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Home » Yai Co., Ltd. Mental and physical stress care Authentic mugwort steaming salon “Onza”, which uses natura l ingredients, was born in the Higashibetsuin store in the Naka-ku area | Opened on April 30, 2024//

Yai Co., Ltd. Mental and physical stress care Authentic mugwort steaming salon “Onza”, which uses natura l ingredients, was born in the Higashibetsuin store in the Naka-ku area | Opened on April 30, 2024//

Yai Co., Ltd.
[Mental and physical stress care] Authentic mugwort steaming salon “Onza”, which uses natural ingredients, has opened in the
Higashibetsuin store in the Naka Ward area | Opened on April 30, 2024 //
“Improve your health by raising your core body temperature by +1℃” A shop specializing in mugwort steaming has opened in front of Higashibetsuin Station, supporting the beauty and health of all women through warming activities.
“Onza” is an authentic mugwort steamed specialty store operated by Yai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture,
Representative: Yuta Niwa)
The second store will have a grand opening in late April 2024 in Naka Ward, Nagoya City. Details and reservations for the first-time limited campaign, which you can try at the opening price of 3,980 yen (tax included), will be announced on the Onza LINE official account. About authentic mugwort steamed specialty store “Onza”

[Image 1:×1045.jpg] “Onza” is a “warming salon” that uses authentic mugwort steaming made with natural and pesticide-free ingredients to warm the cold and stiff mind and body from deep within, leading to fundamental solutions to women’s concerns.
It is said that if the body temperature rises by 1 ° C, metabolism will be 12%and immunity will increase by 30%.
[Image 2:×1045.jpg] Modern women spend their days with no time to rest, busy with work, housework, and childcare. It is said that there are more people with lower body temperatures than in the past due to stagnation of circulation in the body due to daily fatigue, stress, lack of exercise, etc. It is said that raising your core body temperature by just 1°C will increase your metabolism, improve your immunity, and improve various problems and disorders. It is said that the problems that many modern women face, such as dieting, rough skin, age spots and wrinkles, menstrual pain, PMS, and swelling, can gradually improve by increasing your core body temperature. Masu. Bring out the self-power that all women inherently have and prepare their mind and body. Supports strong and supple “health” and “beauty” at +1℃. Please take a seat and experience the feeling of steam warming your body from the core.
Features of authentic mugwort steamed specialty store “Onza”

[Image 3:×2600.jpg] 1. We use 100% natural, pesticide-free mugwort and Chinese herbal herbs that are blended according to their efficacy. Our store uses carefully selected high-quality, safe, and 100% pesticide-free natural Chinese herbal herbs. The selection and formulation of ingredients are tailored to the constitution of the Japanese people by a dedicated Chinese herbalist who is a professional in Oriental medicine. By firmly circulating the steam of Chinese medicinal herbs throughout the body, we aim for a lifetime of inner beauty, rather than a temporary warming effect that only warms the surface. 2. We use a 100% loess pot, which is also called “living clay,” which increases the effectiveness of mugwort steaming by more than 80 times. Because it contains a lot of oxygen, it has excellent detoxification and purification effects, and far infrared rays can deliver the active ingredients of Chinese medicinal herbs. In addition, since it is an unglazed type that is not coated with glaze, there is no need to worry about introducing harmful substances into the body. This is a carefully selected natural seat holder that is handcrafted one by one by craftsmen who take their time and effort. 3. Warm up and relax with all five senses. A relaxing space that will warm your mind and body The theme of the space design is “warming the heart.” We don’t just want to provide a beautiful space, we want to provide a time where you can warm up from your feet to your head and feel relieved. With that in mind, we created it together with the designer. “I’ve come back to a place where I can relax.” We want to cherish the moment when you can take a breather from your busy days, so when you visit our store, we ask that you take off your shoes before entering.
[Image 4:×1045.jpg] Prices and menu
You can feel the effects more by making it a habit, rather than just doing it once. That’s why we created a menu that is easy to visit.
[Table 2: ]
We also offer fixed-price membership systems, discounted coupons, and special rate plans for those who want to focus on improving their physical condition. In addition, you can enjoy the ultimate warm and relaxing time by combining optional menus such as products that improve the intestinal environment.
[Recommended frequency of visits] ◎For those who want to focus on improving their constitution: We recommend visiting the store 3 times a week for 3 months at first. ◎For those who want to adopt a warm-up routine: We recommend visiting our store at least once a week to fully experience the effects of the warm-up routine. ◎For those who want to casually stay warm: Once a month or more, when you are concerned about your health, want to relax, detox, etc. Our professional staff will provide counseling and advise you on the optimal frequency of visits. Please feel free to contact us.
store information
Store name: Authentic mugwort steamed specialty store “Onza” Higashibetsuin store
Opening date: April 30, 2023 Address: 3rd floor, Tsunehiro Building, 1-2-2 Iseyama, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0026 Business hours: 10:00-19:00 *Reservations required Holidays: Tuesday seating Number: 4 Access: 3 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Higashibetsuin Station on the Meijo Subway Line
Official website: Instagram: Hot Pepper Beauty:
How to make a reservation
Please add our official LINE account as a friend and contact us from within LINE.
◆Onza official LINE account is here
What is mugwort steaming?

[Image 5:×1045.jpg] Mugwort steaming is a hot bathing method that warms the body from the inside by directly applying steam from mugwort to the mucous membranes of the lower body. You sit on a special chair, wearing a cloak that completely covers your body from the neck down, and steam is applied from below. It is said that the active ingredients can be effectively absorbed into the body by introducing steam from herbal medicinal herbs such as mugwort through the highly absorbent mucous membrane of the lower body (vagina). By incorporating good ingredients, promoting the metabolism of waste products, and warming your body from deep within, you can refresh your mind and body.
[Ingredients and effects of mugwort] Mugwort, which has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times, contains a wealth of active ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. The chlorophyll effect unique to green plants is said to be of higher quality and more effective than other wild and medicinal herbs. In addition, the essential oil components of mugwort also promote blood circulation, so it is said to be good for relieving disorders caused by stagnation of blood circulation.
Message from Onza
There are so many good things about warming your body from the core. Your whole body’s circulation improves, your skin becomes clearer, and you can sleep better. The stress of everyday life will melt away, and your heart will naturally become softer. The concept of Onza is to “improve all kinds of ailments in women with body temperature +1℃.” No matter what you do, if you find yourself feeling unwell, try raising your body temperature by 1 degree Celsius. One hour a week is a special time to face and care for yourself. Create unwavering beauty by improving your constitution from the ground up. Would you like to start a “warm life” with authentic mugwort steaming? May your body and mind improve over time, like the waxing and waning of the moon. More details about this release: