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Cygames Co., Ltd. May 4th (Sat) Episode 79 anime “Shadowverse F” synopsis & advance cut released

Cygames Co., Ltd.
May 4th (Sat) Episode 79 anime “Shadowverse F” synopsis & advance cut released ……
The TV anime “Shadowverse F” is currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo’s 6 stations online! Today we will introduce the synopsis and advance cut for May 4th episode 79!
Episode 79 “Open up the future!” ” Advance cut & next preview video
[Image 1:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
[Image 2:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
[Image 3:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
[Image 4:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
[Image 5:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
[Image 6:×450.jpg] Episode 79 advance cut
Saturday, May 4th
Episode 79 “Open up the future!” ”
It’s not just Itsuki and Subaru who will be on stage, but Slade and Bakels as well. When the two of them stand up again with their partner, the shadow field also returns. And, as if in response to Itsuki’s words to settle the matter, Blossom Wolf Slade begins to shine brighter. When a storm of flowers arises, Slade appears in his true form. Elde scoffs at the irregularity, calling it a cheap miracle, but Itsuki denies it. The onslaught of attacks that seemed to be on the verge of collapse cornered even the most powerful, irritating Elde. Even data life forms are unpredictable. Elde is confronted with the fact that she is not perfect, and yet she launches a strong counterattack in an attempt to steal their future.
Scenario: Keiichiro Kawaguchi, Rintaro Isozaki
Storyboard: Kenji Setou
Direction: Yoshihiro Ueda
Animation director: Yuji Kondo, Tomoyuki Matsumoto
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Program overview
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] TV anime “Shadowverse F” key visual
Title: TV anime “Shadowverse F” Broadcast date and time: Every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. Broadcasting station: TV Tokyo 6 stations online
[Introduction] Arc Ruler declared that he would remake the world, and caused the entire world’s DigiFriends to go berserk as “shades”. The mission given to Light and his friends is to neutralize the three towers that will lead to the destruction of the world. Having obtained the “Nexa System” for use against Shade, Light and his friends aim for each tower while destroying Shade. The battle for the fate of the world begins now! [STAFF] Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi Deputy director: Naotaka Hayashi Series composition: Rintaro Isozaki Deko Akao Art director: Ponzu Character design: Manabu Okada Mikeboshi Hesun Onineko Character design: Daiki Harada Follower Director: Kitagawa Daisuke Sub-character design: Yasunari Arata Digital friend design: Tomoko Miyagawa Prop design: Etsuyoshi Iwanaga Color design: Naoko Sato Nana Shinji Art director: Kanekihama Art setting: Mamio Ogawa Monitor graphics: sankaku3DCG Director: Shinsuke Oshima (DEEN DIGITAL) Director of photography: Yuta Nakamura, Shigeteru Asakawa, Asahiko Koshiyama Editor: Daisuke Hiraki Sound director: Satoshi Iida Music: Yorihiro Ike Sound production: Sony Rude Animation production: ZEXCS [CAST] Tenryu Light: Yuto Uemura Mitsuki Tagawa Itsuki: Hibiki Makabe Yamamura Subaru : Kazuki Ura Dragneel: Shiori Izawa Gentleman: Shotaro Morikubo Fusatsuri Ren: Rarisa Takeda Tsubasa Tago Kotoriyu: Miyu Tomita Shirogane Mikado: Yuki Sakakibara Jasei Ryouga: Ryota Otsuzaka Shion Aisaka: Hana et al.
[Theme song]
OP theme: Nano “Do or Die”
ED theme: LIL LEAGUE “HEAVY GAMER” Official website: X (Twitter): @shadowverse_anm Official YouTube channel: EUkIzIwrLA YouTube “TV Tokyo Official Anitele Channel” (Free distribution from episode 1 to the latest episode): *When using images, please indicate the copyright notice below. Masu. (C) Anime “Shadowverse F” Production Committee/TV Tokyo
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