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Home » Shonan Trading GW is for children, adults, and dogs alike! Enjoy at EXPASA Fujikawa Up’s “Bistro DES AMIS” !

Shonan Trading GW is for children, adults, and dogs alike! Enjoy at EXPASA Fujikawa Up’s “Bistro DES AMIS” !

[Shonan Trading] GW is for children, adults, and dogs alike! Enjoy at EXPASA Fujikawa Up’s “Bistro DES AMIS”!

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Press release: May 2, 2024
Golden Week is for kids, adults, and dogs alike! Enjoy at EXPASA Fujikawa Up’s “Bistro DES AMIS”!
*During the Golden Week period from May 3rd to 6th, we will hold events that the whole family can enjoy, including SDGs experience events for children, Belgian non-alcoholic beer and wine tastings, and venison jerky tastings for dogs. *
Cafe “*Bistro DES AMIS” located on the 2nd floor of EXPASA Fujikawa Service Area (Shizuoka Prefecture) on the Tomei Expressway.
is a restaurant where you can enjoy Belgian non-alcoholic beer and wine with a reputation for being “so delicious that you won’t believe it’s non-alcoholic!” and a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji with your dog.

From May 3rd to May 6th during Golden Week, we will be holding a variety of special events that can be enjoyed by the whole family, including adults, children, and dogs.
[GW Special Project]
1. Experience the SDGs! Plastic upcycling experience session A manual injection device can easily create upcycled products on the spot by color-sorting washed PET bottle caps, crushing them, melting them with heat of about 200℃, and pouring them into molds to solidify them. At this event, you can create spinning tops that even small children can enjoy.
Experiencing manual injection equipment
The colorful tops that make use of the colors of PET bottle caps are completely original and cannot be made with the same pattern twice. We hope that this will be an opportunity for people to think about plastic recycling in a fun and interesting way, starting with things that are familiar to them.
date and time. Place:
May 3rd (Friday/Holiday), 4th (Saturday/Holiday) / Fujikawa Rakuza 2F Free space next to the experience hall Donbura (adjacent to EXPASA Fujikawa Upstream)
May 5th (Sunday/Holiday), 6th (Monday/Holiday) / Bistro Desamies EXPASA Fujikawa Nouri Branch (2F)
*Participation conditions: Those who bring one PET bottle cap or their own water bottle*
2. Tasting event & 1st anniversary discount ticket distribution A tasting event will also be held at the above upcycling experience venue.

The non-alcoholic wines and beers served at Bistro Des Amies are produced by Neobule, a Belgian beverage manufacturer with a history of over 120 years.
What is handled by. The secret to its delicious taste, which is hard to believe is non-alcoholic, is our unique dealcoholization technology that reduces the alcohol content to 0.0% while preserving the flavor of real wine and beer.

This time, we will be tasting the following three types of
non-alcoholic beer and wine.
We prepared three types of non-alcoholic drinks for tasting this time. Kiddible is considered the national drink in Belgium.
Children will also be offered a sample of Kiddible, Belgium’s national carbonated apple juice.
We will also be distributing great discount tickets that can be used at the Bistro Des Amies at the tasting venue*, so please stop by. 3. Refresh your dog with venison jerky too!
There is a free dog run available, so many customers use it as a break point with their dogs on EXPASA Fujikawa SA.
For those customers, we will also be holding a *venison jerky tasting event for dogs*.

Date and time: May 3rd (Friday/Holiday), 4th (Saturday/Holiday), 5th (Sunday/Holiday), 6th (Monday/Holiday)
Location: Bistro Desamies EXPASA Fujikawa Nouri outside terrace (2F) *During the above period, we will be selling venison jerky at a special price (660 yen including tax) in the store.
4.1st anniversary event is also being held at the same time! * ■ Get one “Duc de Montagne Mini” as a gift! *
“Bistro DES AMIS”
One bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine “Duc de Montagne” per customer who orders from the menu or makes a purchase at EXPASA Fujikawa store.
Get a free bottle of Brut Mini (200ml)!
* ■Another gift! *
Among the above customers, Bistro DES AMIS Instagram @bistro_des_amis_jp
If you follow us and show the screen to the staff, we will give you another “Duc de Montagne Mini” as a gift.
* 5. And more! *
* [New non-alcoholic drink “Fruity Sangria” released] *
Sangria is a Spanish fruit wine cocktail that is perfect for the upcoming season and is made by adding fruits and spices to red wine and drinking it chilled. “The Fortune Bar” is based on non-alcoholic red wine.
“Fruity Sangria” (880 yen including tax), which is a frozen bar made from frozen various fruits, is now available on the menu!

* [Get great deals by riding the Ferris wheel] *
By presenting your ticket stub for the large Ferris wheel “Fuji Sky View”, you can enjoy the bistro.
Desamy drinks will be 100 yen off. We also have regular Ferris wheel tickets that include a drink.

Whether you’re driving by or live nearby, we look forward to seeing you.

Shonan Trading Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th floor, Tobu Yokohama 2nd Building, 2-15-1 Kitasai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative Director: Norio Hashimoto
Established: January 17, 1997
-Business introduction-
■Ecology Division
In order to think about and spread the word about how plastic recycling can be done and how it can be popularized, we are proposing recycling, proposing and selling novelty products, sponsoring events, and engaging in environmental education activities.
■Machinery Division
The Machinery Division handles inflation equipment and biaxially stretched film forming machines, mainly from Europe. Utilizing the network we have cultivated through our agency business, we are constantly searching for and proposing the latest technology and unique machines.
■Elema series
We handle machines related to plastic material recycling, mainly the Austrian-made plastic recycling equipment “EREMA”. Additionally, for items that cannot be materially recycled, we will propose chemical recycling or thermal recycling.
■Beverage Division
We import and sell non-alcoholic drinks and Belgian beer, and continue to lead the market as a pioneer in non-alcoholic wine in particular. The main products, non-alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic beer from Belgium’s Neoburu, have been well received for their unique, authentic taste produced using a unique manufacturing method that removes only the alcohol from brewed real alcoholic beverages. I am.
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