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“X VOICE III 2024 – Party”

“X VOICE III 2024 – Party”

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Press release: May 3, 2024
“X VOICE III 2024 – Party”
*Yokohama BUNTAI HALL gets heated on June 14th and 15th*
In November 2023, starting with “X VOICE in TOKYO 2023”, the second series, “X VOICE II in TOKYO”
2024″ will be held at Pacifico Yokohama in March 2024, and in order to respond to the enthusiastic support of many fans, “X VOICE III 2024 – PARTY” will open with a bang at Yokohama BUNTAI for two days on June 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday), 2024.
In order to meet the expectations of the fans, the lineup this time has an even more luxurious lineup.
In addition to JINJIN and MJ, who are familiar as VOICE’s main MCs, there is EXO’s fairy Chanyeol, and PENTAGON’s main vocalists JINHO and HUI. And HOT, which debuted in 23 years! AMPERS & ONE, which shows off their active energy, is one of the Japanese idol groups.
will appear. In this performance, in addition to PENTAGON’s two talented vocalists, JINHO will give a luxurious performance with the band, and HUI will present a wonderful stage performance with dancers.

Another highlight is this year’s concept of “PARTY.”
The opening will be enriched by an eye-catching performance by a DJ that has rarely been seen at Omniverse concerts. get attention here DJ is from the same agency as DXTEEN, and is a member of the global boy group INI, which is attracting a lot of attention both
domestically and internationally.
Kouto will appear and will present a very rare and spectacular stage performance. And CHEIF DJ, who belongs to T2Shinjuku, one of Japan’s largest groups.
KION and WAVA, a resident DJ active in Japan, will perform.

VOICE’ is an omniverse concert consisting of content that incorporates differentiation, diversity, and seasonalization in order to establish it as a Korean wave event that is a little different from concerts held in Japan. In addition, the previous performance was a success, and the event has further increased its recognition, and is positioned as an event with potential for development.
This event will be held over two days and consist of three
performances, and the combination of cast members who will appear in each performance will change, with such a gorgeous cast that you will be satisfied no matter which stage you watch. “X” will be held at Yokohama BUNTAI on Friday, June 14th and Saturday, June 15th, 2024. VOICE III 2024 – Party” will be a stage that is better than you can imagine.

For details about the performance and ticket purchase schedule, please check the X* VOICE HP * **

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