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Give TOKYO tulip roses on Mother’s Day! A limited time special box filled with flower sweets is now available

Grapestone Co., Ltd.
Give TOKYO tulip roses on Mother’s Day! A limited time special box filled with flower sweets is now available
On sale from Wednesday, April 10th at all TOKYO Tulip Rose stores. Pre-orders are being accepted from April 1st (Monday) on the official mail order site.
Grapestone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)’s sweets brand “TOKYO Tuliprose (” is offering “Tulip Rose Hanagumi” and “Tulip Rose Hana” as Mother’s Day gifts. We will be releasing “Tsumi”. Pre-orders are now being accepted nationwide from April 1, 2024 (Monday). It will be available at TOKYO Tulip Rose stores from April 10th (Wednesday).
★Official online shop “Paku to Mogu” (Reception starts at 10:00 on Friday, April 5th)
★Paku and Mogu Sweets Shop Rakuten Market Store (Available from April 1st (Monday))
[Image 1:×692.jpg] ●A special Mother’s Day box filled with flower sweets has been released. Since the brand’s inception, TOKYO Tulip Rose has sold more than 25 million units and continues to fascinate fans as a “flower garden of cute sweets.” His masterpiece, “Tulip Rose,” has captivated fans since its release, with comments such as “It’s so cute,” “Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and tastes as stylish as it looks,” and “You can’t help but smile.” “TOKYO Tulip Rose” will be releasing a special Mother’s Day box filled with flower sweets. There are two types: a pretty box that can be given as a bouquet, and a rich two-tiered box. Please try expressing your gratitude with TOKYO Tulip Rose sweets.
[Image 2:×692.jpg] ●We want you to send us a bouquet anytime, so we have gathered sweet flowers into a bouquet.
“There were flower shops all over the city, and in Paris, bouquets of flowers were a daily thing. Not only for partners, but also for sons, mothers, and friends. This box was created from such a scene. I want to make someone smile at any time. (Kanai The TOKYO tulip rose bouquet was born from the idea that you can always have a bouquet of flowers. The meaning of the eight bouquets is “thank you for your
consideration.” It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift to express your feelings of “thank you”. Even if you feel embarrassed to express your gratitude directly, you will surely be able to convey your feelings by putting your feelings into a bouquet of sweets from TOKYO Tulip Rose. May warm flowers bloom in your hearts.
[Image 3: &s3=25606-1213-6BC4066ECE2369C304F53338A4F154 389-1000×1000.jpg] -Product Information- [Product Name] Tulip Rose Hanagumi 8 pieces [Price] 2,484 yen (base price 2,300 yen) [Contents] Tulip Rose (berry, passion mango, caramel nut, strawberry, 1 each), Rose Garden (Cassis Vanilla Cardamom Citron 1 each), Tulip Rose Financier 2

[Image 4:×692.jpg] ●When you open the lid, it’s like a “flower garden of sweets”! Rich two-tier special box
It is a rich gift box with two layers when you open the lid. The cute flower sweets are in full bloom. You can enjoy plenty of seven kinds of flower sweets, including the latest product “Tulip Rose Strawberry” which tastes just like strawberry milk. Recommended not only as a Mother’s Day gift, but also as a surprise gift for your loved ones.
[Image 5:×1000.jpg ]
-Product information- [Product name] Tulip rose flower picking, 19 pieces [Price] 4,104 yen (base price 3,800 yen) [Contents] Tulip rose (berry, passion mango, 3 each, caramel nut, strawberry, 2 each) , Rose Garden (Cassis Vanilla, Cardamom Citron, 3 each), Tulip Rose Financier, 3

[Image 6:×692.jpg] ●TOKYO Tulip Rose “A garden of cute sweets”
The most popular “Tulip Rose” is a masterpiece in which chocolate cream roses bloom inside Langue de Chat tulips. You can enjoy four flavors: berry, passion mango, caramel nut, and limited-time strawberry. “Rose Garden” has a rich baked chocolate with fruit and spice aromas, and has two elegant flavors of cassis vanilla and cardamom citron. “Tulip Rose Financier” is an irresistible dish with the rich flavor of homemade burnt butter and Spanish almonds. Enjoy the “cute sweets garden” presented by TOKYO Tulip Rose!
Sales information
[Release date] April 10, 2024 (Wednesday) to May 12, 2024 (Sunday) [Seller] TOKYO Tulip Rose (Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Yokohama store, JR Tokyo Station store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store, JR Nagoya Takashimaya store/Hankyu Umeda store)
*Sales period may vary depending on stock status.
▼Mail order information
★Official online shop “Paku to Mogu” (April 5th (Friday) 10:00 to May 8th (Wednesday))
★Paku and Mogu Sweets Shop Rakuten Market Store (April 1st (Monday) 10:00 to May 8th (Wednesday))*Even during the reception period, the reception will end as soon as the product runs out. Please note.
What is TOKYO Tulip Rose?
[Image 7:×692.jpg] ■Chef information Masahito Kanai (Masahito Kanai) Born in 1986. While studying at Senshu University’s Faculty of Business Administration, he learned how to make sweets at Tokyo Confectionery School. At the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, he honed his skills in making all kinds of Western confectionery as a pastry chef, from plated desserts and petit gateaux to chocolate and gorgeously crafted sweets for weddings. Moved to France in 2013. Works as a chef and pastry chef in Paris. After returning to Japan in 2017, he worked on “TOKYO Tulip Rose” as his culmination.
[Image 8:×692.jpg] ■What is TOKYO Tulip Rose? Official website Instagram The concept of “TOKYO Tulip Rose” is “Cute tulips and roses with authentic taste. Enjoy!”. Enjoy the world of young chef Kanai Masahito, who honed his skills in Paris, in his most fashionable style.
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