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Home » Petilou Co., Ltd. Mother’s Day 2024 Give a smile and relaxation on Mother’s Day. New Mother’s Day gifts from a long-established teddy bear shop

Petilou Co., Ltd. Mother’s Day 2024 Give a smile and relaxation on Mother’s Day. New Mother’s Day gifts from a long-established teddy bear shop

Petit Lou Co., Ltd.
[Mother’s Day 2024] Give smiles and relaxation on Mother’s Day. New Mother’s Day gifts from a long-established teddy bear shop
Petit Lou Co., Ltd. (location: Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Kazuto Osada), which plans, manufactures, and sells original teddy bears, has released new Mother’s Day teddy bear gifts, “Best Mom Bear Bouquet” and “Carnation Bear in Glass.” is now on sale at Petit Roux EC stores.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] May 12th is Mother’s Day.
Petit Lou, a teddy bear shop that continues to create teddy bear products that are close to various lives, such as the soothing life of teddy bears and gift products that connect the hearts of loved ones, is a teddy bear specialty store that has new products that match the modern times. We have started planning and selling Mother’s Day gifts. [Best Mom Bear Bouquet] [Carnation bear in glass] Mother’s Day brings relaxation and smiles
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] It is said that when people see cute things, a healing hormone called oxytocin is secreted, which makes them feel relaxed, which makes them smile and feel happy.
The Mother’s Day teddy bear gift brought to you by Petit Roux is a gift made with the wish that your mother will always be by her side and bring a smile to her face, whether she is feeling well or tired. 1) Best Mom Bear Bouquet for Mother’s Day
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] A flower gift is one of the best Mother’s Day presents you can receive. Best Mom Bear Bouquet is a cute teddy bear bouquet that looks like a gorgeous carnation bouquet.
Since it is rare, it is recommended for those who want to give a different gift this year.
[Image 4:×1280.jpg]
[Image 5:×1280.jpg] This is an original teddy bear developed by Petit Lou that can stand on its own without a stand, while retaining the softness of a stuffed animal.
It can stand alone as a bouquet or as a teddy bear, so it looks great and can be displayed in a small space.
[Image 6:×1280.jpg] A T-shirt with the message “Thank you mom” that conveys your feelings of gratitude.
Unlike fresh flowers, they do not require maintenance such as preparing a vase or changing the water, so they can be displayed in vivid colors forever without withering.
2) Carnation bear in glass
[Image 7:×1280.jpg] The carnation bear in a glass is a limited edition gift for Mother’s Day, with a teddy bear engraved with the words “Thank you always” holding a carnation tightly.
Carnations are artificial flowers that come in a glass dome, so you can enjoy displaying them all year round without worrying about dust or dirt.
[Image 8:×1280.jpg] The magnet built into the teddy bear’s palm allows you to hold cards and use it as a card stand.
[Image 9:×1280.jpg] You can add your name and date with the purchase of additional options. This will make the gift feel even more special.
Product name: Best Mom Bear Bouquet
Price: ¥3,980 tax included
Size: [Bear] Height approx. 24cm x Width approx. 19cm x Depth approx. 9cm [Bouquet] Height approx. 28cm x Width approx. 26cm x Depth approx. 10cm *Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be individual differences.
・Target age 8 years or older
[Image 10:×1280.jpg] Product name: Carnation bear in glass
Price: ¥3,980 tax included
Sole print option + ¥660
Size: [Cork glass] height 16cm x width 9.5cm x width 9.5cm
*There are individual differences due to the characteristics of the product. specification:
・Target age 8 years or older
[Image 11:×1280.jpg] “Best Mom Bear Bouquet” and “Carnation Bear in Glass” are on sale at Petit Roux main store, Petit Roux Rakuten Market store, Amazon store, Yahoo! Shopping store, Gift Mall store, and TeddybearLifeJapan store (overseas sales).
Please see each store and product page for details.
Head office:
Rakuten market store: Amazon store: Yahoo Shopping store: Gift mall store:
TeddybearLifeJapan (overseas sales): About Petit Roux
[Image 12:×1280.jpg] Since its founding in 1969, Petit Roux has produced countless teddy bears for over half a century.
Their cute appearance, which makes them friends right from the day they arrive, is why they are called “kogumas” and are loved by many people regardless of age or gender.
What Petit Roux wants to deliver is a “life with a little bear” that makes every day a little happier.
We would like to continue making stuffed animals that are a part of everyday life.
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