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Home » Kyoto “Hachikan Ohara” by Kintetsu train ~Special night tea ceremony plan at Hosenin tea room “Nissinan” ~ is on sale for a limited time

Kyoto “Hachikan Ohara” by Kintetsu train ~Special night tea ceremony plan at Hosenin tea room “Nissinan” ~ is on sale for a limited time

Kyoto “Hachikan Ohara” by Kintetsu train ~Special night tea ceremony plan at Hosenin tea room “Nissinan”~ is on sale for a limited time Experience an extraordinary space with a tea ceremony experience, including a night visit to Hosenin Temple
Hachikan (Ohara, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Representative: Takahisa Matsushima) is an inn located in Ohara, Kyoto City that is open to one guest per day.It is a tea room at Hosen-in Temple that is open to overnight guests only and is closed to the public. Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. is now selling an optional plan to enjoy a tea ceremony at Nisshinan.
This is a high-quality stay plan for a limited time that allows you to spend time in a tea room and enjoy the famous gardens at night, allowing you to experience the “orderliness” that Hachikan values.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] Hachikan Tea Room “Nyoharu” [Sales page] Hosenin tea room “Nissinan” special night tea ceremony plan
[Image 2:×2194.jpg] This is an optional plan exclusively for hotel guests that allows you to additionally experience a tea ceremony at Nisshinan, the Hosenin tea room supervised by the 13th head of the Urasenke family, Ennosai Tetsuchusotsu (1872-1924), which is closed to the public. . Please make an additional reservation at the time of your stay. With this plan, you can enjoy light tea at “Nissinan” after the evening of the first day, and strong tea at “Nyoharu”, the Chikan tea room, on the morning of the second day. Additional fee: 88,000 yen/per group Location: Hosen-in tea room “Nissin-an” [Included in the plan] Hosen-in night visit included (17:00-22:00 including tea ceremony experience *Negotiable) )・Thick tea, light tea, tea sweets
included・English available・Kaiseki cuisine (served at Hachikan) *Accommodation fee is required separately. [Hosen-in] This temple has been around for 800 years as the main hall of Shorin-in (Ohara-dera Temple), the main dojo in Ohara where Tendai Buddhism flourished. “Bankanen” is a garden where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Ohara through a large 700-year-old five-year-old pine tree reminiscent of Omi Fuji and a bamboo grove. Hosenin HP: Ohara Facilities and Accommodation Information
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] In 2023, we renovated Uan, a Japanese restaurant with a thatched-roof tea room located in the village of Ohara, Kyoto, as Hachikan Ohara, with the concept of “an inn where you can enjoy an authentic tea ceremony and SPA for one guest a day.” We had our grand opening in March. Hachikan consists of a main building, an annex, and a tea room.The “main building” has a historic thatched roof that has been restored and is now a space where you can enjoy tea kaiseki and other meals while feeling the wabi-sabi atmosphere. In the “annex,” which doubles as a relaxation space and modern guest rooms, you can use our unique steam bath “Hachikanburo,” an open-air bath, a lounge with a view of the garden, and a relaxation room. The Nyoharu tea room, which is said to be one of the best Sukiya-style tea rooms in Japan, and the many interiors, decorations, and artwork created by craftsmen who have been designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties, also enhance the charm of our hotel. In addition to lodging, you can also use it for tea ceremonies, tea ceremonies, flower arranging events, engagement ceremonies and other celebrations, entertainment, and various seminars. [Facility Overview] Site: Approximately 625 square meters Main building: Approximately 140 square meters (A restored old folk house from about 250 years ago with a thatched roof, large hall, alcove, hearth) Separate building: Approximately 105 square meters (A two-story maisonette-type accommodation building is rented out) Tea room Authentic Sukiya-style tea room “Nyoharu” [Accommodation details] ◆Check-in 14:00 (need to be negotiated) / Check-out 11:00 ◆Pick-up and drop-off available Round trip: Departs from Kyoto Station 13:00 (Other times available. Contact us) ◆Meals     Dinner: Kaiseki cuisine prepared by a visiting chef using the highest quality seasonal ingredients        Breakfast: Japanese Kaiseki ※If you have any dislikes or allergies, please let us know at the time of application. ◆The accommodation is reserved for one group per day. (Capacity 2 to 4 people) *For 3 or more people, you can use the highest quality bedding in a Japanese-style room. ◆The accommodation fee includes the following:・SPA service (body care or aroma treatment. Until 22:00) *Available during your stay.・Tea ceremony experience at Hachikan Tea Room (strong tea, continuous light tea, and tea sweets.English available) *If you apply for the Hosenin option plan, the experience will be on the morning of the second day.・Drinks in the accommodation building ・Activity rental (trekking sticks, rain boots, umbrellas, raincoats) *Advance reservation required ・English-speaking staff available *Please let us know when making your reservation. [Travel fee] Kintetsu round trip fare, accommodation fee (one night and two meals included), taxes, etc. Departing from Osaka Namba Station: Weekdays (total for 2 adults per room) 885,960 yen ~ For applications, please visit the Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. website Please refer.
Sales page: – Stay schedule example – [1st day] 14:00 Check-in Relax in your room or detox at the SPA 17: 00 Usukucha experience at Hosenin tea room “Nissinan”, night viewing 19:00 Kaiseki meal at Hachikan 20:30 Enjoy private time in the facility *Relaxation, acupuncture, etc. available (*Advance required) Reservation) [2nd day] 8:00 Breakfast (Kaiseki) 9:00 Strong tea experience at the tea room “Nyoharu” 11:00 Check out [Inquiries] Hotel & SPA Division
PR/Marketing Department [Hachikan] Facility name: Hachikan Location: 108 Oharado Teramachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto HP:
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