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Sheer Co., Ltd. Please tell us your recommendations for lotion for acne care. 1st place is “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion”

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Survey Report-Please tell us the recommended lotion for acne care.The first place is “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion”
“Beauty Mania” ( is a beauty review media centered on the best cosmetics operated by Sheer Co., Ltd. ( ) conducted a survey asking 134 people over the age of 20 who are interested in beauty, “Please tell us your recommendations for lotions for acne care.” We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey entity: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Beauty Mania” Survey contents: Please tell us your recommendations for lotions for acne care. Survey method: Internet Survey target: 134 people in their 20s to 50s and above who are interested in beauty Age of respondents: 20 58 people in their 30s / 45 people in their 40s / 22 people in their 40s / 9 people in their 50s and above Survey date: May 3, 2024
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As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “Please tell me which lotion you recommend for acne care,” the first place was “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion (22 people),” the second place was “Eau de Mouge: Medicated moisturizing lotion (21 people),” and the third place was “Orbis: Clear Full Lotion (22 people).” The winner was “Curel: Sebum Trouble Care Lotion 1 (20 people)”.
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The first place winners by age group were as follows:
[Image 2:×780.png ]
1st place for people in their 20s: “Curel: Sebum Trouble Care Lotion 1” (19.0%) 1st place for people in their 30s: “Eau de Mouge: Medicated moisturizing lotion” (17.8%) 1st place for people in their 40s: “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion” (31.8%) %) 1st place for people over 50: “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion” (22.2%) *Percentage from number of responses by age group
1st place: ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion
・It is very suitable for my skin, and it penetrates deep into my skin, so I can feel the effects and it prevents it from happening again. (40’s/Sensitive skin) – I have been using Orbis cosmetics for over 10 years, and even though I have atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin, I have never had any rough skin, and the price is reasonable enough that even a teenager can buy it. (30s/combination skin) Orbis Clear Full Lotion is refreshing and non-sticky, making it very easy to use. (20s/oily skin) – The refreshing texture makes it easy to use and blends into the skin. There is a regular program, so you can easily continue using it without having to go out and buy it yourself. (20s/combination skin) – It works against adult acne and
stress-induced acne, and improves the condition of your skin. It doesn’t cause any stinging. (40s/combination skin) – I’m currently using it. Even the set is reasonably priced, so you can use it without hesitation. I also use an introductory serum from the same series. (40s/oily skin) – It’s comfortable to use and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. However, it also moisturizes properly. (50s and
above/combination skin) – The price is reasonable and easy to continue using. There are refreshing types and moist types, which can be used depending on the season and other situations. The base material is also from the same series, so it is easy to care for. (30s/Sensitive Skin) – When I was suffering from acne, I searched for acne skin care and found out about it. It specializes in acne care and was very refreshing and effective. (20’s/Sensitive skin) – The content is gentle on the skin and penetrates into the skin easily, making it easy for beginners to adopt. (30s/normal skin) – This lotion is famous for acne care, and it’s easy to use. It’s good because it actually erases acne scars. (20s/normal skin)
2nd place: Eau de Mouge: Medicated moisturizing lotion
・Eau de Mouge is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, so it is recommended that you don’t feel guilty even if you use a lot at once. Since it is medicinal, I think it is refreshing and comfortable to use. (20s/combination skin) – It suppresses sebum and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. I feel like it’s less irritating than other acne lotions, and it’s easy to use (I’m in my 40s/combination skin).When I think of acne, I think of Eau de Mouge, and I had severe acne and rough skin when I was a student, so I used this product regularly. I did. It’s been around for a long time, and it’s non-sticky and easy to use, so you can use it with confidence. (30’s/combination skin) – I felt like my sebum was reduced, my skin was kept clean, and acne definitely became less likely, so I thought it was a good product for care (30’s/combination skin) – For prevention. good. I think it’s good for family use as men can also use it. It has a strong alcohol content and has a refreshing feel (you can’t use it on reddened areas as it will irritate them).I’m currently using it as a lotion for wiping it off. (50s and above/combination skin) – I’ve been using this product for about 10 years. It gently removes dirt and oil, so if you wipe it off with a cotton pad in the morning and moisturize well, even if you get acne, it will heal easily. (30’s/Sensitive skin) – For oily skin, even the slightest irritation from Eau de Mouge prevents skin irritation, and I feel like it reduces sebum secretion (20’s/Oily skin) – Among the above I have used four products: ORBIS d program, Eau de Mouge, and Curel, but only Eau de Mouge is stable no matter when I use it. Others were sometimes not suitable depending on the season or physical condition. (20s/Sensitive skin) – There is no unnecessary scent or sticky texture, and it feels like it only contains the necessary ingredients. (20s/oily skin) – It’s a wipe-off lotion, and it’s easy to use after washing your face without changing the basic cosmetics you always use, and best of all, even if you get acne, it won’t get worse (30s/combination skin) )
3rd place: Curel: Sebum trouble care lotion
・I have used several products, but Curel is the least irritating and can be used even by those with sensitive skin or allergies. It heals acne as quickly as other products, but I feel it’s gentle on the skin (I’m in my 20s/dry skin) and my dermatologist recommended it. It is said to contain a lot of ingredients that are prescribed in hospitals. My child has sensitive skin, but it is very useful to be able to use it together. (40s/normal skin) – I was oily and had trouble with acne, but I also had a problem with my skin being sensitive and getting red and swollen easily. My skin was in the best condition when I used Curel, which has the image of being gentle on sensitive skin, in combination with emulsion…! (30s/oily skin) – When I was suffering from acne (especially under the chin), I used Curel Sensitive. I changed it to a lotion for my skin. I have gotten much better and am now a Curel believer! Other products may not suit your skin and cause irritation, but you don’t have to worry about Curel causing
irritation. (20s/Sensitive skin) No matter which Curel series you choose, you will never go wrong. I think the normal type is fine. (20’s/Sensitive Skin) – I have a mixture of dry and oily skin, but I also occasionally suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, and I am prone to acne even as I get older. I thought Curel’s lotion was recommended because when I applied it at night, it was smooth and non-sticky even in the morning. (50s and above/combination skin) – I was suffering from acne, and a friend recommended me to use Curel’s lotion. After about a week of first using it, my acne subsided and my skin improved, so I chose it as a recommendation. (20s/oily skin) Curel is a safe lotion. It’s not too harsh on the skin and has just the right amount of moisturizing power, making it recommended for preventing acne. (30s/dry skin) I use this product because it is gentle on sensitive skin. When I use other acne care lotions, my skin sometimes feels tingly, but Curel seems to suit my skin, so I use it repeatedly. (20s/combination skin) – I’ve tried a lot of things, but I think Curel is the best for me because it’s additive-free and gentle on the skin, and doesn’t stain when I use it when I have rough skin or acne. (50s and up/normal skin)
4th place: Minon: Amino Moist Medicated Acne Care Lotion
・I’m currently using it, and I haven’t had any problems with acne lately, so I think it’s suitable for my skin. (30s/combination skin) – It’s a brand that is sold at any drugstore and is gentle on the skin (30s/normal skin) – I haven’t had any acne on my chin since using it. I felt like it was really moisturizing. (20s/combination skin) – I have sensitive skin, so depending on the lotion I use, my skin may sting or become rough. Even though I have sensitive skin, I can use Minon without causing any irritation or acne. (40s/Sensitive Skin) – When I was forced to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, my acne was so bad that I went to a dermatologist. My dermatologist told me that Minon’s lotion is hypoallergenic, so it can be used in conjunction with medication, and my doctor gave me the OK to use it, so I felt safe using it. (30’s/Sensitive skin) – It’s not sticky and provides just the right amount of moisture, so you can use it without hesitation even when you have acne. (20s/dry skin) – All of them are very moisturizing and I thought they would be suitable for people with acne and sensitive skin. Curel is especially recommended
(20s/combination skin)
5th place: FANCL: Acne care lotion
・I often use LIPS, but I saw other people’s reviews saying that it was effective for rough skin, so I was curious about it, so I bought it and have been using it ever since. (20s/dry skin) – ORBIS is just okay. This is because I have experience that using FANCL definitely gets rid of acne and if you continue using it, you won’t have any skin problems. (20s/combination skin) – When I used it before, my acne got smaller and didn’t leave much of a scar. (30s/combination skin) I started using FANCL after a friend recommended it. Aquanea lotion leaves me feeling refreshed after applying it, and my makeup goes on better. (50s and up/oily skin) – It’s refreshing, but not too refreshing, and has a moisturizing feel, so it’s good that it doesn’t dry you out. (30s/Combination skin) Contains ingredients specifically for acne-prone skin, making it refreshing and easy to use. It is additive-free and can be used with confidence. (30s/combination skin) – Since it has no additives, it can be used safely even on acne-prone skin, as it will reduce the redness of acne and heal faster. (40s/dry skin)
6th place: d program: Acne care lotion
・It costs a reasonable amount of money, is often advertised, and is often seen at pharmacies. The inclusion of Suzu Hirose is also highly likable. It was really nice to try it out. (20s/combination skin) – It’s refreshing and easy to use, and I’ve had fewer skin problems since using the d program. Although this lotion is not cheap, d Program’s skin care is reliable. (30’s/normal skin) – Even though it has a refreshing texture, it blends into the skin easily. The emulsion is not sticky and seems to absorb quickly. It doesn’t have an immediate effect, but it dries up the pimples and makes them fall off. (30s/combination skin)
・I felt that it not only felt refreshing, but also moisturized and conditioned my skin. But it’s not sticky, so it’s easy to use. (30s/oily skin) – I have actually been using this product, and my acne has improved by using it. I think this is a product that feels refreshing to wear, provides good moisturizing care, and helps keep your skin in a better balance. (20s/combination skin)
7th place: Acnes: Medicated clear lotion
・When I started using Acnes lotion for the severe acne on my face, the acne started to gradually decrease and I’m glad. (20s/dry skin) – Since it is medicated, it seems to be more effective against acne than regular lotion. Compared to other products, it’s cheap and easy to get (I’m in my 30s/combination skin).I have oily skin and I want to feel refreshed, so I’ve been using it since I was a student. There are two types of lotion, and the type that contains powder is refreshing and comfortable after use. I still occasionally use a tube of medicine that can be used at points to treat small pimples. (20s/oily skin) – This is a lotion from a series famous for acne treatment. I started seeing results within a week of using it. (20s/Combination skin) – When I was a teenager and I was really worried about my acne, I actually used the acne treatment that I often saw on TV, and it didn’t go away right away, but it gradually got better, so acne is good. (I’m in my 20s/dry skin) I like the old-fashioned Acnes series with powder and use it. The smooth powder and cool feel are the best. (30s/oily skin)
8th place: Nobu: AC Active Face Lotion
・I purchased this after being recommended by a dermatologist and a drug store salesperson. It has been recommended by a dermatologist for some relief, but since it often causes red acne and inflammation can be painful, I recommend it because it doesn’t cause any irritation and has a refreshing feel. (20s/combination skin) – When I was suffering from severe skin irritation, I received a free sample at the drugstore and used it, and the next morning my skin condition calmed down a bit and I was impressed. (20s/Combination skin) – My skin is susceptible to changes in temperature and physical irritation during the change of seasons, and I was prone to acne, but after trying various lotions, I found Nobu’s face lotion to be the most irritating. This is because there is less skin irritation and rough skin has improved.
(20s/Sensitive skin) – After purchasing this product after it was recommended by a dermatologist, my acne has become less likely to occur. Being recommended by a dermatologist gives me a sense of trust. (20s/combination skin)
9th place: Clearasil: Medicated powder lotion for acne prevention ・I think it’s a generational feeling, but when it comes to acne care, I think of this brand.It’s so persuasive and trustworthy. It feels like it’s highly effective. thank you very much. (40s/combination skin) – This is a lotion that needs to be shaken well before use, but I think it’s nice to feel smooth after use. If you continue to use it, it will become more effective. (40’s/dry skin) – You can buy it at a drugstore at a reasonable price, so you can use it generously and it seems to heal quickly. (40s/dry skin) – It’s a famous product, and it says it’s medicinal for acne, so it seemed to be effective for acne care. (50s and up/combination skin)
10th place: Albion: Skin conditioner
・Albion medicated skin conditioner essential. It’s made for sensitive skin, it’s refreshing and doesn’t cause acne. (30’s/Sensitive skin) I use Albion’s skin conditioner. I would recommend it because it contains medicinal ingredients and is not too refreshing.
(30’s/Sensitive Skin) – Albion Skin Conditioner I have used many different products because I suffer from acne easily (I have used most of the ones listed above), but since I started using this skin conditioner, my condition has improved dramatically. .
(30s/combination skin) – Personally, Albion’s skin conditioner was the most effective for acne. (30s/combination skin) – Albion: We recommend the medicated skin conditioner Essential N. This is because it feels refreshing and has a gentle scent. Even combination skin can take care of acne while controlling oil. (30s/combination skin)
12th place: Proactive: Refreshing toner
・When you think of acne, you have the image of being proactive. The commercial features middle and high school students who suffer from acne, as well as their parents, which makes it very convincing. (30s/Combination skin) – Since I was a teenager, I have been prone to acne around my forehead and temples, and Proactiv was the most effective. It’s especially useful on days when I apply a lot of makeup. (20s/combination skin) I chose Proactive because it has long been a good lotion for acne and had information about acne.
(30s/normal skin)
・Ihada lotion is recommended. Since it is a medicated lotion, it is suitable for acne care, and even after using it, my skin did not feel sticky and my skin condition improved. (20s/dry skin) – I recommend a Korean cosmetic lotion called BANOBAGI. Since I started using this, I no longer get acne that I always get before my period.
(30s/combination skin)・I usually use the Gokujun skin conditioner, and it has a nice refreshing feel. I also think the good thing about it is that you can buy it at drugstores. (30s/combination skin) – Orbis medicated skin conditioner When I consulted BA about my skin concerns, I was told that this product was good and I am using it.Actually good (20s/oily skin) – Melano CC lotion I am using it. Since I started using this, my acne scars have disappeared more easily. One of the reasons I chose it was that it was cheap and available at pharmacies. (20s/oily skin) I recommend Muji’s lotion and emulsion for sensitive skin. It’s gentle on the skin, so it won’t irritate your skin, and you can choose a refreshing type, moisturizing type, or super moisturizing type depending on your skin condition. (20s/sensitive skin)
・Naturie Coix barley lotion. When I had acne, my face was itchy, red, and stinging, so I chose products that were mild and didn’t make my skin tight. This one has both, and above all, it has a large capacity and is good value for money. (30s/combination skin) I was using Muji’s sensitive skin lotion (still using it now). The main reason was that I had a hard time finding products that suited my skin, but the smooth type felt the best on my skin. (20s/sensitive skin)
When we conducted a survey of 134 people with the theme, “Please tell us your recommendations for lotion for acne care,” 16.4% of the respondents answered “ORBIS: Clear Full Lotion.” —
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