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Home » Vitra 4/5-4/7 “Mikado – The Art of Hosting” Swiss furniture manufacturer “Vitra” holds an event to announce its new chair in Japan

Vitra 4/5-4/7 “Mikado – The Art of Hosting” Swiss furniture manufacturer “Vitra” holds an event to announce its new chair in Japan

4/5-4/7 “Mikado – The Art of Hosting” Swiss furniture manufacturer “Vitra” holds an event to announce its new chair in Japan
You can experience a new chair with the styling of European dining and Japanese dining, which is a collaboration of Swiss “Vitra” furniture, Danish “Royal Copenhagen”, and Nagasaki prefecture “Maruhiro” Hasami ware.
Vitra, a Swiss furniture manufacturer founded in 1950, will be holding an event called “Mikado – The Art of Hosting” to launch its new chair “Mikado” in Japan. The Mikado, which has a beautiful form wrapped in soft fabric, has a mechanism hidden under the seat that allows the backrest to move in accordance with the movements of the sitter, providing maximum comfort. During the event period, at the LIGHT BOX ATELIER / SEMPRE venue in Minami-Aoyama, you will be able to experience the comfort of the new Mikado in beautiful styling that expresses Vitra’s cherished philosophy of “Being a good host.” Masu.
[Image 1:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
[Image 2:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
[Image 3:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
Mikado – The Art of Hosting by Vitra
Date and time: Friday, April 5, 2024 – Sunday, April 7, 2024 11:00-19:00 (ends at 16:00 on the last day) Venue: LIGHT BOX ATELIER / SEMPRE 6-13-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo -2F
Cooperation: Royal Copenhagen, Maruhiro, Iittala, SEMPRE
“Vitra” from Switzerland, “Royal Copenhagen” from Denmark, and “Maruhiro” from Nagasaki Hasami ware.
“Mikado – The Art of Hosting” features furniture settings including the new chair “Mikado” by Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, Danish tableware brand “Royal Copenhagen,” and Hasami ware from Nagasaki Prefecture. Introducing Mikado, a chair that is extremely comfortable and adapts to any environment, combining the ceramic manufacturer Maruhiro to create styling and table coordination for European dining, Japanese dining, and meetings.
[Image 4:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
European dining using “Royal Copenhagen”
[Image 5:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
Japanese dining using products from Nagasaki prefecture’s Hasami ware “Maruhiro”
[Image 6:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
Office and meeting scenes using Vitra’s new chair “Mikado”
World-class interior coordination and table settings
For “Mikado – The Art of Hosting”, he served as the creative director of Vitra’s showroom and shop “Vitra House” in Germany, and created innovative and sophisticated spaces such as the showrooms at each Vitra location and the Vitra booth at Milano Salone. Till Weber, who had been working on the project, came to Japan and coordinated the space. We will introduce the new chair “Mikado” in the beautiful styling of Vitra, which is highly acclaimed internationally, and convey Vitra’s cherished philosophy of “Being a good host” to Japan.
[Image 7:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro Kakizaki
[Image 8:×1333.jpg] Photo by Kentaro
Vitra’s interior scene that you can experience at “Mikado – The Art of Hosting”
[Image 9:×1333.jpg]
[Image 10:×1333.jpg]

The vast Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany is lined with buildings by world-renowned architects. The symbolic “Vitra House”, which is shaped like stacked houses, serves as both a showroom and a shop, always expressing and proposing Vitra’s home collection in innovative styling.
Vitra’s new chair “Mikado”
Vitra’s new chair “Mikado” was created by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, a British design duo known for designing the torch for the London Olympics.Hidden under the seat, the chair “Mikado” follows the movements of the sitter. A mechanism that allows the backrest to move slightly provides maximum seating comfort. You can comfortably use it in any place, such as your dining room, restaurant, or office conference room. In addition, with sustainability in mind, we aimed for a product with a long life cycle, with a structure that allows for easy parts changes, disassembly, and separation. Since each part is made of a single material without the use of adhesives or staples, it can be incinerated or recycled relatively easily without emitting harmful substances even after the product’s life has ended.
[Image 11:×960.jpg] New chair “Mikado”
[Image 12:×2000.jpg]
[Image 13:×2000.jpg] “We developed Mikado with the aim of creating the ultimate comfortable chair. Hidden beneath the soft upholstery is a mechanism for the backrest to move independently. This is the result of Vitra’s outstanding technology. ” Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby 2024
Released in Japan: Friday, April 5, 2024 Price: Mikado Armchair 145,200 yen (tax included) ~ Mikado Side Chair 127,600 yen (tax included) ~
*Varies depending on fabric and specifications
Limited edition products are also available! Vitra Online Shop Pop-up At the pop-up corner of Vitra Online Shop, Vitra’s official online shop, you can enjoy shopping for Vitra’s signature interior
accessories, miscellaneous goods, Jean Prouvé products, and more. “Toolbox” in special color “Sand” is also available as a Vitra Online Shop exclusive product. Limited to 200 pieces will be sold at the “Mikado – The Art of Hosting” venue and Vitra Online Shop.
[Image 14:×1333.jpg] The special color “Sand Gray” of the “Tool Box” limited to 200 pieces can be purchased at the event venue and Vitra Online Shop.
Vitra Online Shop
Brand profile
About Vitra
A Swiss furniture manufacturer founded in 1950. We create products and concepts using the creativity of world-class designers and our own development capabilities, and through the power of design, we contribute to improving the quality of spaces in homes, offices, and public spaces. It is also known for its architecture on the Vitra campus, its exhibitions at the Vitra Design Museum, its workshops, and its publications, and has many aspects.
About Royal Copenhagen
“Royal Copenhagen” was opened in 1775 under the protection of the Danish royal family. Since then, for over 240 years, we have continued to pass on tradition and craftsmanship while producing clean, delicate and beautiful tableware. While still maintaining the hand-painted technique, we also present modern and bold designs and continue to evolve with free ideas and new sensibilities.
About Maruhiro
Maruhiro, which started as a street vendor in 1957, is a ceramics manufacturer that produces Hasami-yaki tableware and interior goods, a Nagasaki prefecture craft that has been around for over 400 years. We play the role of a “producer,” commissioning craftsmen in each process to create products designed in-house, and a “trading company” that distributes the finished products.In addition to our own products, we also actively sell products created in collaboration with artists and products from other companies. I am working on it. From 2021, we have added a food department and a private park, HIROPPA, and are developing a multifaceted community project that brings together people and culture, centering on Hasamiyaki.
About LIGHT BOX ATELIER / SEMPRE The third space of LIGHT BOX AOYAMA operated by SEMPRE. ATELIER has a different atmosphere from existing STUDIO and GALLERY. The large space, which measures over 180 square meters but has no pillars in the center, has the ability to hang freely from the ceiling, making it possible to display items without bringing in rack fixtures. The color temperature, hue, and illuminance of the light source can be freely controlled with a single app, and devices are built in to enable a variety of effects. An exhibition space that can be used as a hub for SEMPRE to express design, fashion, art, and craft, and a place to communicate to the world.
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