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Home » Foreigners and Japanese form a team! Share house management company holds “100 Adult Sports Day”

Foreigners and Japanese form a team! Share house management company holds “100 Adult Sports Day”

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.
Foreigners and Japanese form a team! Share house management company holds “100 Adult Sports Day”
In response to the wishes of the share house residents, a sports day will be held for the first time in five years, with 100 residents participating. Many foreigners who come to Japan for work or study have never experienced sports days at their home country’s schools. Together with them, we will participate in 11 different competitions, including an obstacle course, a centipede race, and a giant ball rolling.
[Image:×2033.jpg] Oakhouse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takeshi Yamanaka), a company that operates and manages rental housing and shared houses for foreigners, is celebrating its 33rd anniversary in business with the slogan “Enjoy living.” Last year, after the coronavirus pandemic ended, was a year in which our company’s motto blossomed, with 320 activities of various sizes planned and managed by tenants living in approximately 230 properties in the Kanto and Kansai regions. This year, “Oakhouse Sports Festival 2024” will be held on May 11th (Saturday) at Rikugi Park Sports Field in Bunkyo Ward, with 100 residents participating.
“Over 60% of our tenants are foreigners.We usually have parties, events, excursions, and club activities with them, but when we showed them a video of a sports day held five years ago… “All of our residents, both in Japan and overseas, have unanimously requested that we hold the event again.We hope that these residents, both domestic and overseas, will experience a sports day in which adults take part seriously and make it a memorable experience.”
“We consider shared houses to be a third community,” added Mr. Yamanaka. “Family is the first group, school is the second group, and until recently, the company was one community.However, as work styles have been liberalized, there have been more freelancers, drinking parties have become fewer, and the company I feel like I can no longer fulfill my role as a community.However, people are looking for new people to meet.If that’s the case, living in a shared house and finding new friends is one option. In order to expand the range of memories, we are focusing on interactions between residents, and one of them is the big sports day,” he said with a smile.
What is noteworthy about holding a sports day is that it is planned and run by the Oakhouse Rangers, a sports day executive committee formed by volunteers from Oakhouse residents. Executive committee leader Hiroaki Takaku, also known as Co. Keio, said, “We planned it with free ideas and set up a competition that everyone can enjoy.We want it to be a satisfying tournament.”
■Oakhouse Sports Festival 2024 Overview
★Date: 2024.5.11 (Sat)
★Time: Sports Day 11:00-16:00
★Venue: Rikugi Park Sports Ground
★Number of participants: 100 people
[Scheduled items]
large jump rope
Ladle relay
obstacle course
tug of war
bread eating competition
ball bowl
renter race
dodge ball
centipede competition
big ball rolling
Team relay

Oakhouse is a share house/monthly condominium management company that provides fully furnished and home applianced accommodation for foreigners visiting Japan who find it difficult to rent a place due to Japan’s rental housing system, without requiring deposits, key money, or joint guarantors. is. We operate and manage approximately 230 properties/4,700 rooms mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Approximately 60% of all residents are foreigners. You can move in without any restrictions based on nationality, occupation, age, gender, or income. We are currently achieving an occupancy rate of 98% for our large share house series “Social Residence(R)”.
*This data is as of April 2024.

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