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Seahorse Mikawa Gourmet information “Mikawa Night Festival”

Seahorse Mikawa
[Gourmet information] “Mikawa Night Festival”
Karaage night
[Image 1:×500.jpg] Thank you for your continued support of Seahorse Mikawa.
Enjoy fried chicken fried with Uonuma-produced Koshihikari rice flour, gluten-free fried chicken, and each store’s unique flavors, such as unique homemade sauces, salt from around the world, and spicy fried chicken.
We also have half sizes available, so please share with your family and friends. In addition to fried chicken, we also have standard festival products, one-hand foods, and sweets that are perfect for the night game theme “Mikawa Night Festival”!
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] “Seriously” for your favorite drink.The second set of the best and best value set is now available! The lightly flavored chicken stick and edamame set is only sold at night games. Check this out first! ▷Mikawa Night Festival “Gachi.” Set/Edamame & Chicken Stick Beer Set: 800 yen ▷Store location: Outside tent
●Specialty! Delicious curry udon and fried chicken restaurant Sanvino
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Our secret specialty “deep-fried chicken”, which is extremely popular and said to be “delicious” by many customers, continues to attract repeat customers! Our fried chicken is marinated in a homemade soy sauce-based sauce for two days to ensure that it remains delicious even when it’s cold. We have won numerous titles including the top prize at local events! Please enjoy it.
▷Fried chicken: 600 yen (half 300 yen)
▷Store location: Outside tent
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Chicken Nanban sold exclusively at Karaage Night. The special sauce and tartare are sure to get you addicted!
▷Chicken Nanban: 600 yen (half 400 yen)
▷Store location: Outside tent
●Good Kitchen Forest
[Image 5:×960.jpg] Ton Kara Ton Ton is an original product of Good Kitchen Forest. A one-of-a-kind dish made with Sangenton pork from Niigata and fried with Koshihikari rice flour from Uonuma. Enjoy with salt from around the world.
▷Ton Kara Tonton (deep-fried pork): 700 yen (half 400 yen)
▷ Store location: Off-site kitchen car
●Red Gaur
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Tender and juicy fried chicken marinated in our original blend of soy sauce and deep-fried!
▷Fried chicken: 600 yen (half 400 yen)
▷ Store location: Off-site kitchen car
●Rainbow Kitchen
[Image 7:×960.jpg] This is a kitchen truck that sells Dargy pie, a staple of Taiwanese street food. Taiwanese fried chicken that is bigger than your face. Enjoy your favorite taste with our original crispy batter and your choice of flavors!
▷Taiwanese fried chicken: 800 yen
▷ Store location: Off-site kitchen car
[Image 8:×1080.jpg] Can accommodate many menus. Three types of gluten-free fried chicken: chicken thigh, seseri, and chicken fillet. Our homemade sauces (sweet and spicy sauce, Japanese sauce, Taiwanese sauce)
▷Karaage (chicken thigh, seseri, chicken fillet): 600 yen~
▷ Store opening location: Off-site kitchen car
[Image 9:×960.jpg] I want to fry something delicious! I want you to eat it deliciously until the end without getting tired of it! It’s crispy, chewy, and delicious! It’s a set full of delicious things that you won’t be able to stop eating!
▷KARA★AGE (Chicken thighs, fried chicken with extra salt + fried seseri + edamame + vegetable pasta): 1000 yen
▷ Store opening location: Off-site kitchen car
●Yama-chan of the world
[Image 10:×1080.jpg] Introducing a kitchen car from Yama-chan from all over the world! It has an addictive taste with a spicy seasoning that reminds you of phantom chicken wings! Since it comes with a bone, you can eat it with one hand.
▷Phantom tulip: 300 yen~ (1 additional tulip + 180 yen)
▷ Store opening location: Off-site kitchen car
● is Buri chicken.
[Image 11:×1080.jpg] Gaburi Chicken, a karaage specialty restaurant originating from Nagoya, delivers its famous gold medal karaage to everyone in its kitchen truck. Marinated in a secret soy sauce sauce, it is a juicy fried chicken that is the size of a yellowtail.
▷3 pieces of gold prize fried chicken: 600 yen~
▷ Store opening location: Off-site kitchen car
business hours
Off-site food and beverage sales hours: 15:45-22:00
The parking lot is expected to be crowded immediately after the game, so please take your time and enjoy your food and drinks while looking back on the game.
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