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One month since the Taiwan earthquake. The place is now

Certified Non-Profit Corporation ADRA Japan
One month since the Taiwan earthquake. The place is now
After a week of on-site inspections, concerns grow that “you won’t be able to see our faces”
While recovery efforts in the disaster area are progressing, including the removal of rubble, there are growing concerns that socially vulnerable people will be left behind. Support is needed to rebuild lives.
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Certified NPO ADRA Japan (Adora Japan, Address: 1-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toshio Shibata, hereinafter referred to as ADRA) works with local partners in Taiwan to support socially vulnerable groups that are difficult to reach. We will work to rebuild the lives of people living in
On April 3, 2024, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurred with its epicenter in the eastern seaboard of Taiwan. Two earthquakes exceeding M6 occurred in the early hours of April 23rd, and the situation is still unpredictable.
In Hualien County, which is close to the epicenter, 13 people were reported dead and 1,146 people were injured due to the earthquake. In addition, many homes, condominiums, buildings, and hotels were damaged. There are 67 buildings that have been determined to need to be demolished due to damage to their main structures or foundations, and 64 buildings that have been determined to require reinforcement and repairs to make them habitable. As a result of these impacts, 1,921 families are still without a place to live.
A staff member working in Taiwan from April 18th to April 26th to coordinate investigation and relief efforts said:
“The leaning building that was widely reported has now become a completely vacant lot.This scene gives the illusion that the people who need support are no longer there. I felt a sense of crisis that the faces of those in particularly vulnerable positions were no longer visible.
In fact, more than 500 people lost their jobs in Hualien, which relies heavily on tourism. Even in houses that appear to be in good condition, there may be damage that cannot be seen from the outside, such as a water tank on the roof falling down or the living room not being in livable condition.
When disasters occur, children, widows, people with disabilities, people without stable jobs, and the elderly are always left behind. The anxiety and fear that the future holds is like the aftermath of an earthquake, and it is tormenting the minds and bodies of vulnerable people.”
At ADRA, we work closely with each and every person in order to ensure that no one in a vulnerable position is left behind, and to deliver the necessary support through Yahoo! We have set up a special online fundraising website to support Taiwanese earthquake victims. We appreciate your continued support.
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■■■About ADRA Japan, a certified NPO ■■■ADRA Japan is the Japanese branch of ADRA, the world’s largest international NGO with branches in approximately 120 countries around the world. In collaboration with ADRA chapters in each country and partner organizations such as the United Nations, we work with each person in areas affected by conflicts and natural disasters, as well as in developing countries, without distinction of race, religion, or politics, with the motto of “Changing the world from one life.” We are working on support to help people become independent.
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