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PREDUCTS: Tools exhibition “WORK TYPES” will be held to create good work

PREDUCTS: Tools exhibition “WORK TYPES” will be held to create good work
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Press release: May 2, 2024
PREDUCTS: Tools exhibition “WORK TYPES” will be held to create good work *teenage engineering and Bambu
13 domestic and international brands that produce unique work tools will be exhibiting, including Lab and HHKB. New pre-release products and prototypes will also be on display. *
PREDUCTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Ando) will be operating the New Stand Tokyo in Roppongi from May 11, 2024.
At the Gallery, we will be jointly holding an exhibition of tools that create good work, “WORK TYPES.”

TYPES is a pop-up exhibition and experience event that curates tools that will help you do better work. 13 brands exhibited including PREDUCTS. A selection of work tools is lined up, including new products and prototypes that are yet to be released, and items that cannot be found anywhere else.

At this exhibition, PREDUCTS will exhibit the concept model “TYPES” that expresses four use cases: GAMING, CRAFT, DTM, and DRAWING. Along with products from each brand, PREDUCTS
We propose new possibilities for using DESK.

PREDUCTS also plans to exhibit prototypes currently under development. Please take this opportunity to visit us.
With the theme of “Tools Exhibition that Creates Good Work,” this is an exhibition and hands-on event that collects a wide range of “work tools” that create creative and enriching work time. Nowadays, not only productivity but also creativity is required, and the focus is not only on functionality and convenience, but also on values ​​such as quality of experience and enjoyment. As work styles and work itself change in form, what role should “work tools” play in the future and what kind of existence should they have?
We will collect and propose products that will give you hints on such questions.

* Participating brands (in no particular order, titles omitted): * PREDUCTS, VIE, Japan Sauna, Bambu Lab, Herman Miller, WORK LOUDER(TM), HHKB, teenage engineering, Wacom, Docket Store, TourBox, Native Instruments, EVE Audio

* venue:*
New Stand Tokyo Gallery, 1st floor, 7-2-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2024.5.11 (Sat) – 2024.6.2 (Sun)
Business days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (closed from Monday to Wednesday)
Business hours: 12:00-18:00
*Free admission, no reservations required

* Sponsor: *
PREDUCTS, VIE, Japan Sauna
Participating brands/exhibit products
13 brands including PREDUCTS will be exhibiting at this exhibition. Teenage companies have few main products and exhibition opportunities We will also exhibit engineering products, the new product Wacom Movink 13 scheduled to be released on May 15th, and the prototype of PREDUCTS.

We are also preparing for an experiential program. We hope to provide not only opportunities to encounter new work tools, but also opportunities that may change the way you choose work tools. Follow-up information will be posted on each company’s SNS.
Brand name Display product URL
* PREDUCTS* DESK – METRO, METRO DARK, POLAR, STUDIO, various modules, etc.
*VIE* VIE Tunes, VIE Shair, etc. *Japan Sauna* Home indoor sauna BASIC etc. * Bambu Lab* A1 mini, X1
* Herman Miller* Aeron Chair, Embody Chair, Cosm Chair, Sail Chair
* WORK LOUDER(TM)* Creator Board, Creator Micro * HHKB* HHKB Studio, HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S, HHKB Professional HYBRID
* teenage engineering* TP-7, TX-6, OP-1 Field, etc. * Wacom* Wacom Movink 13, Wacom Cintiq Pro 22, Wacom Intuos Pro
* Docket Store * TBA
* TourBox* TourBox Elite
* Native Instruments* KOMPLETE KONTROL M32, Maschine Mikro MK3
*EVE Audio* SC203
About the PREDUCTS exhibition
In conjunction with this exhibition, PREDUCTS will exhibit the setup concept model “TYPES”. PREDUCTS has four use cases: GAMING, CRAFT, DTM, and DRAWING.
We will propose a combination of DESK and each company’s products.

We propose a desk environment that is optimized for gaming, which means playing games that are not just “entertainment” but also social phenomena and competitions.

We offer a desk environment where you can engage in modern
“manufacturing”, where you go back and forth between digital and analog, sometimes formulating ideas on a computer, and sometimes using your hands to create physical products and prototypes.

A desk setup optimized for music production. A music production environment where large equipment is lined up and it is difficult to balance workability and efficiency. We offer a desk environment that allows you to focus on your work in an orderly manner despite having a variety of equipment.

|This is a setup that is the ultimate in “hand-drawing” in the digital age. We propose a desk environment that combines the advantages of digital and analog, rather than the dichotomy of digital and analog, and combines the advantages of both “hand freedom” and “digital efficiency.”

*About New Stand Tokyo Gallery*
New Stand Tokyo Gallery is Tokyo Metro
This pop-up space is conveniently located 1 minute walk from Nogizaka Station. As a place for collaboration with individual creators and companies, we are developing events and pop-up stores that can only be found here.

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* Instagram: *
We Make Tools for “Good Work”
We are a manufacturer of tools that create “good work.”
* Representative: * Tsuyoshi Ando
* Address: * WHEREVER 5F, 7-2-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 * Website: *
* Instagram: *
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