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MIRAIHOME Co., Ltd. has been certified as a “White Company Certified Gold Rank”!

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MIRAIHOME Co., Ltd. has been certified as a “White Company Certified Gold Rank”! We would like to inform you that MIRAIHOME Co., Ltd. has obtained the “White Company Certification Gold Rank” operated by the Japan Next Generation Business Promotion Organization (commonly known as the White Foundation).
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White Company Certification is the only certification system in Japan that comprehensively and objectively evaluates a company’s work style, and has been obtained by many companies, with over 470 companies obtaining the certification in April 2024.
MIRAIHOME Co., Ltd. received “White Company Certification Gold Rank” on April 1, 2024! Interview pages are being published one after another on “White Career (a job hunting information site where white companies gather)” to learn about the wonderful efforts of each company that has obtained White Company Certification.
White company certification examination results
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Certification period: April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025
Company classification: Small scale
Certification rank: Gold
About us
Company name: MIRAIHOME Co., Ltd. Representative company name: Masamine Kurono Business content: ・Sales and construction of power storage systems
・Sales and installation of solar power generation systems
・Sales and construction of all-electric equipment
      ・Renovation・Exterior sales and construction
Established: July 2, 2015
Number of employees: 10-99 people
Address: 9th floor East, TOSHIN HONMACHI Building, 2-4-12 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Company website: What is White Company Certification?
[Image 3:×2008.jpg] “White Company Certification” consists of 70 questions that companies should address in order to become white (business model/productivity, diversity/inclusion, flexible work styles, health management, human resource development/job satisfaction, risk management, labor law). Certification is granted after confirming whether or not efforts have been made.
“White Company Certification” is the only certification in Japan that comprehensively evaluates companies that take a well-balanced approach to seven items, rather than focusing on a single initiative. More details about this release: