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ADJUVANT Cosme Japan Co., Ltd. Official online store “ADJUVANT LINK” officially launched

Ajuvan Cosme Japan Co., Ltd.
Official online store “ADJUVANT LINK” begins full-scale launch ~ Strengthen the connection between salons and customers through EC ~ ……
Salon exclusive cosmetics manufacturer ADJUVANT Cosme Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: 5-5 Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Junko Tanaka) will open its official online store “ADJUVANT LINK” in 2023. Opened. From April 1, 2024, we will begin providing the new AI skin diagnosis service “Mite Photo” and will begin full-scale operation. We will contribute to improving customer satisfaction and increasing salon sales.
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“ADJUVANT LINK” is an online shopping service that can only be used by customers who have received face-to-face counseling at the salon. By opening an online store on the platform we provide, we offer you the opportunity to sell salon-exclusive items. After customers read the special ID and QR code issued by the salon and register the necessary information, they will be able to purchase products whenever they want through ADJUVANT LINK. This platform has been open for pre-testing since January 2023, and will start in earnest from April 1, 2024, providing plans that can be used not only for hair care, but also for skin care and body care, increasing the value of salons. In addition to contributing to this, we aim to motivate customers to visit our stores.
Contributing to creating a purchasing environment for customers and solving the “issues” faced by salons
[Image 2:×2353.jpg] There were negative insights into the purchase stress that customers experience, such as “It doesn’t fit into the store visit cycle” and “It’s a hassle to take it home.”
By using ADJUVANT LINK, customers can purchase salon-exclusive ADJUVANT products at their own timing without stress. In addition, the salon manages your purchase history, so you can receive accurate after-sales follow-up from the salon the next time you visit. On the other hand, for salons, in addition to in-store sales, Ajuvan takes over all of the online store management, order acceptance, and logistics operations, making it possible to sell online without any operational burden.
April 1, 2024 “Bare skin navi Mite Photo” released
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“Bare Hada Navi Mite Photo” is a service that supports skin care counseling when visiting a salon using AI skin diagnosis. You can easily check a customer’s skin condition by simply taking a photo of their face on the spot, and based on the analysis results, products that are suitable for the person can be suggested, which can be used as a reference for skin care advice.
When it comes to skin care counseling when visiting a salon, there have been barriers to the quality of the counseling, including a lack of accuracy in diagnosis due to the difficulty of removing make-up, and the time it takes to train staff with a high level of skin care knowledge. Therefore, by using the AI ​​skin diagnosis “Bare skin navi Mite Photo”, you can use it to support skin care advice.
In addition, by registering as a member of “ADJUVANT LINK,” customers can have their skin diagnosed anytime and anywhere, and can purchase products that come to their attention through a self-examination after returning home online. We believe that by making daily skin checks a habit and increasing motivation for skin care, we can also contribute to improving the opportunity for counseling the next time you visit the salon.
Three benefits of introduction
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1. No new device required
Diagnosis using your smartphone or PC
2. Don’t keep customers waiting
Check can be done in a few seconds using high-precision facial recognition technology
3. Clinically tested by dermatologists
Comparing and verifying skin condition evaluation results with the industry’s conventional image diagnostic equipment
Purpose of “Bare Hada Navi Mite Photo”
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[Image 6:×441.jpg] Why does Ajuban operate an EC site?
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Don’t assume that people don’t always buy store-bought products. In fact, there are many customers who say, “If there was a salon e-commerce service, I would buy it.”
Through our research, we found that there are actually many customers who are interested in retail sales but want to think about it carefully. By creating a system that allows you to follow up on such customers without overlooking them, you will contribute to improving the productivity of your salon.
Salon staff are able to introduce products to customers without feeling like they are being forced to sell products, eliminate concerns about in-store sales, and allow them to focus on counseling.
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*In-house survey data
To provide more comfortable opportunities for customers
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The business model remains the same.
Customers can easily purchase online.
We will give you an “ADJUVANT LINK” new membership registration card to customers who have had face-to-face counseling at the salon. You can purchase products online by entering the necessary information written on your card and registering as a member. The salon has opened an online store on a platform called “ADJUVANT LINK.” Sales from the online store are recorded in the salon. Sales management is also performed by the salon, so by understanding the customer’s purchase history and usage status, we can accurately follow up on the customer’s next visit.
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Company Profile
Ajuvan Cosmetics Japan Co., Ltd.
A salon-exclusive cosmetics manufacturer that has been particular about counseling sales since its founding in order to support the beauty and health of each individual. We develop skin care and hair care items based on the idea of ​​“delivering dreams and excitement through beauty and health.”
ADJUVANT LINK is a service that allows you to purchase salon-exclusive products from ADJUVANT Cosme Japan online after a face-to-face consultation at a beauty salon.
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