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Home » Uka Co., Ltd. uka MYAKU-MYAKU study will be released from May 3rd (Friday) in collaboration with uka x L’EAU par iena.

Uka Co., Ltd. uka MYAKU-MYAKU study will be released from May 3rd (Friday) in collaboration with uka x L’EAU par iena.

Uka Co., Ltd.
In collaboration with uka x L’EAU par iena, uka MYAKU-MYAKU study will be released on Friday, May 3rd.
[Image 1:×3900.jpg] Total beauty company uka (@instauka, @ukacojp) will be collaborating with L’EAU par iena.
uka × L’EAU par iena MYAKU-MYAKU study Bay Cruise is creating official goods of MYAKU-MYAKU, the official character of the Japan
International Exposition (Osaka/Kansai Expo). L’EAU par iena is the company’s cosmetics selection brand. In our first collaboration with uka, we will be releasing colors that express MYAKU-MYAKU.
uka’s study series is a study of colors that sublimate the beauty of anyone’s skin. It dries quickly and uses oxygen-permeable ingredients for a stress-free, lightweight feel that won’t put any strain on your nails. A vegan formula that is both human and environmentally friendly and contains moisturizing ingredients such as horsetail leaf extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and olive bud extract.
You can of course use just one color, but you can also layer it to change the nuance.
[Available colors] 10mL 2,750 yen (tax included)
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] uka MYAKU-MYAKU study Sync for L’EAU par iena Water that can flow and change shape in clear blue. “Sync”, which is about opening up and talking, is expressed with polarized pearls.
A clear blue, flowing and changing shape as water. “Sync” is expressed with a polarized pearly blue color.
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] uka MYAKU-MYAKU study Act for L’EAU par iena
A sheer white community that shines in the sunlight. “Act”, which moves with the future, expresses better changes with shredded glitter and holograms.
Unity that shines under the sunlight in sheer white. “Act”, gliding toward the future, expressing changes for the better with chrome glitter.
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] uka MYAKU-MYAKU study Join for L’EAU par iena Different personalities with large and small holograms and glitter. “Join”, where you cross walls and meet others, is expressed in clear red with pink, blue, and white holograms.
Celebrating uniqueness, with a mix of differently sized, transparent glitter. “Join” is expressed through a blend of clear red, pink, blue, and white glitter.
[Stores available]
May 3rd (Friday) ~ Official BAYCREW online shopping site BAYCREW’S STORE “
May 3rd (Friday) to May 8th (Wednesday) Limited time only 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo Official Pop-up Store Lucuaire Store by BAYCREW’S (Lucuaire 3rd floor)
Thursday, May 9th
L’EAUparIENA Bay Cruise Store Nagoya store / IENA LUCUA Osaka store / IENA Shinsaibashi Daimaru store / Le Dome IENA Namba Parks store / Le Dome IENA Kobe store / Le Dome IENA Kyoto store
*Not available at uka
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