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Home » Pacifico Yokohama officially adopts foldable marche fixtures “ORIICHI”

Pacifico Yokohama officially adopts foldable marche fixtures “ORIICHI”

N&R Foldings Japan Co., Ltd.
Pacifico Yokohama officially adopts foldable marche fixtures “ORIICHI” N and R Foldings Japan Co., Ltd. developed the ORIICHI – PACIFICO Yokohama model and delivered it to Pacifico Yokohama.
N and R Foldings Japan Co., Ltd., a Yokohama-based company
specializing in industrial design, has delivered to Pacifico Yokohama a Pacifico-specific model of ORIICHI, a foldable marche fixture. Pacifico Yokohama has officially adopted this system and started using it at pop-up shops and other locations in the company’s exhibition business from April 1st.
[Image 1:×2250.jpg] Pacifico Yokohama holds not only large-scale exhibitions but also a wide variety of events such as conferences and academic conferences, so this product can be used in multiple ways during each event and can be smoothly moved around the large venue. It has been in trial operation for several months.
As a result, its usefulness was recognized, leading to its official adoption. “ORIICHI” can be folded, transformed, and unfolded in four modes, and can be efficiently operated within the same facility by storing, moving, deploying, using, moving, and storing. But I was able to confirm it. The deciding factors for the official introduction were the expandability of the parts, the high level of customization, and the simple yet luxurious design that could be used in many different usage scenarios.

[Image 2:×1500.jpg]    ORIICHI Pacifico Yokohama model
[Image 3:×1438.jpg]

The special tarp is made of flame-retardant material and meets safety standards for indoor venues.
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] Equipped with a folding stand for display on the top plate,
Adopts a special bag to store the tarp and foldable brood bed in the main body when ORIICHI is folded. You can move everything compactly at the same time.
[Image 5:×2000.jpg]

During the trial period, it was confirmed that the size and design would be optimal for use in the facility’s elevators, gates, warehouses, etc., leading to its adoption.

[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Actual usage examples (during trial operation)
[Image 7:×400.jpg] N and R Foldings Japan Co., Ltd.
N and R Foldings Japan is a design company that handles the
realization, prototyping, product design, and branding of various product and industrial designs, from fashion products to medical equipment and art works.
ORIICHI is an original product designed, developed, and manufactured in-house. ORIICHI is a foldable marche furniture designed as a device to create new excitement in the city. It has high durability and safety, and has advanced operational capabilities by changing into four forms. ORIICHI is not sold individually, but is delivered on a project-by-project basis as a special model customized for environments where multiple units are ordered.

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