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Home » “Hirogaru Sky! PreCure” Blu-ray vol.1 Purchaser-only special event (Heart) Official report arrived (Heart)

“Hirogaru Sky! PreCure” Blu-ray vol.1 Purchaser-only special event (Heart) Official report arrived (Heart)

“Hirogaru Sky! PreCure” Blu-ray vol.1 Purchaser-only special event (Heart) Official report arrived (Heart)
Final episode included “Hirogaru Sky!” Precure” Blu-ray vol.4, released on May 22nd! The jacket illustration drawn by character designer Atsushi Saito includes members of the Underg Empire! Now accepting reservations!
On Friday, January 26, 2024, “Hirogaru Sky!” will be held somewhere in Tokyo. A special event was held for Blu-ray purchasers of “PreCure” (hereinafter referred to as “Hiro Puri”). The participants were Akira Sekine who played the role of Sora Harewatar in Cure Sky, Ai Kakuma who played the role of Mashiro Nijigaoka in Cure Prism, Ayumu Murase who played the role of Tsubasa Yunagi in Cure Wing, and Ayumu Murase who played the role of Ageha Hijiri in Cure Butterfly. Ayaka Nanase and Aoi Koga, who plays Cure Majesty/Princess Elle.
There are many “secret stories that can only be heard here” that only those who come to the venue can hear. This report will share some of them.
At the call of the host, five people took to the stage with the opening theme song “Hirogaru Sky! PreCure ~Hero Girls~” in the background. There was a huge round of applause.
Both the cast and fans are filled with smiles. At the first greeting, they each showed off their “names” when they transformed. Mr. Sekine, the top batter, holds Cure Sky [1] slung over his shoulder and exclaims, “The endless blue sky! Cure Sky!” Motivated by the sight, Kakuma-san and Nanase-san decided to call out to the fans and borrow the stuffed animals. Mr. Murase hid his face with his hoodie and announced his name. On the other hand, Mr. Koga is a little unsure of how to greet him. Mr. Murase, who saw this, said, “Princess!” and held out the hoodie in his hand, quickly hiding the expression on Mr. Koga’s face. A voice of “Oh!” rises from the audience. They warmed up the atmosphere at the venue while enjoying interacting with the fans. This day was just in time for the final episode on the weekend. The previous week, from January 20th (Saturday) to January 21st (Sunday), “All PreCure 20th Anniversary LIVE!” was held at Yokohama Arena. Furthermore, the climax is in three days, and “Hirogaru Sky! PreCure Thanksgiving” is coming up in a few weeks.
When asked by the host about his current state of mind, Sekine said, “Honestly, I’m sad that it (‘Hiropuri’) is ending,” but added, “I’m relieved that the recording has been completed for the time being.” ” he said with a sigh of relief. After the recording and event, Nanase passionately said, “I feel like we’ve become even closer friends.I’ve come to love everyone more.” Nanase’s unique and charming movements also attracted attention, and the audience was filled with laughter. Looking at everyone’s expressions, Mr. Koga said with a deep emotion, “I was able to meet such great members.” The trust and strong bond between the cast members was conveyed through the kind eyes they looked at each other.
From now on, we will hold a “Hiropuri” talk based on the preliminary questionnaire. First of all, I talked about the most memorable events and memories from the time I was selected as PreCure at the audition until the final episode.
Mr. Sekine prefaced this by saying, “I have a lot of memories,” and then recalled “dubbing with the cast of Underg Empire.” Every time we recorded with the Underg Empire, they seemed to be nervous, saying, “Today we’re going to defeat them!” Sensing their thoughts, the cast members of the Underg Empire, including Mr. KENN who played the role of Grasshopper Monder, gently spoke to them. It seems that they will call you. He shared the episode from that occasion along with his own reflections, and the audience erupted in laughter.
Mr. Kakuma said, “End of recording/Recording before and after the final episode/Letter with child.” He said that he was moved by the sentence “I love prisms” that was attached to the letter from his child. He also shared some stories he shared during the recording. Mr. Murase said, “I now have more opportunities to talk to seniors with whom I don’t normally have much contact,” and said, “Through PreCure, our communication has expanded.”
Nanase said, “I went to a lot of events with the cast members/dubbed for movies.” “Hirogaru Sky!” with Precure members and staff! PreCure Dream Stage ♪” and “Hirogaru Sky!” held in Ikebukuro during summer vacation. PreCure Outing! Expanding world! ” and so on. “I thought it was really cute to see the children in their costumes! It’s rare to have an experience like this. It’s unique to PreCure,” they said, reporting how happy they were at each site. On the other hand, she said that she was nervous when recording for “Pretty Cure All Stars the Movie” because she was a different team than usual, but she was fascinated by the backs of her seniors and how they kindly called out to her. I spoke in a cheerful tone.
Mr. Koga says, “When I got the role/Past auditions, Thanksgiving, etc.” It seems like he was unable to narrow it down. During the talk, she reflected on the fact that she had been auditioning for the Precure series since the year after her debut, and the slightly bitter memories of her first studio audition, saying, “I’ve worked hard until now with the thought that someday I’ll turn this into a good memory!” I’m here!” he said enthusiastically. While reenacting the joy and surprise of hearing the results of the audition for “Hiropuri” as a surprise at the office, he also conveyed that the moment was captured in a video format.
Also, regarding “Thanksgiving”… When she went to “Star☆Twinkle PreCure Thanksgiving” (February 23, 2020, Nakano Sun Plaza Hall) for the first time, she was moved, saying, “What a happy space!” He thought about Thanksgiving, which was just around the corner, and talked about his respect for each member. The cast members looked on with smiles as Mr. Koga spoke passionately, as if his emotions were overflowing. Mr. Murase quipped, “…election?” and the audience laughed. Mr. Kakuma said that when he was in El-chan, he could only speak “El”, so I got the impression that Ao-chan himself refrained from speaking. Since becoming Majesty, I’ve been able to talk about more stories, so I guess that’s why I can’t stop thinking about it,” she said with a smile.
The next topic is “What kind of hero would you like to be?” which is unique to “Hiropuri”. The answers were naturally related to
“Hiropuri”. Mr. Sekine said, “A pet bird hero/An actor you want to root for,” Mr. Kakuma said, “If you can take care of yourself and others, you’re a hero.” Mr. Murase said, “You can push people’s backs/You give them courage.” A hero!”, Nanase answered, “A hero who makes people around him smile like Ageha,” and Koga said, “A hero who is like a baby!”
Regarding the reason why he answered, “He’s an actor that makes you want to root for him,” he said, “While playing Sora-chan, I thought, “Sora-chan is the kind of girl you want to root for.” I also want everyone to support her. I am able to do this job because of the support I receive from you, and I realize that I would not be standing here if it were not for everyone’s support, and my goal is Sora-chan herself. So, I thought, “I want to be the kind of person who can support you.” So I guess Sora-chan is my hero. I want to become an actor and a hero that people can support,” he said, revealing his goals that became clearer after meeting Sora-chan, and the audience applauded.
Like Mr. Sekine, Mr. Koga talked about the image of a hero that was created because he was able to meet Hiropuri and the characters. “Babies have the power to make people smile.When I look at Elle, I feel like she’s the kind of child who can be an opportunity for us to grow together.Even I can learn things that I don’t know.” By teaching them, everyone around them becomes stronger. They don’t become heroes alone, they all become heroes. Like babies, they grow together. It would be great if I could become a hero who can go on,” he says, his eyes shining. When Mr. Murase heard those words, he nodded and said, “I understand! By being involved with L-chan, we also learned a lot.”
Mr. Kakuma, who answered, “If I can take care of myself with someone else, I’m a hero,” talks about the difficulty of harmonizing “for others” and “for myself.” He felt that as he watched Mashiro grow up.
“By working hard for someone else, you may end up sacrificing yourself or losing sight of yourself…I think it’s very difficult to find that balance.You have to take care of yourself. , Mashiro-chan might end up not being able to take care of the people who care for her. [2] I feel like if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to survive.” He then said, “I felt that a hero should value balance,” which drew applause of sympathy.
Mr. Nanase talks about his admiration for Ageha. “Ageha-chan has not only fond memories but also many painful experiences in her
childhood.However, even when she is in a sad or hopeless situation, Ageha-chan is able to motivate herself by herself. “Age” isn’t just a light word, it’s a positive word for Ageha. I’m worried about myself sometimes, but I wish I could use “age” to motivate me. and smiles. Mr. Murase’s image of a hero who “can push/encourage others” was born from his own experience of being pushed by seniors who loved acting who spoke positive words to him. It seems that it is. “In my daily work, I think actors like that are really cool,” he said.
In the final talk corner, we will introduce the episodes that we have strong feelings for (up to 49 episodes that were aired at the time of the event). Looking back on the journey “so far,” the words of the cast members became even more passionate.
Mr. Sekine spoke about episode 23, “Shattered Dreams and the Power to Revive.” Mr. Kakuma appeared in episode 33, “The Ultimate Power! Majesty Kuruni Kurun.” Mr. Nanase appeared in Episode 48, “Protect the Hero! Everyone’s City!”, and Mr. Murase appeared in Episode 21, “Spread! Wings of Knowledge”. Mr. Koga picked up Episode 32, “Big Transformation! Cure Majesty!!” and others. When talking about the reason for this, Mr. Sekine said, “When I think about it, I cry. I couldn’t hold back the tears while reading the book, and I still cry…” he said, looking up at his face. , there is also an act followed by Nanase-san and Murase-san. There was also time to perform the ultimate power “Majestic Kurunikrun” based on a certain topic. The actions of the audience immediately after receiving the technique are also spectacular, and the cast members smile. There were voices of surprise, sighs of admiration, and warm laughter from the audience at the many behind-the-scenes stories that could have been revealed because of the closeness of the event to the fans.
In the blink of an eye, the time was coming to an end. I will send a message at the end while Ishii-san and Yoshitake Chisato-san’s ending theme song “Hirogarism” plays. During the interview, Mr. Kakuma spoke with moist eyes about the joy of being able to broadcast up to 50 episodes. Mr. Sekine tied the knot.
“Episode 50 will be aired the day after tomorrow. At Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to all the fans who supported me a lot, a lot, a lot. I still want to do my best to run through this with Sora-chan.” “First of all, I want you to see how hard they worked through the past year in the final episode!” he said with a beaming expression.
Then, as Yoshitake-san sang the ending theme song for the second half, “Dear Shine Sky,” the heroes were seen off, and at Nanase-san’s suggestion, everyone in the room called out “Age!” in unison. A bright voice that seemed to reach the sky echoed throughout the venue, spreading positive energy.
[Image 1:×3426.jpg] Including the final episode “Hirogaru Sky! Precure” Blu-ray vol.4 is scheduled to be released on May 22nd.
[Image 2:×824.jpg] Writer: Mari Sakai
Expanding sky! Precure vol.4 [Blu-ray] Product information
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