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GMO Internet Group holds group joint “2024 Induction Ceremony”

GMO Internet Group
GMO Internet Group holds group joint “2024 Induction Ceremony” First “VFX” induction ceremony held
GMO Internet Group (Group Representative: Masatoshi Kumagai) held the “2024 Joining Ceremony” on Monday, April 1, 2024 at the hybrid event space “GMO Global Studio” in Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. .
[Image 1:×296.jpg] Assets created with 3DCG using AI
This year, seven group companies will be offering the “No. 1 & STEAM Talent Recruitment – New Graduate Annual Salary 7.1 million Yen Program” (*1), which promises new graduates an annual salary of 7.1 million yen for two years, and the No. 1 new graduate salary for regionally specific positions. In addition to “No. 1 & STEAM recruitment – No. 1 recruitment in the region,” we have welcomed 43 new graduate partners (new employees) to our company, including new members of the “GMO Internet Group (track and field department).” (*1) STEAM human resources: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, plus Arts, which encompasses liberal arts such as art, literature, philosophy, and history. A coined word that refers to innovative human resources who will support future generations. (Reference) “Salary No. 1 Project” [Welcome words to new graduates]
GMO Internet Group, Inc. Representative Director and Group
Representative Masatoshi Kumagai

[Image 2:×348.jpg] Welcome to GMO Internet Group. Thank you for joining us. Ladies and gentlemen, Japan has 5.3 million business establishments, 2.7 million corporations, and 4,000 listed companies. I think many companies and business offices are holding such entrance ceremonies today, and I think everyone at every company says “Congratulations.” I’m not saying we’re the only company that says “thank you,” but I think there are very few.
■Importance of language ~ GMOism and the law of success ~
Why do you say “thank you”? GMO Internet Group takes words very seriously. Because humans are emotional creatures. If we offend people with small words, it will be difficult to achieve our dreams, visions, and goals.
Because it will be difficult. You can’t do anything alone. We do things in an organized way. That’s why EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), which allows you to understand other people’s emotions, is so important.
[Image 3:×408.jpg] We have a formula for group success. Part of “GMO-ism” (*2) is the formula for success, which includes a glossary of prohibited terms. Therefore, the word “employee” is prohibited. So what should I say? It’s called “partner.” Similarly, the word “subsidiary” is a prohibited term. The word “subsidiary” is used only in securities reports submitted to stock exchanges, and we do not use the word “subsidiary” in our normal communications. What can I say? We call them “group companies.” The words M&A and “acquisition” are often used in the world, but these are also prohibited. What do you call it? I call it “making friends.” What you think in your heart will always be expressed in words. Start with the form, get to the heart, and value the way you use your words. In order to value your friends, the way you speak is very important.
■What the GMO Internet Group values
To all of you who have started working today, let me share with you what is important to us. What is the most important thing? It’s “GMO-ism.” We have been in business since the Internet revolution in 1995, 29 years ago, and this is our 29th year. The Internet in Japan started with Windows 95, so it has just entered its 29th year. The reason we have survived for 29 years is because of this “GMO-ism.” Even if something like a company policy exists, it is often framed on a wall and no one is aware of it. However, we have cherished this from the bottom of our hearts and made it our guide to action. Every time we chanted together, we corrected our course in light of this. If “GMO-ism” is the most important thing, please think that this is the most important thing in your social life. Of course, everyone has 24 hours a day, days off, and private time, and the company will not get involved or restrict you in that respect. But please understand that this is the most important thing when it comes to work time. ■The power of utilizing RPA/AI ~ Only those that respond to change will survive ~
The second most important thing is the ability to utilize RPA/AI. The people who joined us today are the best new graduates with excellent academic backgrounds, excellent standard deviation scores, and excellent IQs. However, even with an excellent academic background, you will not be able to get a job in the future. We are living in a society that requires the ability to utilize technology.

[Image 4:×354.png ]
Image of the theory of evolution created by Kumagai
I think this is a familiar image to everyone, but does anyone recognize it? This is an illustration often used in Darwin’s theory of evolution. We are now in an era where there is a difference between monkeys and humans between those who master RPA/AI and those who do not. If we don’t use RPA and AI, we will revert to being a monkey. The time has come when we will be driven out by those who master it. My wish is for them to grow into human resources who can fully utilize RPA and AI. Not only the strong survived. Not only the smartest ones survive, but only those who adapt to the current changes will survive. I strongly believe that if we do not support AI/RPA, neither you nor our group will survive.
I was one of the first people to start a business during the Internet revolution. It has survived for 29 years. We have been growing for 29 years. However, since GPT was introduced on November 30th the year before last, I feel that the past year has been the same as condensing the past 29 years into one year. It’s growing tremendously and changing every day. I get scared if I haven’t watched AI information for about 3 days. I hope everyone understands that the rate of change is such that they may be left behind.
■Attitude as a new member of society ~90% of human behavior is habit~ And the third. I would like to briefly talk about the things that will be important to you over the next year. The coming year will be the last year you will have in your life. For some reason, I’ve always been forgiven for thinking, “It’s okay because I’m a child. It’s okay because I’m an elementary school student. It’s okay because I’m a student.” Since I’m a new graduate partner, I can say, “It’s okay,” and they’ll forgive me for the last year. After that it will no longer be allowed. So, what I would like to ask you all to do this year is to develop good habits. In fact, 90% of human behavior is based on habits from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. When people develop good habits, their lives get better and better. But if you develop bad habits without realizing it, your life will get worse and worse. The best example is the habit of looking into the eyes. They don’t teach you this at school. People who look you in the eye and talk, people who greet you, people who exchange business cards. People say “good morning” without looking in the eyes, exchange business cards without looking in the eyes, and have conversations without looking in the eyes. 90% of human behavior is habit, so please use this final “period of forgiveness” to develop good habits.
There are three important things I would like to ask you. 1. GMO-ism 2. Acquire the ability to utilize technology and master AI 3. Acquire good habits during the final “forgiveness period”. I would like to translate this into words of welcome to all of you. Thank you for joining us.
(*2) GMO Internet Group’s most important practices, corporate philosophy, and behavioral guidelines.
[First joining ceremony at “GMO Global Studio” utilizing the latest 3DCG/VFX technology]
The induction ceremony was held for the first time at GMO Global Studio, a hybrid event space that combines the real and virtual, which opened on Friday, March 1, 2024 at GMO Internet TOWER (Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo). . We incorporate visual expressions that make full use of cutting-edge 3DCG/VFX technology.
[Image 5:×387.jpg] New graduate partner (new employee) greeting in a 3DCG virtual space created using AI

New graduate partners gathered at the venue, and by compositing CG assets (spatial production) on the studio monitor, the company-wide distribution video showed an asset with cherry blossoms in full bloom in a virtual space, making it feel as if real people were in that space. The result is an XR image that makes you feel like you are immersed in the scene.
The joining ceremony gave new graduate partners a first-hand experience with cutting-edge technology, and at the same time embodied the GMO Internet Group’s “GMO-ism,” which is constantly challenging new initiatives.
■“New graduate annual income 7.1 million yen program” and “No. 1 hire in the region” target employees join the company
[Image 6:×503.jpg] “No. 1″, which promises an annual salary of 7.1 million yen (for two years) to talented people who can outperform traditional new graduate partners by creating new businesses and services with free ideas that are not bound by existing frameworks. A new graduate partner has joined our company using the “1&STEAM Human Resources Recruitment – New Graduate Annual Salary 7.1 million Yen Program” and the “No. 1 & STEAM Human Resource Recruitment – Region No. 1 Recruitment,” which provides the highest salary for new graduates in region-specific positions. Ta.
■New members join GMO Internet Group (Track and Field)
Hibiki Obara, a graduate of Aoyama Gakuin University, and Masaki Kodama, a graduate of Meiji University, have joined the GMO Internet Group (track and field club).
GMO Internet Group supports and sponsors various cultural and sports activities in order to bring smiles and excitement to many people. The corporate track and field club, which was founded in April 2016, has been participating in the New Year Ekiden on January 1st every year since 2020. Suguru Osako, a professional runner who has been selected to represent Japan at the Paris Olympics, is participating as a playing director, and we are putting all our efforts into becoming No. 1 = winner. This year, we welcome new friends and aim for even greater heights.
■Reference: Breakdown of partners joining in 2024
[Image 7:×390.png ]
[About GMO Internet Group]
GMO Internet Group is a comprehensive internet group that operates the internet advertising and media business, internet finance business, and crypto asset business, with the main focus being the internet infrastructure business, which provides services that serve as the foundation of business from domains to security and payments. In addition, with the aim of “becoming the number one corporate group that creates the future with AI,” all group partners will utilize generative AI to achieve the following goals: 1. Saving time and costs, 2. Improving the quality of existing services, and 3. AI. We are moving forward with providing new services to industry.
In order to provide services that please our customers quickly and at low prices, our basic policy is to in-house everything from equipment selection to installation, construction, development, and operation. Therefore, of the approximately 7,400 partners in 106 group companies, 50.1% are developers (engineers and creators) who are responsible for IT manufacturing. (*3)
(*3) As of the end of December 2023
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