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PAL Co., Ltd. salut! A new brand using 24oz canvas fabric

Pal Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
[salut!] A new brand using 24oz canvas fabric

[Image 1:×473.jpg] Salut!, an interior goods brand developed by PAL Co., Ltd., will be selling Salut’s fabric brand S.Blanc, which uses 24oz canvas fabric, starting April 30th (Tuesday). ” new series is on sale. “S.Blanc” is a Blanc fabric collection proposed by Blancsalut!, which means “white” or “blank”. We use 24oz canvas fabric to create a variety of products that fit your lifestyle, from bags to interior items. The theme of the new series is color (couleur collection). Couleur means “color” in French, and it is a series of various colors layered on a white canvas. [Introducing some items] *All prices include tax
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] S.Blanc Bag_037 ¥1,870
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] Boat Pouch_035 ¥770
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] Gusset Tote Bag_043 ¥2,200
[Image 5:×1600.jpg ]
Bucket Bag_040 ¥1,100
[Image 6:×1600.jpg] Rucksack_045 ¥2,750 The S.Blanc bag, which is the face of S.Blanc in the Couleur series, is available in four sizes. The combination of white canvas fabric and color gives it a slightly loose look without going too far.
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] S.Blanc Bag_036 ¥1,320S.Blanc Bag_037 ¥1,870S.Blanc Bag_038
¥2,420S.Blanc Bag_039 ¥2,970Additionally, new products will be added to the basic line (plain) made of carefully selected 24oz canvas fabric. This is a new product with a focus on “everyday ease of use.”
[Image 8:×3900.jpg] Shoulder Bag_046 ¥1,650
[Image 9:×3900.jpg] Shoulder Bag_047 ¥2,200
[Image 10: &s3=11430-880-7880-76965783FBDF7BC93D026415981C 2A22-3900X3900.jpg] Shoulder Bag_048 ¥1,760 [Reason for choosing 24oz canvas material] The project started with the focus on creating a shape that would not lose its shape when you put things in the bag. If this fabric was used during the production process. I’m sure. In the first place, the 24oz (ounce) canvas material is stronger, more self-supporting, and thicker and more sturdy than other fabrics. Furthermore, the white canvas is easy to match with any outfit and is easy for anyone to carry. 24oz (ounce) canvas items are common on the market, but being able to create something of this quality and at a price that is easy for anyone to hold was a big inspiration. I want people to pick up something good and feel close to it. Just like when you buy a leather product, I want you to enjoy the process of getting used to it and getting used to it. The buyer’s thoughts are reflected in the selection of this material.
[Image 11: &s3=11430-880-9161BC2103B2292433F9E43407 FC3BE0-3900X3900.jpg] ●“S.Blanc” item special page! Official mail order site (Pal Closet)/salut! Sold at each store . *It is not available at salut! Kamade Clock store, salut! Hiroshima Fuchu store, salut! Noritake Shinmachi store, salut! Kurashiki store, and salut! Ichikawa Nikke Colton Plaza store. ●For other product details, please visit salut! official mail order site ●About salut!
[Image 12:×2597.jpg] An interior goods shop based on the concept of “everyday interior.” Even in casual everyday life, spending time with an interior that you are attached to will enrich your time. We want you to feel free to choose the interior according to your mood at the time. salut! proposes interiors that help you cherish your everyday life. Opens 19 stores nationwide. (As of May 2, 2024) Brand overview Official Instagram
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