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Home » Over 110,000 copies sold after reprint! “Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! 100 helpful recipes”

Over 110,000 copies sold after reprint! “Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! 100 helpful recipes”

Over 110,000 copies sold after reprint! “Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! 100 helpful recipes”

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Press release: May 4, 2024
Over 110,000 copies sold after reprint! “Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! 100 helpful recipes”
*We have also decided to hold an event to commemorate reaching 110,000 copies* We also received a comment of joy from Tasan Shima.
* “Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san!
100 Helpful Recipes” (September 19, 2023, published by NHK Publishing) is gaining momentum. Half a year after its release, sales have been strong, and a ninth printing has been decided, with over 110,000 copies sold. To commemorate this, a talk event will be held on May 18th. Please feel free to join us. *
* Today’s cooking, Shima-san, has sold over 110,000 copies! 100 Helpful Recipes”*
The new obi includes a handwritten message from Shima!
Immediately after its release in September of last year, “Today’s Cooking – Teach Me Shima-san!” sold well at bookstores and online bookstores.
100 Helpful Recipes. Half a year has passed since its release, and the 9th edition has been decided, with circulation exceeding 110,000*. From the middle of this month, it will be distributed with a new design obi.
Message of joy from Shima after receiving 110,000 copies
This book is a book packed with everything that can be conveyed to me today* I think it is. I wasn’t particular about the number of copies, but I’m very happy to think that so many people have picked up the book. “Please give it a try♪”
Talk event held
“Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! To commemorate the 110,000th copy of “100 Helpful Recipes”, we will be holding a talk event with Tasan Shima.

This book is a collection of recipes born from the desire of Ms. Shima, known as the “legendary housekeeper,” to “help each and every family.” At the event, Ms. Shima will talk about her thoughts on this book, as well as anecdotes related to various cooking concerns and questions submitted by readers. There will also be an autograph session after the event.
■Date and time: May 18th (Sat) 13:00-14:30
■Venue: Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Home Appliances 2nd floor EVENT SPACE (inside Snow Peak)
■ Doors open: Scheduled to open 15 minutes before the event starts Click here to apply!
Celebrating over 110,000 copies! Recipe published
To commemorate the publication of 110,000 copies, we will be releasing a recipe for “dry curry” from the book “On days when I don’t want to make anything” that you can make even when you’re tired! View dry curry recipe Shima’s “heavy rotation” recipe for a particularly busy day
Contents of this book
Introduction: Bringing smiles to every home
Chapter 1 I want to enjoy making and eating
Chapter 2 If there was one more item
Chapter 3 On days when I don’t want to make anything
Chapter 4 I want to see children’s smiles
my favorite menu
column1 Shima’s way of enjoying cooking
column2 Shima’s cooking method
column3 Tasan family table
column4 Tasan family’s special day
column5 Tasan family food education
Afterword “Housekeeper” is my origin
“Chicken saute” where the key to deliciousness is how the skin is grilled A gorgeous and stylish dish, “Salad Niçoise”
Author information
Tasan Shima (Tasan Shima)
Graduated from Osaka Abeno/Tsuji Culinary School and the group’s French school, and completed training at a famous restaurant. After returning to Japan and working for 15 years at a long-established French restaurant, she decided to become a freelance housekeeper after getting married, saying, “I wanted to convey the charm of simple, warm French home cooking.” Her cuisine, which caters to family members and tastes, has become a hot topic, and she has garnered attention in the media as a “legendary housekeeper who never gets a reservation.” Currently, he is active in a variety of fields, such as visiting ordinary households and demonstrating his skills, as well as appearing in the media and supervising recipes. She lives with her French husband and three children.
Product information
Tell me today’s dish, Shima-san! 100 helpful recipes
Author: Tasan Shima
Release date: September 19, 2023
Publisher: NHK Publishing
List price: 1,375 yen (tax included)
Specifications: AB size, 112 pages
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