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Home » Creed, the pinnacle of fragrances, releases a new fragrance inspired by silk, “Queen of Silk”

Creed, the pinnacle of fragrances, releases a new fragrance inspired by silk, “Queen of Silk”

Creed, the pinnacle of fragrances, releases a new fragrance inspired by silk, “Queen of Silk”

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Press release: May 2, 2024
Creed, the pinnacle of fragrances, releases a new fragrance inspired by silk, “Queen of Silk”
*Creed, the pinnacle of fragrances, has released a new fragrance inspired by silk, “Queen of
Silk” will be released on May 1, 2024. Harumi Sato enjoys new products at the launch event. *
“Creed Queen of Silk Eau de Parfum”
– * New “Creed Queen of Silk Eau de Parfum” *
In spring 2024, a new fragrance will be added to the House of Creed Heritage Collection. This new work “Creed Queen of Silk”
Eau de Parfum embodies the luxurious luster and graceful softness of silk, leaving a sensual aftertaste that captivates the senses.

New work “Creed Queen of Silk”
Eau de Parfum is a captivating fragrance that captivates everyone you meet. This fragrance is inspired by the elegance of silk, which has been the envy of people since time immemorial for its beauty and delicate texture.

CREED QUEEN OF THE FRAGRANCE is created by weaving together carefully selected fragrances like a fragrant tapestry, recalling the faraway places that precious silk once traveled.
Eau de Parfum.” Chinese osmanthus gives way to heady floral fruity notes of Javanese patchouli and tuberose. Added to this is a complex woody note of Chinese cedarwood and agarwood, accompanied by the softness of Madagascan vanilla and the scent of rich amber.

Incorporating the infinite charm of silk, a precious fabric with contradictory properties – strength and gentleness, vitality and fragility, this sensual product wraps the skin with a touch as delicate as a thin thread, sparkling as if dancing in the air. leaves behind a trail of enchanting scents.

Creed Queen of Silk is a new work that embodies silk, the oldest treasure, in a modern way.
Eau de Parfum casts an elegant and enchanting spell that transports you beyond time and space. A sophisticated scent that is well-balanced with modern flair, it will transport you to a world of exquisite elegance and enchantment.

Note: Floral Amber
Head Notes: Osmanthus, Magnolia, Saffron
Heart Notes: Tuberose, Passion Fruit, Agarwood, Javanese Patchouli Base Notes: Madagascar vanilla, incense, myrrh, ambroxan, Chinese cedarwood, musk.

Creed Queen of Silk Eau de Parfum
Creed Queen of Silk Eau de Parfum
30ml ¥31,790, 75ml ¥48,290 *Price including tax
Scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

[Creed stores]
*Isetan Shinjuku store
1st floor, main building, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Cosmetics *Hankyu Men’s Osaka
7-10 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 1st basement Men’s Beauty

* *NEW OPEN on Tuesday, April 23, 2024*
JR Kyoto Isetan 2nd floor Fragrance/Creed
Fragrance, 2nd floor, Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Karasuma-dori Shiokoji-shitaru
JR Kyoto Isetan 2nd floor Fragrance/Creed
Like Creed stores around the world, the overall design features a brass-inspired grid;
A rigid geometric pattern is created. This results in a design that has an Art Deco feel while still having a modern feel. This
intersection of tradition and modernity is in line with Creed’s brand philosophy, which is steeped in historical heritage but always at the same time cutting-edge modernity.

* Harumi Sato attended the launch event *
▼Harumi Sato’s post is here
Check from – * ABOUT CREED *
House of Creed uses the finest ingredients to create highly original fragrances. A genuine luxury maison brand. The brand’s legend dates back to 1760, when the House of Creed, which had just opened its doors as a tailor in London,
king george of british 3
Legend has it that it began with the introduction of scented leather gloves to the world. The House of Creed, founded by James Henry Creed in the same year as the young king’s accession, had 260
For over 20 years, we have been creating fragrances for the discerning.

Queen Victoria, granddaughter of King George III, appointed Creed a Royal Warrant. Then House of Creed was Napoleon 3
Recognized by the world and his wife, Empress Eugénie, a fashion leader in Europe, in 1854.
In 2015, we also established a base in Paris, France. Creed was worn by many members of the royal family at the time. In the newly rebuilt Second Empire Paris, Creed established a reputation for his impeccable tailoring skills and rare, exclusive fragrances created to order. royalty and nobility,
Our care for our celebrity clients quickly became an integral part of Creed’s legend. Creed continues to create an unrivaled fragrance legacy. The Creed family has been around for centuries, with over 200 We have created a unique range of fragrances, all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed down through seven generations.

We source the highest quality raw materials, including roses from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, jasmine from Italy, iris from Florence, tuberose from India, vetiver from Haiti, vanilla from Bourbon Island (now Réunion Island), bergamot from Calabria, and violet from Parma. I travel all over the world for research. These are some of the precious treasures used in Creed’s laboratories. Creed remains headquartered in Paris, where the finest natural ingredients are weighed, blended and aged by hand in the Fontainebleau factory on the outskirts of Paris. Creed seeks artistry and perfection,
We use this traditional technique to create our fragrances.
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