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Home » Supporting mom’s wellness! “Asu Iku” opens a special temporary childcare service “Happi Iku” for a limited time at Urawa PARCO. Supports the creation of relaxing alone time

Supporting mom’s wellness! “Asu Iku” opens a special temporary childcare service “Happi Iku” for a limited time at Urawa PARCO. Supports the creation of relaxing alone time

grow&partners Co., Ltd.
Supporting mom’s wellness! “Asu Iku” opens a special temporary childcare service “Happi Iku” for a limited time at Urawa PARCO. Supports the creation of relaxing alone time
The biggest problem for mothers who are raising children is that they don’t have time for themselves. With “Happi Iku,” you can easily make a reservation and pay through LINE, making it easy to use temporary childcare. We support parents and children to spend time apart and be happy together.
grow&partners Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “grow&partners”), which operates the temporary childcare search and reservation service “Asu Iku” that can be used on smartphones and LINE, is offering a limited-time service at Urawa PARCO, which is operated by PARCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/hereinafter referred to as PARCO). “Happi Iku” is a temporary childcare service.
A daycare worker is always on hand to take care of children safely and securely for a short period of time, creating “alone time for adults” where mothers who normally have difficulty relaxing can spend some relaxing time. Our goal is for parents and children to be apart for a while so that each can be happy.
Additionally, during this period, including Mother’s Day on May 12th, Urawa PARCO will be holding the “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Wellness Campaign.” Those who undergo a complete medical checkup or health check at the East Medical Clinic located in the medical mall Welpa on the 7th floor can use “Happy Iku” for free (up to 120 minutes, limited to the first 5 people).
[Image 1:×1639.jpg] Happy Going in Welpa Event Overview
grow&partners has opened special childcare spaces in shopping centers such as Atre Ebisu and Lumine Yokohama under the theme of “relaxed shopping and relaxed lunch for moms and dads.” This will be the second time that this event has been held at Wepa, following in March 2024. “Happy Iku” held at Welpa places even greater emphasis on “wellness.” Not only does temporary childcare help reduce the stress of raising children by allowing you to leisurely go shopping or have lunch, but you can also take advantage of Welpa’s unique services, such as free temporary childcare when you visit a clinic in a medical mall. At the same time, it supports mothers to stay healthy both physically and mentally.
The outline of “Happy Iku in Welpa” is as follows.
Venue: Urawa PARCO 7F Medical Mall Welpa Special childcare space Event date and time: Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th, 2024, both from 10:30 to 16:30
Target age for childcare: 4 months old to preschoolers
Usage fee: 850 yen for 30 minutes on the 8th, 950 yen for 30 minutes on the 9th (60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes can be selected) Staff: Two childcare workers are always on hand.
*After using the service, we will send photos and text of your child in daycare to LINE.
*Food will not be provided in the childcare space. Please wait until you have finished lunch and baby food before dropping off your child. We can provide tea and water, so please bring your own water bottle. *Canned milk will be provided only to breastfeeding infants. If you wish, please bring canned milk and a special nipple.
You don’t need a reason to use it.
At “Happi Iku,” we value making both parents and children happy by providing casual temporary childcare.
To use this service, please register as a friend and main member of “Asu Iku” on LINE (, and then apply from the URL below.
Special benefit: At the East Medical Clinic in Welpa, those who receive a complete medical checkup or health checkup will receive 120 minutes free of charge, and those who receive a gynecological examination will receive 90 minutes of free child care (first 5 children each day) ).
Conditions and comments from previous users
At “Happi Iku,” two childcare workers are always on hand to carefully provide childcare tailored to the age, interests, and interests of the children, including reading and creating picture books selected by picture book masters.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg]
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] From the mothers who used our service last time,
“I’m very glad I used it. I was able to relax and enjoy my lunch at the counter. I hope you’ll come again!”
“There were pictures of her smiling while she was in childcare, and I was glad that the childcare workers were treating her with kindness.I am grateful that I was able to complete all the small errands in one go.”
We received comments such as:
According to a survey of 500 parents raising children, the biggest cause of childcare stress was “lack of time for oneself.”
After giving birth, women go to brick-and-mortar stores less often than they did before giving birth, and the amount of money they spend on shopping has been cut by almost half.
There were challenges when shopping while raising children, such as “I couldn’t try on clothes while wearing a baby carrier,” “I had to buy only what I needed and go home right away,” and “I was worried that my child might touch something.”
At Asu Iku, we are holding a “Happy Iku” event together with the people at the shopping center, with the hope that parents and children alike will be able to experience the joy of spending time at a shopping center again.
What is the temporary childcare search and reservation service “Asu Iku”? When you need someone to watch over your child, you can use LINE to search for and make a reservation for a childcare facility in just one minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Until now, temporary childcare reservations and cash payments, which were mainly done by phone or paper, have become paperless, cashless, and phoneless.
[Image 4:×1005.png ]
Currently, online reservations are available for 80 childcare facilities, mainly in Tokyo. All communication and contact information with childcare facilities can be accessed from LINE, so even if you are busy raising children, you can easily use it in your spare time. After the daycare ends, you will receive an “online contact” with photos and comments about the child’s condition during the temporary daycare, which gives them peace of mind and makes them want to use the service again.We are seeing an increasing number of repeat users. In 2022, it won the 16th Kids Design Award and the Baby Tech Awards Special Award. In addition, starting in the summer of 2022, we will provide “experiential childcare” as “Temporary Childcare is a Learning Opportunity,” where children can fully experience their favorite content, such as trains and insects, during childcare time and grow. has started.
What is Urawa PARCO Welpa?
[Image 5:×97.jpg] Urawa PARCO 7F is the first base in the Tokyo metropolitan area for Welpa, a concept medical mall that proposes a medical mall not only as a place to go when you get sick, but also as a place to take care of yourself. Opening in February 2024.
At Medical Mall Welpa, we provide an environment that is easy for women to use, and support them in making self-care a habit by providing regular preventive care and treatment in a comfortable space.
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