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Home » Dark suspense stage work “Collapse Of Values” will be performed Re’; Funa Takada, Chie Kobayashi, Shinzo Sukegawa, and other diverse cast members will appear.

Dark suspense stage work “Collapse Of Values” will be performed Re’; Funa Takada, Chie Kobayashi, Shinzo Sukegawa, and other diverse cast members will appear.

Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd.
Dark suspense stage work “Collapse Of Values” will be performed Re’; Funa Takada, Chie Kobayashi, Shinzo Sukegawa, and other diverse cast members will appear.
Planned and sponsored by SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT (Representative: Takuma Ogo), “Collapse Of Values” Re’ will be held at Theater MOMO (3-22 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo) from May 28th (Tuesday) to June 2nd (Sunday), 2024. 8) will be performed.
Tickets will go on sale from May 9th (Thursday) at Confetti (operated by Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kuramatsu).
Tickets will go on sale from May 9th (Thursday) at Confetti.
Official homepage
[Image 1:×2700.jpg]
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT vol.17 is the return of last year’s popular dark suspense! The screenplay was written and directed by actor Takuma Ogo, who has produced numerous plays for SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT.
Until now, SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT has produced works in various genres by Mr. Kogo. Among them, the dark suspense work, which was one of the
well-received, has been re-released with a new cast and staff, and has evolved.
We hope that you will be able to fully experience the immersive feeling of being in the same space, which can only be experienced in a small theater, and the tension unique to dark suspense.
A wonderful cast of 17 people (some double cast) will appear, full of individuality and charm.
In this work, which also stars W, Funa Takada, who also appeared in “Yowamushi Pedal” SPARE BIKE edition ~Heroes!!~ and the hyper projection play “Haikyu!!” as the Strongest Challenger, will be starring in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Chie Kobayashi, the leader of the female idol group Pimm’s, who celebrated their 10th anniversary last year and announced an indefinite hiatus, will be playing the role of Eri Higashiyama, a part-time leader at a certain part-time job. I will serve as
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Takada boat
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Chie Kobayashi
In addition, Shinzo Sukegawa, who was selected as a finalist for the 5th Anistoteles audition sponsored by Sony Music Artists and has also appeared as a voice actor and actor in “I★Chu The Stage” and “UniteUp!” Actor Daimu Tsurifune, who has just excited SNS by announcing that part-timer Shin Maenaka has registered his marriage with former Kamen Joshi member Shihori Yukino, will play Takumi Okamura, the boss of main character Sasakura. (table team)
In addition, Takuma Kogo himself, who is also appearing in the drama “Kimi to Sekai ga Endu Hi Season 5” currently being released on Hulu, will play the role of Ryu Saeki, a yakuza member of the underground team.
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] Shinzo Sukegawa
[Image 6: &s3=13972-2516-C21CEEE0AE444666630A14861EA14 4b66f41-1800X2700.jpg] Fishing boat big dream
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] Takuma Ogo
This is the annual stage theme song for SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT. The music was produced by Namba HDK, which provides music for voice actors, and the opening choreography was performed by former EXPG STUDIO dancer and actress Futaba Araki. The singer will be singer-songwriter MiA. The production includes music and performance scenes so that the audience can deeply immerse themselves in the world of the stage. The title of this work is “Collapse Of Values”. Literally translated, it means a collapse of values.
The impact received through this work,
Please enjoy watching the collapse of all values ​​at the theater. We look forward to your ticket reservations.
Actor Takuma Kogo produces works across a wide variety of genres including stage, events, and video.
SFIDA means challenge in Italian.
The concept is to continue to challenge entertainment without a correct answer or goal. We work hard every day to produce works that satisfy our customers and that they can enjoy, with a focus on acting. For this work as well, the entire cast and staff will do their best to deliver a one-of-a-kind work to our customers.
We look forward to seeing you at the theater.
SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT Representative: Takuma Ogo
Performance summary
SFIDA ENTERTAINMENT produced performance vol.17
『Collapse Of Values』Re’
Performance period: May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) to June 2, 2024 (Sunday) Venue: Theater MOMO (3-22-8 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo)
Screenplay/Direction: Takuma Ogo
Yuki Sasakura and Suzune Yamazaki of the First Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Department are assigned to investigate a certain case.
It is an investigation into the whereabouts of two office workers who suddenly disappear. One of them turns out to be Sasakura’s younger brother, Yuta.
The two begin an investigation to find their younger brother’s whereabouts, but Sasakura’s investigation, which he had been conducting on his own, changes, and Sasakura begins an undercover investigation.
But it was an incredible place. Shocking truths are revealed one after another. Will he be able to successfully complete the investigation and find out his brother’s whereabouts?
A dark suspense story that takes place in a certain house.
When you know the whole truth, your sense of values ​​will collapse. ■Performers
Takada boat
Chie Kobayashi
Shinzo Sukegawa
Yukino Nakazawa
Ryota Yoshino
[Table team]
Miho Kutsuna
Aya Yonekawa
Chiyo Sasaki
Yu Yukiha
Daisuke Yamakoshi
Fishing boat big dream
[Ura team]
Minami Sakura
Reina Nanami
Shiori Morisaki
Yusuke Inamasu
■Performance schedule
28th (Tue) 19:00 [Front]
29th (Wed) 19:00 [Back]
30th (Thursday) 14:00 [Back] 19:00 [Front]
31st (Friday) 14:00 [Front] 19:00 [Back]
1st (Sat) 14:00 [Back] 19:00 [Front]
2nd (Sun) 12:00 [front] 16:00 [back]
Total 10 stages
*Reception starts 45 minutes before the performance (merchandise sales reception available)
*Doors open 30 minutes before the performance
*Performance time is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes
■Ticket price
Advance ticket premium seat 7,000 yen (front row + all cast members set check *Not for sale)
Advance ticket 6,000 yen
Same-day ticket 6,500 yen
(All seats reserved/tax included)
■Cooperation *In no particular order
New Walkers Co., Ltd.
A-Lights Co., Ltd.
Sony Music Artists Co., Ltd.
Eggstar Co., Ltd.
Fun Place Co., Ltd. Spice Division
Hoei TV Production Co., Ltd.
Bounce Entertainment Ltd.
SOS Entertainments
Stage art research studio Rokushakudo
Screenplay/Direction: Takuma Ogo
Choreography: Futaba Araki
Sound: Yoshimasa Maruyama
Music production: Namba HDK
Lighting: Yuma Sato (LEPUS)
Stage art: Moe Shibusawa
Stage director: Kazuki Aoki
Tickets and day-of operation: Yuka Ito
Hair and makeup: Shina Shinohara
Photographer: Kenji Nakatsuka
Advertising art: SE_TSU DESIGN
Producer: Takuma Ogo
■Contact us
More details about this release: