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Home » General Incorporated Association FUKU/WARAI Shibuya Font Art Director Laila Kasem and Shibuya Ward Shibuya Fon t Business Representative will be on stage for “Learning from Manufacturing: Fukushi and Design 2004 No.1”

General Incorporated Association FUKU/WARAI Shibuya Font Art Director Laila Kasem and Shibuya Ward Shibuya Fon t Business Representative will be on stage for “Learning from Manufacturing: Fukushi and Design 2004 No.1”

[General Incorporated Association FUKU/WARAI] Shibuya Font Art Director Laila Kasem and Shibuya City Shibuya Font Business
Representative will be on stage to “Learn from manufacturing” Fukushi and Design 2004 No.1”

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Press release: May 3, 2024
Shibuya Font Art Director Laila Kasem and Shibuya City Shibuya Font Business Manager will be on stage for “Learning from Manufacturing: Fukushi and Design 2004 No.1”
*Cross talk and workshop with Laila Kasem, art director of Shibuya Font, and Shibuya Font business representative in Shibuya Ward!! Held on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at the latest spot “Harakado” that opened in Harajuku, Shibuya Ward*
“Fukushi and Design”, which was held last year, will be held again this year. Many people participated last year, and in March of this year, the culmination of “TOKYO SOCIAL” will be held at AXIS Gallery, a sacred place of design in Roppongi, Tokyo.
DESIGN 2024 – A design approach that opens up society by connecting businesses and welfare – was held and over 50 people participated. Day 1 Lecture
Workshop scene
Group workshop
Day 2 Lecture

This time, in addition to designers and directors* welfare staff, companies, and government-related people*
We also invited people from the group to take the podium, and we also communicated the changes in the state of mind and thoughts of those who have been involved, as well as their actual activities.We will broadly communicate, share, and participate in new relationships centered on Fukushi and the changes that will result from them. We will deepen our learning with everyone who receives it.
We will share examples of our work with designers and directors as we brush up and promote sales of independently produced products. At the same time, people from the welfare, business, and government sectors will invite people in the field to discuss the changes and discoveries they have made as a result of their joint efforts. Apply here (Peatix)
*Speaker] Laila Kasem*
Shibuya Font Art Director “Laila Kasem”
Designer and art director. A British man born in Japan and raised all over the world.
They call themselves a “one-man United Nations” because they have a variety of identities, including being multiracial and having disabilities. He specializes in designs that find and utilize people’s unique characteristics. Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Visual Design in 2007. Returned to Japan in 2010 and entered Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Design in 2016.
Completed doctoral course in the Department of Internal Medicine. Utilizing her design expertise, she works with people in the field of welfare for people with disabilities who require support to create and develop artwork and products that lead to inclusive social
participation and independence regardless of position or ability, both in Japan and abroad.
The main project is “Shibuya Font”, which I have been involved with since 2017. This project won numerous awards, including the Good Design Award and Japan Innovation Award. Currently, it has become a general incorporated association and serves as an art director. He also holds a research position at a university, and continues his research by regularly providing art support to people with severe disabilities at welfare facilities. ACC from 2021
From 2022, he will also be selected as a judge for the Good Design Award. Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016. From April 2023, she will be appointed as a specially appointed associate professor at Nara Women’s University.
==An example of involvement==
– Good Design Award Judge
– Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
– Shibuya Font Art Director
– Part-time lecturer at Kuwasawa Design Institute
– Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Nara Women’s University, etc. ===========
* [Guest speaker] Person in charge of Shibuya Font project in Shibuya Ward (Shibuya Ward employee) * A person from the government who has been involved with Shibuya Font since its launch.
This is your chance to hear stories from the administrative
perspective from the preparation stage, including the
behind-the-scenes story of its birth.
* [Crosstalk content] ~About Shibuya font~*
・ How did the collaboration begin?
・What changes did this bring about? (Welfare sites and inside and outside the workplace)
・ How have you been able to make progress for so long? Secret, trick? ・If you hadn’t taken these steps, how do you think things would be now? ・About future developments and ongoing projects!
· others

Tapestry creation scene for Shibuya Font event
Shibuya font creation scene
Shibuya font product example
Apply here (Peatix)
* [Date and time]*
Saturday, May 11, 2024 14:00-17:00 (3 hours with break in between) * 【 venue 】*
Shibuya Font Lab (Harakado)
7F, 6-31-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  Google MAP
Harakado 7th floor Shibuya Font Lab
* 【 Application 】*
Please apply through Peatix.
* [Event Overview] *
“I want to try creating products that utilize illustrations created by people with disabilities, or I want to brush up on my skills!” “I want to turn the creations and independent production activities I’ve been doing all my life into products and get paid for the labor!” For example, there are welfare workers who are struggling to create products at Fukusha Works, etc., and people who want to get involved in design work at such places, but are worried about not knowing where to access them. For designers working in the field, we will help people with disabilities solve their problems, connect their ideas, and learn what they can apply in their own workplaces, together with people working in welfare fields and those involved in design work. “Learning from manufacturing” that takes advantage of expression and what you can do
We have launched a place where you can learn about “Fukushi and Design”. This is a place where you can learn about the basics, ways of thinking, and processes of manufacturing that you can use in your own workplace, while learning from designers who are already active in various workplaces.
Through workshops, we will learn everything from creating a
fundamental concept to how to present and communicate with customers in mind.
* [Target]*
Persons working at welfare offices and facilities for persons with disabilities, persons providing intermediate support in welfare matters, designers, persons involved in welfare for persons with disabilities at local governments, social cooperatives, etc. * [Contents] *
Each time, designers, directors, and companies who are already active in the welfare field (we invite people who are active in a different region each time) will introduce case studies and we will proceed in an interactive format. After that, we will create a learning space that combines classroom lectures and workshops.

* [Overall schedule, lecturers] (titles omitted) *
May 11th: Laila Kasem (Shibuya Font

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