, manufacturing and sales of products, and resource circulation.
Funding amount: 2 billion yen
Investor: Independent Administrative Agency, Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation Agency

9th place: Odd Number Co., Ltd.
Business content: Original IP and content planning and development Funding amount: 1.95 billion yen

10th place: EV Motors Japan Co., Ltd.
Business details: Sales and maintenance of electric vehicles and charging stations, development of self-driving buses (level 4), leasing, rental, and ESCO business of electric vehicles, renewable energy business using storage batteries and PV
Funding amount: 1.64 billion yen
Investor: IT Farm Co., Ltd., IMM Investment
Japan Co., Ltd., Incubate Fund Co., Ltd., Genkai Co., Ltd., Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd., Soei Co., Ltd., Tobata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11th place:TYPICA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business: Promoting the sustainability of high-quality coffee Funding amount: 1.55 billion yen
Investors: WiL, Delight Ventures, Scrum
In addition to Ventures, we have newly added Environmental Energy Investment, Dai-ichi Life Insurance, FFG Venture Business Partners, Shizuoka Capital, Tokushima Taisho Bank, Three Nine Shimano, and HFS.

12th place: Emulsion Flow Technologies Co., Ltd.
Business details: Developing a business that utilizes the innovative solvent extraction technology “Emulsion Flow” developed by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.
Funding amount: 1.35 billion yen
Investor: Valuechain Innovation
Fund Investment Limited Partnership, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Real Tech Fund No. 4 Investment Limited Partnership, SMBC Venture Capital Investment Limited Partnership No. 7, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Investment Limited Partnership No. 8, Nissay Capital Sustainability Problem-solving fund No. 1 investment limited partnership, MOL Co., Ltd.
PLUS, Shizuoka Capital No. 9 Investment Limited Partnership, Mizuho Growth Support No. 5 Investment Limited Partnership, Future Creation Investment Limited Partnership, NCB Venture Investment Limited Partnership, OCP No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership, KDDI
Green Partners Investment Limited Partnership

13th place: M&A Cloud Co., Ltd.
Business details: Provides an M&A matching platform “M&A Cloud” and a matching platform “Financing Cloud” that supports financing from operating companies.
Funding amount: 1.25 billion yen
Investors: Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd., Shizuoka Bank, Ltd., Japan Finance Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Fivot, Ltd.

14th place:Parallel Co., Ltd.
Business details: Operates “Parallel”, a hangout app where you can play with friends
Funding amount: 1.2 billion yen
Investors: JAFCO Group, KDDI Open Innovation Fund No. 3, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, NTT Docomo Ventures

15th place: Poketalk Co., Ltd.
Business details: Planning, development, manufacturing, licensing, and sales of translation machines and translation-related software. Funding amount: 1 billion yen
Investor: Fujisoft Co., Ltd.

15th place: Canary Co., Ltd.
Business details: Operation of real estate information app “CANARY” and real estate industry specialized SaaS “CANARY Cloud”
Funding amount: 1 billion yen
Investor: Credit Saison Co., Ltd.

17th place: Instalim Co., Ltd.
Business details: Developing 3D printing prosthetic leg manufacturing solutions business
Funding amount: 900 million yen
Investors: JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.

17th place: HOKUTO Co., Ltd.
Business content: Development of clinical support app “HOKUTO” for doctors Funding amount: 900 million yen
Investors: Global Brain Co., Ltd., Genesia Ventures Co., Ltd., GMO VenturePartners Co., Ltd., Gree Ventures Co., Ltd., HERO Impact Capital, 90s

19th place:Kibitech Co., Ltd.
Business details: Providing robot systems and robot development technology such as autonomous robot remote support services
Funding amount: 810 million yen
Investor: JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd. as the lead investor, Spiral Capital Co., Ltd., Deep Core Co., Ltd., FFG Venture Business Partners Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., Coconara Skill Partners Co., Ltd., Shinsei Corporate Investment Co., Ltd., Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd., Mirai Creation Capital Co., Ltd., Think Co., Ltd. Eye

20th place:Linc Co., Ltd.
Business content: Operation of global human resources recruitment management platform
Funding amount: 700 million yen
Investor: Z Venture Capital

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