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Korakugama Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd. A new story called “Picture book that starts with the pottery”

[Korakugama Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd.] A new story called “Picture book that starts with the pottery”

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Press release: April 4, 2024
A new story called “Picture book that starts with a container” *May 2024 Arita Pottery Fair Linked<-Experience-Daruma-kun, a lively character who looks like he’s about to jump out of his container. Koraku Kiln Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd. continues to disseminate Arita ware from various perspectives to a wide range of users.
So far* Treasure hunting* and long-term pottery making experience for artists* This energetic pottery is attracting a lot of attention from around the world, has been featured in many media outlets, and is trying to break the concept of traditional crafts.

Daruma-kun was born out of a conversation with Hiroko , a traditional Arita ware craftsman. “It’s a waste to limit this to just pottery! Let’s move it around more freely and let everyone enjoy it!” That’s how the project began to move.
What is treasure hunting?
As new content for sightseeing in Saga Prefecture, it has been featured in many media such as “Why are you going to Japan” and “Matsuko Ariyoshi’s Karisome Heaven”.
Fill your basket with hundreds of thousands of pottery items! Treasure hunting details Arita Town appears in the picture book!
The picture book is a hardcover, thread-bound, 32-page authentic picture book, with illustrations by Hiroko , a traditional Arita ware craftsman, and the story by Takanobu Tokunaga,
representative director of Koraku Kiln. It took half a year to create. The theme of the picture book is the importance of food, and it tells the story of Daruma-kun, who struggles to get Ako-chan, who hates food, to eat it. Daruma-kun, who is red and looks like a cherry tomato, moves around inside the picture book.
Cover picture
Picture book written in pastel tones
Mom consulting with grandpa
My grandfather was a potter in Arita.
There are two types of picture books: Japanese version and English version (1,500 yen each / tax not included)
Daruma-kun tea bowl 10cm
If you eat all the rice…
Daruma-kun small bowl 12cm
If you eat the inside of the bowl…
heart mug
Elaborate shapes typical of Arita ware
Macro cup with silicone cap
Daruma-kun is hiding inside!
The tableware is a 10cm rice bowl (2,200 yen/excluding tax) and a 12cm small bowl (2,000 yen/excluding tax). Small plate 16cm (1,800 yen/excluding tax) Medium plate
20cm (2,500 yen/excluding tax). They include a mug (3,500
yen/excluding tax) and a tumbler with silicone cap (3,500
yen/excluding tax).
May 2024 Arita Pottery Fair will try to make original Daruma-kun tableware! ! Choose Daruma-kun of various sizes and poses and paste them on your favorite tableware.
Even small children can easily try it.
As a pottery market limited project, you can try your hand at making original Daruma-kun tableware.
–Genuine product price + 1,500 yen/excluding tax–
It will be fired once in the kiln and will be shipped at a later date. (Shipping required)
New regular products will also be released. Please come to Korakugama with your family during Golden Week.
Making a bow and arrow using bamboo and shooting a target are also popular experiences!
From the perspective of SDGz, target shooting using discarded chipped unglazed pottery (tableware) is also popular among families. Many families are now spending half a day enjoying the gentle guidance and exhilarating feeling of hitting the target! Both adults and children can enjoy it! (Target only 1,100 yen – Full set 3,850 yen)
Let your kids try their hand at making things!
Make a bow and arrow with your child. Time passes quickly. In the meantime, mom can go shopping!
Adventure Bow and Arrow School Details
Koraku Kiln Tokunaga Ceramics Co., Ltd.
A long-established Arita ware kiln founded in 1865.
We changed our industry from manufacturing to manufacturing services, and began disseminating Arita ware as soft content in 2011.
Received the 2022 Japan Service Awards “Minister of Regional Revitalization Award”.
844-0023 2512 Maruohei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture 0955-42-4121
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