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Home » MetAI LLC MetAI “generated AI site maker” is now available! AI accelerates website production by more than 50%, creating a high-quality website in as little as 1 day for LP and 1 week for website production.

MetAI LLC MetAI “generated AI site maker” is now available! AI accelerates website production by more than 50%, creating a high-quality website in as little as 1 day for LP and 1 week for website production.

MetAI “generated AI site maker” is now available! AI accelerates website production by more than 50%, creating a high-quality website in as little as 1 day for LP and 1 week for website production. Instantly generate sitemaps, wireframes, images, and SEO measures using AI! Compatible with multiple devices!
April 3, 2024 – MetAI (President: Lozano David), a LLC that provides knowledge sharing, Metaverse consulting, AI generation services, and IP business, uses AI to create high-quality websites in a short time. We have announced an innovative service called “Generation AI Site Maker”.
MetAI has been providing various AI services since August 2022, including business model improvement through AI generation, business monetization, PR production, image generation, video generation, music generation, and AI video influencer. We have the experience of generating over 100,000 prompts and knowledge of AI generation that no other company has.
[Image 1:×816.jpg] “Generated AI Site Maker” is a service that uses AI to automatically generate site maps, wireframes, text, images, and even SEO measures based on the interview sheet, making it possible to create
high-quality websites in a short time.
As an example, this is the official website of the LLC MetAI.
What are the features of the “Generated AI Site Maker” service? 1. Hearing sheet
Gather information about the website concept, targets, release date, budget, etc. through pre-meetings or survey forms with clients. If the client does not yet have a concrete image in mind, MetAI will investigate the customer’s needs and make a proposal.
2.AI research/analysis
Based on the data collected from the interview sheet, we use AI to analyze domestic and international competitive sites and the website production market, and compile the results into documents.
3. Sitemap/wireframe production using AI
Using MetAI’s unique “generated AI site maker,” AI automatically generates sitemaps and wireframes based on the client’s site structure, the content of each page, targets, etc. The generated content will be further refined based on the information collected from the interview sheet. The sections and layout of each page are infinitely adjustable, providing a personalized layout for your clients.
[Image 2:×301.png ]
4. Generate site elements
AI generates text and catch phrases that have an impact on site visitors. It also generates unique images and illustrations for visitors to better understand the images in each section. These images are not free materials and are original designs not found on other sites.
[Image 3:×621.jpg]
[Image 4:×704.jpg] 5. Compatible with multiple devices in real time
While generating the site, it can automatically support PCs, tablets, and smartphones (horizontal and vertical).
6. SEO measures with AI
We use AI to generate SEO meta tags for each page’s title,
description, OGP image, etc. to help improve access from search engines. It also supports individual multilingual support, making it ideal for SEO measures for multilingual sites.
Furthermore, it has a preview function that displays images before the site is published. You can check whether the content you want is displayed.
[Image 5:×459.jpg] 7. Localization
MetAI has staff who can speak Japanese, English, and Spanish, and can also handle site creation for clients considering overseas business expansion.
■By combining with other services provided by MetAI, you can realize even more effective site creation and management.
・AI-generated video influencer: Would you like to use not only text and images but also an AI avatar that looks just like yourself to introduce your company’s site? You can effectively highlight the characteristics of your company through video without the need for video shooting or editing.
・Turn AI works into goods with one click: MetAI provides an image generation service that utilizes AI and supports individuals and companies to sell original products and works on EC sites.
・AI generation seminar for individuals, companies, and students Such
Please check the site for details.
Comments from CEO
With over 15 years of web production experience and track record, we will fully support your company’s website production using AI generation technology. As a designer, developer, director, and project manager, I have led numerous projects to success at well-known companies both domestically and internationally. During my time as a project manager, I achieved work-life balance for my employees by reducing my team’s overtime hours by over 50% and eliminating meaningless meetings.
Based on this experience and track record, we utilize AI generation technology to streamline the production of your company’s website and provide high-quality sites in a short lead time.
What is MetAI?
1. Holding seminars and events on metaverse and AI generation technology for individuals, schools, and companies.
2. A series of services from planning to production and testing of promotions and events for companies using Metaverse platforms such as Fortnite and Roblox.
3. Many major companies are paying attention to content production (text, images, videos, music generation) using AI, and are providing support in various projects.
4. Support for overseas business development, overseas PR, and IP business. [Contact information]
Representative: Lozano David
Official website:
More details about this release: