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Home » digglue: With the addition of new functions, further advanced “MateRe-Visualization” realizes resource circulation and CO2 reduction

digglue: With the addition of new functions, further advanced “MateRe-Visualization” realizes resource circulation and CO2 reduction

digglue: With the addition of new functions, further advanced “MateRe-Visualization” realizes resource circulation and CO2 reduction
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Press release: April 3, 2024
digglue: With the addition of new functions, further advanced “MateRe-Visualization” realizes resource circulation and CO2 reduction *Significantly evolved “MateRe-Visualization” adds functions such as visualization of CO2 reduction amount*
digglue Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hara Hideyuki) has added a new function to “MateRe-Visualization”, which is provided as part of the resource circulation DX platform. Until now, we have focused on visualization at manufacturing sites, but we have expanded the scope to include offices and local governments, providing data visualization and analysis to effectively transition to resource recycling.

* [What is MateRe-Visualization] *
* ~SaaS that makes resource circulation and decarbonization visible without ending waste management~*

It is possible to digitally visualize and analyze the information necessary to establish resource circulation (e.g., the calculation of CO2 related to all emissions and emissions related to waste emitted by companies, recycling, etc.) It’s SaaS. In addition, by combining this with circular economy consulting, it becomes possible to recycle materials that were previously discarded. Furthermore, by combining the resource circulation traceability system “MateRe-Traceability” provided by digglue and the “DPP compatible environmental value promotion tool” CiReta!, we will create synergies and accelerate the transition to a recycling-oriented society.

*The UI is scheduled to change to this one in 2024.
*Features of MateRe-Visualization*
* 1. From waste management to resource circulation. Further creating value through decarbonization*
– Thoroughly utilize legal compliance industrial waste manifest data – Precise automatic calculation of waste CO2 calculation
(SCOPE3-Category 5), which requires a huge amount of time and effort. – Visualization of CO2 reduction contribution due to waste reduction and resource recycling; automatically input in conjunction with IoT weighing scales

* 2. Minimize input effort and support in every way *
– Easy input with smartphone templates, further automation with digital weighing scale
– By importing CSV, it can be visualized in an easy-to-understand manner and can be linked to industrial waste manifests.
– We can handle time-consuming data processing, input, and analysis on your behalf.

* 3. Visualize environmental value in just a few clicks, from management to the field*
– In various units. Weight, industrial waste processing costs, recycling rate, CO2 emissions/reduction, etc.
– From various perspectives. Time series, location, material, waste, waste/value, etc.
– Furthermore, correspondence to each company’s KPI, traceability, and visualization of DPP

* [Summary of new features] *
* CO2 reduction calculation function (NEW): *
We specifically calculate the amount of CO2 emissions reduced through waste reduction and resource recycling, and visualize the contribution to decarbonization. Here are the new features that were recently released.
* CO2 emissions calculation function (SCOPE3-Category 5): * Accurately calculates waste CO2 emissions and clearly understands a company’s environmental impact.
* Automatic input function linked to IoT: * By using the IoT weight sensor, data can be entered with zero input man-hours.
* Template input: * By registering a template in advance, you can easily input it on your smartphone.
* Emissions reduction target setting function: * By comparing the current situation with the target, you can manage waste reduction targets.
* Diversification of analysis angles: * Multifaceted analysis becomes possible, supporting the formulation of more detailed improvement measures.

* [Service enhancement points] *
With these new functions, “MateRe-Visualization” not only visualizes emissions (waste and valuable materials), but also enables the collection and analysis of more advanced data in preparation for the transition to resource recycling. In addition, it is equipped with functions to reduce the input effort as much as possible,
significantly reducing the burden on the site.
In addition, we will contribute to companies from the perspective of decarbonization and support actions towards a sustainable society.

Circular economy DX platform concept
* “Show, connect, and circulate” the circular economy *
* Show: MateRe-Visuzaliztion*
*Connect: MateRe-Traceability*
* Turn: CiReta! *
There are many stakeholders involved in the circular economy, and the current situation is that the data of each player is not yet visualized. What’s more, there is almost no collaboration between companies regarding data, and there is a lack of mechanisms
(incentives and value promotion) to keep the data flowing.
digglue is a company that implements circular economy in society through both DX platform and consulting based on the concept of “Show, Connect, and Turn.”

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