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Home » SACCA minutes generation app WEB version released! Further expansion of usage scenarios

SACCA minutes generation app WEB version released! Further expansion of usage scenarios

[SACCA minutes generation app] WEB version released! Further expansion of usage scenarios
You can now transcribe on your smartphone and modify the minutes from your PC! Improved usability in business situations and further accelerates corporate DX!
UNIONxDESIGN Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the next generation AI meeting minutes market, has released the web version of the meeting minutes app SACCA (the app version has already been released). You can now use the app to transcribe meetings and create or edit minutes on your PC after returning to your desk. Please try the web version of SACCA, which dramatically improves user productivity.
[Image 1:×940.jpg] [UNIONxDESIGN Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the next generation AI minutes market]
We have now released a web version of SACCA, a minutes-taking app that was previously available on smartphones, in order to make it even more convenient to use. User convenience has been greatly improved as minutes can be controlled using two devices: a smartphone and a PC. Furthermore, we have implemented useful functions only available in the WEB version!
Functions of the WEB version of SACCA
・Creating and editing minutes
→ It is also possible to generate minutes and modify the content in the web version of the data transcribed using the app.
[Image 2:×937.jpg] ・Importing external audio files ~ Transcription
→As a unique feature only available in the web version, it is possible to import and transcribe external audio files.
Even online meetings using Zoom, Google Meet, etc. can be
automatically transcribed and minutes created by importing the audio file.
[Image 3:×937.jpg] Dominant in the AI ​​minutes market
Hiroshi Tsuki, CEO of UNION×DESIGN Co., Ltd., said, “With the release of this web version, we have become a service that stands out from the rest in terms of functionality and can handle a variety of situations compared to other minutes generation services.” ”. We will continue to expand the functionality and strive to improve the functionality of a pure minutes generation app that is overwhelmingly easy to use and does not require any gadgets.
WEB version link
*You can log in using the account created in the app.
About recruitment of sales agents
Our company is looking for a sales agent for the AI ​​meeting minutes app SACCA. Due to the nature of SACCA being a smartphone app, it also has fast implementation speed. It also has good cost performance and is in a price range that is easy for small businesses to implement. We would like those considering a sales agency contract to try out the app once and experience how easy it is to use. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the contract. For inquiries regarding sales agency contracts, please contact us using this email form.
Development company introduction/inquiries
○Company profile Name: UNION×DESIGN Co., Ltd. Location: 153-3 Kiminden, Otaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Established: June 2023 Representative: CEO Hirofumi Sakka URL: https:// Click here for inquiries
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