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Home » Tolligence, a carbon credit specialist information organization Releases alpha version of J-Credit rating info rmation “Tolligence Rating”

Tolligence, a carbon credit specialist information organization Releases alpha version of J-Credit rating info rmation “Tolligence Rating”

[Tolligence, a carbon credit specialist information organization] Releases alpha version of J-Credit rating information “Tolligence Rating”

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Press release: May 3, 2024
[Tolligence, a carbon credit specialist information organization] Releases alpha version of J-Credit rating information “Tolligence Rating”
*Tolligence, a startup from the University of Cambridge, is a service that evaluates each J-Credit project individually and provides rating information.
We will release the alpha version of “Rating”. *
* Tolligence Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yoshikatsu Kameda) has launched a new service, “Tolligence,” which provides J-Credit ratings.
Rating” (Torigence Rating) will be published. By assessing the risks and assigning ratings to J-Credit projects individually, companies will be able to quantitatively and accurately assess the risks of carbon credit transactions. J-Credit rating information “Tolligence” If you are interested in the alpha version of “Rating”, please apply using the pre-registration form. *

* ▼Pre-registration form*
*Service overview*
“Tolligence Rating” uses scientific knowledge and cutting-edge data analysis technology to provide a rating for each J-Credit project.* To do. Visualize project-specific quality and risk to help companies* make decisions when buying or selling carbon credits*
and contribute to the realization of sustainable business strategies. In this service, forest management projects registered with J-Credit* We provide ratings based on evaluation* from three perspectives: “additionality,” “quantitativeness,” and “persistence.”
Major features
1. *University of Cambridge research-based assessment*
: We analyze projects and provide ratings based on the J-Credit research method developed by the University of Cambridge in the UK. 2. *Intuitive Dashboard*: Easily understand complex data through a user-friendly interface.
3. * API provided (under development) *
:By converting rating and risk information into API, it becomes possible to incorporate it into the services of companies that intermediate and sell carbon credits. Additionally, by connecting it to internal systems, it can be used for procurement strategies and simulations of companies purchasing carbon credits.
* Use case (utilization scene) *
[Case 1] Case of a financial institution intermediating the purchase and sale of carbon credits
Until now, when selling J-Credit, it was difficult to explain and justify the validity of the transaction price*
Therefore, the problem was that it was difficult to find a buyer. By using Tolligence Rating*
Ratings can be presented to customers when selling J-Credit, improving reliability and explainability*
To do. This makes it possible to provide optimal J-Credit to customers who require explanations to investors, etc.

[Case 2] Case of a company operating a carbon credit market
In order to ensure liquidity in the carbon credit market, there is a way to trade credits of the same type together in the market instead of by project. that time,*
It is important not to mix in poor quality “junk carbon credits”* It becomes. If we operate a mixed credit market, we will not be able to avoid criticism of greenwashing (a sham measure), and there is a risk of damaging our brand and trust.
By referring to the Tolligence Rating, * you can select only carbon credits with a certain quality or higher and handle them in your own market *
It becomes. By eliminating junk credit, we can provide added value to market participants.

[Case 3] Case of a company purchasing carbon credits
Until now, there was no standard for comparison when purchasing J-Credits, and each project had to be evaluated independently. Therefore,*
The issues* were that it required a large amount of research costs and that procurement decisions were made based solely on the individual criteria of the person in charge.
By using Tolligence Rating* it is possible to horizontally compare J-Credit projects*
This allows you to select carbon credits that match your company’s decarbonization policy.
*Pre-registration form*
If you are interested in the alpha version of J-Credit’s rating information “Tolligence Rating”, please apply using the
pre-registration form.
* ▼Pre-registration form*
*We may not be able to respond to all applications. Please note. *Service background*
Carbon credits, which are attracting attention as a means of achieving carbon neutrality, are sometimes questioned from the perspective of their “effectiveness.” For example, there are carbon credit projects that overestimate the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by forests. We have begun to see cases in which companies that purchase such carbon credits are accused of “greenwashing” and are being sued for falsely decarbonizing their efforts. Achieving carbon neutrality requires the creation and purchase of higher quality and reliable credits, and a system to evaluate performance on a project-by-project basis is essential. “Tolligence”
‘Rating’ clarifies the risks associated with carbon credits and provides guidelines for companies to enter the carbon credit market with peace of mind.
What is Tolligence?
Tolligence was established in March 2024 as a specialized information organization that conducts data analysis, risk assessment, and rating for carbon credit projects such as J-Credit, based on research from the University of Cambridge. Our mission is to bring transparency to the carbon credit market, and our goal is to encourage meaningful environmental investment. We will continue to analyze and rate carbon credit data so that higher quality carbon credits can be distributed in the market in order to achieve carbon neutrality and a decarbonized society beyond that.
Company Profile
*Company name*: Tolligence Co., Ltd.
*Establishment date*: March 2024
*Representative*: Yoshikatsu Kameda
*Location*: 3rd floor, R Cube Aoyama, 1-3-1 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo *URL*:
*Business details*: Carbon credit data analysis, risk assessment, rating, information dissemination
*About this release details*

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