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Home » 【breaking news! Gen Z is Toriko] Gen Z announces the people, things, and things that are Toriko now!

【breaking news! Gen Z is Toriko] Gen Z announces the people, things, and things that are Toriko now!

【breaking news! Gen Z is Toriko] Gen Z announces the people, things, and things that are Toriko now!

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Press release: April 3, 2024
【breaking news! Gen Z is Toriko] Gen Z announces the people, things, and things that are Toriko now!
* Latest trends for high school students Spring 2024! Shibuya trend research* This project is for the fashion-conscious Generation Z to catch up on the people, things, and things that are trending right now. We investigated the latest trends that suddenly attracted attention, including items that were announced in past “Next Trends” predicted by high school students.

At Shibuya Trend Research, we will announce the latest high school student trend news that is more real and fresh than anywhere else, based on the collected data and reflecting the real voices of INGteens high school members who are based in Shibuya.

* ❚Breaking news! 8 selections of Colenotorico for Generation Z* * [Things] BBBB dance*
Creepy is taking the Japanese hip-hop scene by storm
Nuts’ new song “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” was written as the opening theme for the second season of the TV anime “MASHLE-“. The dance in which the characters wave their arms left and right in time to the music in the opening video has become a big buzz on SNS as the “BBBB Dance”! It has become a hot topic that once you hear the phrase of the song, you will never be able to get it out of your head.

* [Word] Is that Garcher? I’m really sorry*
“I’m serious about that? I’m really sorry.” means “I’m really sorry.” ~ There’s a Reason for “I Can’t Pay”” (Nippon Television) Episode 8 (broadcast on December 9th), Kikuchi used it in the drama and it became a hot topic. Also, a video of Angelica Imai, who appeared in the drama, lecturing Kikuchi on this word has gone viral! Furthermore, it became a hot topic on YouTube [Yonino Channel] that Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya was also addicted to it.

* [Food] Fufu Hanten*
A fresh and unprecedented photo taken from directly above with a cell phone placed in the overhead luggage rack at the Chinese bar “Fu Fu Hanten” is so cute that it goes viral on TikTok! Although the store is located in Kinshicho, Tokyo, which does not have the image of being a “town for young people,” it has become a big hit, with customers lining up every day, especially among Generation Z customers. It is popular not only for the photos but also for the delicious taste of the menu.

* [Food] Cheese Manimani *
A Korean restaurant in Shin-Okubo that is popular for serving dishes that are popular in Korea.
As the name Cheese Mani Mani (Korean for “a lot of cheese”) suggests, it is an assortment of food that Korean influencers often eat in mokbang videos, focusing on dishes that use plenty of cheese, such as cheese balls and cheese hatteok. It is popular that it is edible.

* [Character] Npochamu*
Poor, popular creator of “Panchu Usagi” who won first place in “Favorite Character Now” in Fall 2023! ‘s new character “Npochamu” has become a hot topic because it’s too cute! She is a yogurt fairy with a white, chewy form and round eyes, and is also popular for her adorableness with the ending of her words, “chamu~♪” and her pure and natural trouble-making personality, which makes her cute and funny. This is the reason.

* [Person] Nako Nako Channel *
A couple YouTuber who is popular among Generation Z, who boasts one of the highest numbers of followers in Japan.
The number of subscribers on both YouTube and TikTok exceeds 1.5 million, and she is active in a wide range of fields outside of YouTube, including as a model and talent, and has gained tremendous support from Generation Z. “38th
Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2024
SPRING/SUMMER”, he suddenly announced his public proposal and engagement in front of about 5 million viewers, which became a hot topic, and he ranked first in the YouTube trending rankings for three consecutive shows, as well as on LINE.
They have become one to keep an eye on, having won first place on NEWS.

* [Fashion] Balletcore*
This girly fashion style is very popular in Korea, with fashion inspired by ballerina items, including leg warmers, tulle skirts, ribbons, and lace. After being worn by K-POP artist “BLACKPINK” Jennie, its charm spread all over the world and became popular with “New Jeans”, “TWICE”, “Red”
Popular Korean girl groups such as “Velvet” also incorporate it into their stage costumes, and it seems that its “transparent” and “sweet” cuteness is winning hearts.

* [Makeup] CANMAKE Lip Trick Liner*
A new lip item that creates your ideal lip by drawing light and shadow on your lips. It has become a hot topic that by using the highlight color to create “light” and the shading color to create “shadow,” you can create plump lips with a three-dimensional effect! It is also gaining popularity because it is a versatile item that can be used for make-up that shortens the look of the face.
[What is Shibuya Trend Research]
Since 1995, we have conducted monthly face-to-face surveys of high school girls visiting the streets of Shibuya. In 1998, the survey area was expanded to three cities: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. For more than 30 years since our founding in 1990, we have conducted research targeting trend-conscious teens and provided research data to media and companies. Currently, we conduct monthly surveys among high school students who are sensitive to trends, and provide easy-to-understand explanations of the latest trend information and the causes and trends behind trends.
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[Survey overview]
Research theme: Trend survey on fashion
Survey target: High school boys and girls (15-18 years old)
Survey period: March 18, 2024 (Monday) to March 22, 2024 (Friday) Survey method: Web questionnaire survey
Number of valid respondents: 100 people
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Address: I&E Shibuya Building 7F, 33-7 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Yasufumi Sato, President and Representative Director Business details Advertising agency business Marketing business Video production business IT business Web media management
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