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GUNHEE Co., Ltd. The salon “G.N.M GUNHEE & MUJIN” produced by Korea’s top hair artists will reopen in May 2024!

[GUNHEE Co., Ltd.] G.N.M, a salon produced by Korea’s top hair artists GUNHEE & MUJIN” will reopen in May 2024!

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Press release: May 2, 2024
G.N.M GUNHEE & MUJIN, a salon produced by Korea’s top hair artists, will reopen in May 2024!
*◆The salon produced by Korea’s top hair artist will reopen in May 2024! * GUNHEE MUJIN
* [Left] GUNHEE *
In charge of hair styling for many top artists such as SUPER JUNIOR Kim Heechul, Jaejoong, Jang Keun Suk, and HyunA.
In addition to expanding to Japan through “GUNHEE TOKYO,” the first men’s makeup and styling book by a Korean hair artist, “GUNHEE She is active in the beauty industry in Japan and Korea, including publishing “Korean Style Men’s Makeup & Hair, Taught by TOKYO”.

* [Right] MUJIN*
Currently in charge of hair styling for various top class idols and actors such as BTS, aespa, TOMORROW×TOGETHER, etc.
She is attracting attention as a global hair artist.
Hair salon “Faire” in Gangnam, Seoul (Location: 2F 18 Dosan-dearo 68-gil Gangnam-gu
While serving as the representative of “Mujin HAIR STYLE” in Japan, he published a mook book on the latest Korean styling trends.

GUNHEE Co., Ltd. (Location: NIKO PLACE 3F, 5-46-3 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director)
Salon “GUNHEE” operated by Jung Yong Hoon (GUNHEE)
TOKYO” will be reopened as “G.N.M. GUNHEE & MUJIN”.

GUNHEE & MUJIN” is a comprehensive beauty salon produced by GUNHEE & MUJIN, charismatic hair artists who have worked with many top-class celebrities.
GUNHEE is a popular salon in Omotesando that incorporates the latest in Korean beauty and Japanese techniques that pay close attention to the ends of the hair.
We will change our name from “TOKYO” and take a new step in May 2024.

*Comments from the two upon the opening of “G.N.M GUNHEE&MUJIN”* *GUNHEE*
“My seven years of salon management experience in Japan led me to decide to expand my store.We aim to become a salon that satisfies even more people.”

“We would like to deliver the latest Korean beauty products to as many people as possible.In order to provide even higher quality beauty content and services, we will also focus on training hair artists.”

“G.N.M GUNHEE & MUJIN” will reopen in May 2024 (formerly GUNHEE TOKYO). We plan to open the Harajuku store in June 2024 and the Fukuoka store in July 2024.
We plan to aggressively increase the number of stores with the goal of opening 10 stores across Japan.
“G.N.M GUNHEE” will continue to work hard as a global hair salon that provides the latest Korean beauty trends.

* ■Price list (example) *
・Cut ¥7,700 (shampoo and blow-dry included/no long fee)
・Men’s cut + down perm ¥11,000 (reduces the volume of men’s short hair) ・Styling & Point Makeup ¥5,500 (Hair styling + Makeup proposal with Korean cosmetics before the event)
・Latest Korean style digital perm ¥33,000 (includes cut, shampoo and blow-dry) ・BYKARTE treatment ¥6,600 (Only 1% of beauty salons in Japan carry it) A 5-step treatment containing cystine, a hair repair ingredient that has not been used before. (Additional charge will apply if no full cut is required)

■In the future, we will train new designers and provide the latest Korean education for other domestic salons.

◆ About “GUNHEE Co., Ltd.” Established in 2017. GUNHEE is a total beauty salon that combines Korean and Japanese styles.
TOKYO”, an academy business to train stylists with a sense of global trends, product development, brand development (GH1993, BLOBLOW), and a wide range of other businesses.

・Official website:
・Official Instagram: **

* – What you can ask GUNHEE & MUJIN – *
・About the latest Korean hair trends (coverage and photography possible) – Shooting for magazines, TV, etc. (GUNHEE and MUJIN are both in charge of hair, but G.N.M GUNHEE&M UJIN also has someone in charge of makeup)
・Speeches on the latest Korean hair and the latest education at hair salons, etc.
・Advice on developing new hair products, etc.
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