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Home » Special campaign limited to the new year! Enrollment fee of 30,000 yen and first month’s tuition are 20% off. GLI Musashikosugi Campus Campaign Announcement

Special campaign limited to the new year! Enrollment fee of 30,000 yen and first month’s tuition are 20% off. GLI Musashikosugi Campus Campaign Announcement

[Special campaign limited to the new year! ]Enrollment fee of 30,000 yen and first month’s tuition are 20% off. GLI Musashikosugi Campus Campaign Announcement

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Press release: May 3, 2024
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[Special campaign limited to the new year! ]Enrollment fee of 30,000 yen and first month’s tuition are 20% off. GLI Musashikosugi Campus Campaign Announcement
*Would you like to start English lessons with GLI and go on to boarding schools in Japan or abroad or pass the Eiken exam? GLI Musashikosugi School has announced a limited time campaign for those considering English lessons for their children. *

“New Year Campaign”
At GLI Musashi-Kosugi School, we will be holding a “New Year Campaign” until the end of June for parents who want their children to acquire high-level English skills!

With this campaign, you can enjoy the following benefits:
Benefit 1: 30,000 yen OFF membership fee
Benefit #2: 20% off for the first month starting in May

Take this opportunity to start your GLI lessons at a great price! For example, if your child in the first grade of elementary school starts the group lesson “CLIL & Immersion Course (BB Class)” in May, the first month’s tuition fee will be 20% off the regular price (May: Normally 36,300 yen ( (tax included) → 29,040 yen (tax included) *7,260 yen discount (20% OFF)). In addition, together with the benefit of free admission, the cost of commuting to school will be
significantly reduced (a total of 37,260 yen off).
If you start in June, the discount rate for the first month will be 10% off while the discount on the membership fee remains the same.

Let’s acquire high English skills from an early age! (Learning benefits) By starting now, you will not only have financial benefits, but you will also have the great advantage of being able to spend your future school life with a high level of English proficiency from an early age. We live in an era where English proficiency is more and more in demand, with English becoming a subject for elementary school students and junior high school English becoming a hot topic at the moment. GLI separates classes based on English level rather than grade, so starting early will help your child gain confidence and allow you to watch their progress with confidence. The campaign runs until the end of June, but will end as soon as capacity is reached, so please apply as soon as possible before your desired class is full.

*Course introduction*
There are various GLI courses.
This time we will introduce the popular courses “CLIL & Immersion Course” and “GLI Perosnal Course”.

*CLIL & Immersion Course*
Lesson situation
Through small group lessons with a native instructor and 8 students per class, this course is for those who want to acquire the English skills they need to read, write, listen, and speak in order to survive in the global society of the 21st century.
1. School group lessons/90 minutes per session x 2 times a week 2. Lessons using the internet (mainly Zoom)/25 minutes per session x 2 times a week
  *This is a review type lesson to ensure the results of the on-campus lessons. I will do it.

*GLI Personal Course*
The Personal course is an individualized instruction program that individually designs “education, English skills, and further education” according to the child’s goals and objectives. This course provides instruction tailored to your child’s individual needs, rather than group instruction. GLI
In the Personal course, we listen to your child’s goals and
objectives, such as “I want to pass the Eiken test by a certain date,” and create an original curriculum aimed at achieving that goal. Furthermore, through regular interviews, we provide back calculations and educational consulting to help you reach your goals. This will help parents know what to do next and what kind of support their child needs, making it more likely that they will reach their goals. “Lessons” are “70 minutes each.” The lesson date will be determined based on your child’s schedule and other considerations.

*Voices from parents attending GLI*
*Receive a special gift when you refer your friends! *
Now, for those who refer a friend or sibling, we are giving away an Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen to the first 20 people through the W Campaign. . This is a great opportunity to start learning new things, so please invite your friends and siblings to come and take a trial lesson.

Would you like to study at GLI too?
●I want you to acquire high-level “four skill English skills”  ●I want a lot of “environments where I can use English”
●I want you to have experience and have fun learning English.  ●I want “individual guidance according to goals”
If you have such “feelings”, why not study at GLI?

GLI offers a variety of programs, from acquiring full-fledged four-skill English skills, acquiring global skills, experiential learning, and even information useful for entering higher education. Currently, we are running a special campaign where you can enroll for free (30,000 yen) and get 20% off for the first month of all classes starting in May. However, we have received many inquiries and some classes are filling up. If you are interested, please sign up for a free trial lesson before your desired class is full. All of our staff are looking forward to meeting your child. Nice to meet you.

Detailed lesson prices can be found on GLI’s official website:

Click here to apply for the “New Year Campaign” where you can attend school at a discount with free admission fee (30,000 yen) and 20% off for the first month:
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◇About GLI
A consulting-type English conversation school for elementary, junior high, and high school students preparing for British boarding schools with locations in Harumi, Hiroo, Musashi-Kosugi, and online. By conducting exploratory learning using the English learning style known as CLIL, we simultaneously develop English skills, thinking skills, and imagination, and design global education and career paths in a personal way.
■Click here for details on the school-based course “GLI”
■Click here for details on the online course “GLI Online”
■Click here for details on weekend English event membership “GEC (GLI Explorers Club)”
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Global Learner’s Institute
Person in charge: Ishii/Komura

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