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NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd Japanese team makes great progress, 5th personality Call of the Abyss VII World Final Tournament

NetEase Interactive Entertainment Pte. Ltd
Japanese team makes great progress, 5th personality Call of the Abyss VII World Final Tournament
Call of the Abyss VII (hereinafter referred to as “Call of the Abyss VII”) is an annual world tournament of “Identity V 5th Personality”, a one-on-four asymmetric competitive multiplayer game developed and operated by NetEase Games, which was held for a total of four days from May 1st in Hangzhou, China. , COAVII) World Finals Tournament, the 12 top teams that won the group matches from the six major tournament regions around the world have gathered and started offline competition in Hangzhou.
[Image 1:×865.jpg] Venue situation
By winning the group matches, four IJL professional esports club teams, ZETA DIVISION, SCARZ, AXIZ WAVE, and REJECT, advanced to the top 12 on the world stage.
[Image 2:×649.jpg] Inseparable fateful showdown ZETA DIVISION vs SCARZ
As if by a twist of fate, ZETA and SZ, who have always competed for victory in the finals of the summer and fall IJL, have been drawn together in the same slot in this COAVII tournament draw and will be competing in the first block.
The fateful showdown between SZ, who has repeatedly challenged ZETA and lost in the finals, and ZETA, the IJL absolute champion who has achieved an unprecedented four consecutive victories, begins again in China.
[Image 3:×866.jpg] In the 2nd ROUND, while ZETA_Hametu and ZETA_DoLisu were expected to collaborate in the factory of Leo’s memories, SZ_Latty returned to the initial movement that had the flow on the ZETA survivors with a surprise attack from the second floor. As a result of ZETA_Mocchi’s wonderful rescue of Convicted Hunter, who was difficult to rescue, and ZETA_Kznk’s use of metaphors by the novelist, they regained the momentum and ZETA won the set with a wonderful 3-run escape.
[Image 4:×865.jpg] Kznk
In the first half of the 3rd ROUND, SZ was forced into a corner, and SZ_Shinami showed off a super chase against the onslaught of ZETA_alf’s Geisha. Shinami was guaranteed to jump, but SZ_Takoyaki and SZ_mone did their best to protect Shinami, successfully connecting 4 times and getting 3 points to earn points.
[Image 5:×866.jpg] Shinami
SZ brilliantly regained the lost set, and while all the conditions for victory were met, including overtime, Latty’s synonymous Blood Queen’s stunning mirror accuracy grabbed the pace from the start and became the strongest in Japan. He overpowered the celebrated ZETA and led the team to the long-awaited victory.
With their first victory over their arch-rival ZETA, SZ will advance to the final four with ZETA’s hopes on board.
[Image 6:×865.jpg] After finishing in the top 8 at AXIZWAVECOAVI, AXIZ will be returning to the world tournament to take on FT, the representative from Southeast Asia.
AXIZ_Tuna showed off his stable chase throughout the group matches. At Sacred Heart Hospital, FT_Heshen moves the set with an amazing performance that earns three crypto machines for the selected opera singer.
[Image 7:×865.jpg] Tuna
In the first half of the 3rd ROUND Eternal Town, Heshen made a surprise attack on “Fool’s Gold”, and AXIZ_Nyan used his specialty as a sorcerer to perform detailed stuns while avoiding a wide range of attacks and delivering 4 electrifications. Although everyone expected them to advance to the second half of the race, AXIZ came together as a team and clinched the match with four runs and a false gate.
[Image 8:×865.jpg] AXIZ victory interview
Day 2 to advance to the top four
The match will begin between REJECT, who finished first in Group B, and Wolves, who have Grand Slam experience. RC, who is good at flexible strategies, chose thief as a countermeasure against the opera singer against Wolves_ChoAi, which excited the audience.
The thief’s flashlight by RC_Raolie torments ChoAi and connects the four with electricity. However, after the electricity was turned on, ChoAi’s brilliant command kept RC_City’s wildlings at bay, preventing RC from winning and resulting in a draw.
[Image 9:×1516.jpg] Raolie
After winning the set, Survivor continued to attack RC with the momentum of the 1st round.
Against ChoAi’s clown, who is known as the strongest in mainland China, RC_ivory had a wonderful patient chase at the end of Moon River Park. A City mercenary who was able to save his items and successfully rescue them without falling down. All the factors are connected one by one and the three people are energized. In the final scene, on the brink of whether the gate will open or ChoAi will make it in time, RC_Soba uses the prospector’s magnetism to create the time for the gate to open, escape with City, and complete the 3rd escape.
[Image 10:×866.jpg] Also, following the momentum of Survivor, RC_Aka also fought back with Dansei Hunter. They overtook Wolves_9J’s barmaid before she could use all of her skills, and while maintaining her initial Hunter pace, both Survivor Hunter and Hunter achieved victory in the second set.
[Image 11:×865.jpg] In the final battle, RC_Aka, entrusted by the survivors, picks up the apostle at the munitions factory. REJECT made it to the top four for the first time by successfully defeating the offense of Wolves_Jelly and Wolves_487, which boast the highest popularity in China, and the stickiness of the prospectors.
WBG match led by the powerful Alex
SZ, who will take on the second match with ZETA’s feelings on his shoulders, will move on to his long-awaited battle against WBG led by WBG_Alex. Against WBG, who won the home title this time, SZ Survivor showed a fierce response from the tie in the first half, which was entrusted to spearhead SZ_Burio.
[Image 12:×865.jpg] WBG VS SCARZ
Shinami, who has continued to improve since ay1, takes charge of the chase with the cheering squad and corners Alex. While guarding the code machine and being forced to change targets, SZ_soar’s perfumer, who cannot recover, is hanged, but while SZ_Takoyaki, who kept the pocket watch, gets his attention, mone succeeds in rescuing him by energizing him. Survivor successfully wins the first match and gains momentum by successfully performing 4 electrifications with only one option.
Latty, the hunter in the second round, also gained momentum, crushing all of the strengths of the toy craftsman of WBG_Long, the pro survivor in the China area, and scoring 5 points with a four-hanger. In the end, Chase was a mechanical engineer who was more difficult than the other survivors, and Soar was the best chaser, solidifying the tie and advancing to the top four.
[Image 13:×865.jpg] SCARZ won in straight sets against WBG, who advanced in first place in their group, and showed their strength to the world, advancing to the top four and competing against REJECT for the final. The Fifth Personality “Call of the Abyss VII” Global Final – Group Stage is currently underway. Follow Identity V Fifth Personality eSports Office and tag #COAVII Global Support to support the Japanese team. ■IdentityV 5th Personality e-sports office official SNS■What is “5th Personality”? “5th Personality” is an asymmetric fighting game developed by NetEase Games. One of the five players will be a hunter and the remaining four will be survivors in a 1v4 battle. It has become popular not only for its unique gameplay, but also for its unique graphics and artistic expressions, including the gothic character design, and its attractive story development, and is loved by more than 200 million players worldwide. Fifth Personality Official Website: Personality Official Official X (formerly Twitter):■About NetEase GamesNetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES) , HKEX: 9999), NetEase Games is one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of video game IP across a variety of genres and platforms. NetEase Games’ publishing and development titles include Harry Potter: Awakening, Wilderness Outing, Person of the Fifth Person, and NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. We also have partnerships with major entertainment brands such as Warner Bros. and Mojang AB (a subsidiary of Microsoft). etEase Games is
strengthening its support for national studios to deliver innovative gaming experiences to game fans around the world, including Japan’s Grasshopper Manufacture, Nagoshi Studio, GPTRACK50, Pinkle Co., Ltd. We collaborate with top development teams such as Jar of Sparks, Jackalyptic Games, T-Minus Zero Entertainment, and BulletFarm from the US, Bad Brain, Worlds Untold from Canada, and Quantic Dream from France. For more information, please visit Follow us on social media: Facebook: (formerly Twitter):
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