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Home » Japanese Cuisine Takeout “Spring New Product Trial Campaign”!! 108 yen off on 4 items!!

Japanese Cuisine Takeout “Spring New Product Trial Campaign”!! 108 yen off on 4 items!!

SRS Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Japanese Cuisine] Takeout “Spring New Product Trial Campaign”!! 108 yen off on 4 items!!
“Thick Sliced ​​Loin Katsudon” and “Japanese Style Steak Ju” with increased volume are available at campaign prices!
[Campaign period] From Thursday, April 4, 2024 to Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Japanese Cuisine’s April takeout campaign is…a 108 yen OFF campaign where you can enjoy new spring products at a great value!!
“Washoku Sato”, which has 197 stores in Japan, will be running a special campaign titled “Spring New Product Trial Campaign” where they will be selling four new and renewed takeout menu items for [108 yen OFF] on April 4th ( It will be held from Thursday).
In this campaign, we will be selling new and recommended menu items at great prices from the takeout menu that will be renewed from April 4th (Thursday).
“Thick Sliced ​​Loin Katsudon” and “Thick Sliced ​​Loin Tonkatsu Bento” use pork cutlet that has been cut into thicker cuts than conventional pork loin, which is rich in flavor.
The new product “Shrimp Cutlet and Large Fried Shrimp Bento” is a lunch box that shrimp lovers will not be able to resist, as it combines a flavorful shrimp cutlet made with plenty of shrimp and a chewy large fried shrimp.
Please take advantage of this great opportunity to enjoy the take-out menu from Washoku Sato, whether you are a regular customer or a first-time customer.
■Official HP
Spring new product trial campaign products
[Image 2:×1789.jpg] 1. “Thick Sliced ​​Loin Katsudon” (regular price) 1,402 yen ⇒ (special price) 1,294 yen
The flavorful Sangenton pork loin has been changed to a thicker cutlet than before.
We use a rich soup stock based on Sato’s special soy sauce.
For eggs, use iodine eggs and light.
2. “Shrimp cutlet and fried shrimp bento” (regular price) 1,078 yen ⇒ (special price) 970 yen
A combination of a flavorful shrimp cutlet made with plenty of shrimp and a large fried shrimp that is extremely filling.
This lunch box is irresistible for shrimp lovers.
Enjoy with our special tartar sauce.
3. “Japanese Steak Ju” (regular price) 1,618 yen ⇒ (special price) 1,510 yen I increased the amount of steak. Enjoy with a soy sauce-based Japanese sauce that goes well with steak.
4. “Thick-sliced ​​pork cutlet bento” (regular price) 1,186 yen ⇒ (special price) 1,078 yen
We have changed the pork cutlet to a thicker slice than the
traditional pork loin, which is rich in flavor.
[Campaign overview]
■Target stores: All Washoku Sato stores (197 stores)
■Sales period: April 4, 2024 (Thursday) to April 25, 2024 (Thursday) ■Takeout sales hours 11:00-22:00
*Product contents and containers may differ at some stores.
*Please forgive us if the item is sold out.
*Each product may take some time to prepare after receiving your order. *This campaign is subject to change without notice.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] About “Washoku Sato”
“Washoku Sato”, operated by Sato Food Service Co., Ltd., is a Japanese family restaurant based on the concept of “making your time together more enjoyable and special with a smile on your face.” In order to help you enjoy authentic Japanese food at an affordable price, we strive every day to improve productivity by developing new production areas and suppliers, developing menus that maintain stable quality, and operational design. Satisfy a wide range of customers with our Sato Shabu, Sato Suki, and Satoshiki Yakiniku, which offers
all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, and Yakiniku, as well as our Fair Menu, which features seasonal gozen dishes, as well as rice bowls, noodles, and children’s menus. This restaurant is proud of its wide selection of products.
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About “SRS Group”
The SRS Group, including SRS Holdings Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to society through food, and is developing its food service business, including eating out and ready-made meals, both domestically and internationally. At our main brand stores such as Washoku Sato, Nigiri Chojiro, Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen, Miyamoto Munashi, Kazoku-tei, and Tokutoku, our customers’ mealtimes are filled with deliciousness, fun, and excitement. We work every day with our partners, customers, and communities to help you experience a full and rich life.