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Home » Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd. Sanctuary Golf’s first web commercial, 2 patterns including the “Vice President’s Determination” version, will be released simultaneously from April 3rd (Wednesday)

Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd. Sanctuary Golf’s first web commercial, 2 patterns including the “Vice President’s Determination” version, will be released simultaneously from April 3rd (Wednesday)

[Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd.] Sanctuary Golf’s first web commercial, 2 patterns including the “Vice President’s Determination” version, will be released simultaneously from April 3rd (Wednesday)

*View in browser* *Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd.*
Press release: April 3, 2024
Sanctuary Golf’s first web commercial, 2 patterns including the “Vice President’s Determination” edition, will be released simultaneously from Wednesday, April 3rd.
*Starring is Jun Kaname (actor)*
* Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
hereinafter referred to as Sanctuary Golf) has published the “Event Enjoyment” edition and the “Vice President’s Determination” edition featuring Jun Kaname.
will be distributed simultaneously from April 3rd. This WEBCM is Sanctuary Golf’s first WEBCM. In addition, a making-of video including a special interview with Jun Kaname, and a 4-episode web-only serialized drama will be released soon. *
Distribution begins on Sanctuary Golf official SNS
*About Sanctuary Golf*
People who want to start golf as a new lesson, people who want to get better at golf quickly as a daily routine to relieve lack of exercise. Sanctuary Golf is a golf school that can be recommended to anyone. *About the first WEBCM*
* “You can create a third place for yourself that is not at work or at home.” *
Our desire to deliver the appeal of Sanctuary Golf has led us to stream Sanctuary Golf’s first WEBCM. In the story, Jun Kaname goes into appearing in a commercial with great expectations and anxiety, and as soon as the shooting of the commercial ends, he is selected to become the vice president? ! and Jun Kaname’s struggle beyond being an actor.*
Drawn in a faux documentary style*.
“Event pleasure” edition
Jun Kaname’s swing shot. The result is…! ?
An unexpected offer? !
Overwhelming anxiety…
It’s finally the day of shooting
What will be the result? !
#1 “Event Satisfaction” edition Jun Kaname attends a planning meeting to appear in Sanctuary Golf’s first web commercial.
However, the plan that the director came up with was to “turn the event into a realistic commercial”. When I went to the event, I was worried, “Will it really be fun if I appear at the event?!” The venue was a big hit! A comical depiction of the fun atmosphere at the golf school sanctuary and Kaname’s tendency to get carried away.
“Decision of the Vice President”
*Note* Sanctuary Golf is a golf school. The video includes some scenes from the commercial⛳
Meetings and meetings as vice president
For your skillful work
Employee trust continues to increase
I’m so motivated…
#2 “Decision of the Vice President” Jun Kaname participates in the second planning meeting.
The project that the director came up with was to “follow in a documentary style the struggle of someone who becomes a vice president.” Kaname was skeptical when he first took office, but his sense as a leader has blossomed! This comical depiction of Kaname, who is looked at with admiration and respect by those around him, becomes fully motivated, and makes a certain determination.
* Shooting episode *
– Jun Kaname interview excerpt
“You worked hard on the 3-day shoot.It’s interesting because it’s rare to see commercials that go to so many gorgeous locations these days.”
I think it will become a CM. There are also projects that are divided into dramas, so I think it’s worth watching. it was fun. ”
We were blessed with good weather and enjoyed a peaceful photo session while playing golf.
– Sanctuary Golf Jun Hanyu interview excerpt
“I was able to give lessons about half of the time during filming, and since I’m the “vice president,” I think I’ll be showing off my golf skills from time to time.Let’s continue to work hard together.” Jun Hanyu was also on location. Shooting guidance? There are times when it turns into a full-fledged lesson.
[Coming soon] WEB exclusive x original drama
To commemorate the release of this commercial, a serialized web drama with the theme of “a third place to live that makes every day a little more fun” will be distributed from mid-April to late April.
 ■ Official youtube
 ■ Official Instagram We will also deliver a behind-the-scenes video of the shooting, including the NG scenes and a special interview with Jun Kaname. Please subscribe to the channel
Jun Kaname
Manufacturer Planning Department Manager
Miya Arisawa
Sakura Tachibana role
From casual everyday life,
All 4 episodes original drama
The story continues (continued)
Look forward to the release!
When it is released, we will inform you about it on Sanctuary Golf’s official YouTube and Instagram, so please follow us and wait for it. *Profile of Jun Kaname*
Kaname Jun
Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1981. Debuted as an actor in 2001 with Kamen Rider Agito.
His major appearances in recent years include the NHK TV drama series “Ranman” and the movie “TOKYO MER.”
~Running Emergency Room~” and the movie “Kingdom” series. Projects he will appear in in 2024 include the NTV drama “Hanasaki Mai ga Silent”, which will start broadcasting on April 13th, and the Toho movie “Kingdom: The Return of the Great Shogun”, which will be released nationwide on July 12th. .
*We are also looking for FC owners*
Sanctuary Golf continues to seek companies that wish to take over the management of the golf school. We will continue to provide management services while working closely with business owners who are struggling not only to attract customers but also to coordinate the operations of individual sports professionals such as professional golfers. * [1] Urban station golf school*
Beginner golf school “Sanctuary”
・Operate a golf school for beginners, especially women, near stations with a high number of passengers.

* [2] Residential area golf school*
Indoor golf range & school “Sanctuary”
・A golf school suitable for residential areas that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced players.

* [3] Unmanned golf range*
Indoor golf practice range “Mujin-kun”
・Indoor golf practice range that can be operated unmanned in any location. If you wish, you can also take one-on-one lessons.
For other details, please contact us by email.
[Company name] Sanctuary Golf Co., Ltd.
Address: Roppongi Art Shell 6th and 7th floors, 7-4-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (7th floor reception)
Representative Director: Junichi Hanyu
Established: April 2012
Official website:
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