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Home » Startup event for 800 people! There will be 40 booths from famous companies including VCs and large companies, along with luxurious guests.

Startup event for 800 people! There will be 40 booths from famous companies including VCs and large companies, along with luxurious guests.

Japan Startup Support Association
Startup event for 800 people! There will be 40 booths from famous companies including VCs and large companies, along with luxurious guests.
The JSSA TOKYO Pitch Award & Power Matching Booth Vol.52 Date and time: May 14, 2024, 11:00-20:30
Venue: Sadanotsuji Square Minato Industrial Promotion Center 10F, 11F 5-36-4 Shiba, Minato-ku
4 minutes walk from JR Tamachi Station or Toei Mita Line Mita Station Sponsored by: Japan Startup Support Association
Co-host: Minato Industrial Promotion Center
Capacity: 800 people *Reception will close once the capacity is reached. It is OK to join, leave, and re-enter midway through.
Participation fee: 1,000 yen *Includes two meals at lunch time and at the social gathering. Please note that refunds are not available even if canceled. Please note that payments made at convenience stores/ATMs will be invalidated if payment is not made within 3 days.
11F: Award pitch 4 companies, reverse pitch (20 companies), elevator pitch (50 companies)
10F: Matching booth floor 40 booths (VC, CVC, LP investors, large companies, sponsors, administrative/local governments)
Please see the participation application form below.
[Image:×450.jpg] Eligibility for participation: Students, people planning to start a business, people involved in IPO business, national and local governments, school corporations, large companies, finance,
professionals, media, VC, CVC, investors, and support organizations. This time’s participants are expected to be 800 in total, including 200 VCs, CVCs, and angels, 150 from large companies, 50 from local governments, and 400 from startups. Please note that event content and speakers may change without notice due to various circumstances. We are currently recruiting secretariat members. Please download event details
here. 〇 Time schedule 11:00-11:30 Doors open 11:30-11:35 Event description 11:35 ~11:50 Greetings from the representative director and
explanation of industry survey results11:50~11:55 Nobuko Irie, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member and vice representative of the Tokyo Citizens First Association11:55~12:00 Greetings from Minato City Minato City Industrial Promotion Center Deputy Director Atsushi Nishioka 12:00-13:00 VC talk session (4 people per group) 13:00-14:00 Business card exchange and lunchtime networking with VC talk session speakers (small hall) 14 :00-15:00 Seed Early Pitch Award 4 companies (planned for 2 deep tech companies and 2 IT service companies) 15:00-15:30 Business card exchange and networking for pitch speakers and guests 15:30-16:00 Awards Ceremony 16:00-16:30 Business card exchange & networking with judges and sponsors 16:30-17:30 Female entrepreneur talk session 17:30-18:00 Business card exchange with talk session speakers 18: 00-18:50 Part 1 Reverse pitch 20 companies, Elevator pitch 25 companies 18:50-19:00 Group photo 19:00-19:30 Part 2 Elevator pitch 25 companies 19:30-19:45 Representative director Greetings and commentary on industry survey results 19:45-20:15 Snacks/large social gathering (20:00 mid-term closing greetings) 20:30 Complete evacuation *Food and drinks are limited during lunch time (11:30-14:00) Available at the hall. 〇Purpose of the event As a community place that provides entrepreneurs and supporters with awareness, learning, and fateful encounters, members with the same awareness of issues, challenges, and interests gather to solve problems, build networks, and gather information. . 〇 Recommendations for startups 1. Currently raising funds or planning to raise funds. 2. I’m looking for a high-level mentor. 3. I’m not good at pitching and would like to see someone who can serve as a role model. 4. Looking for a listed company that can provide a place for M&A and experiment verification 〇 Recommended for angel investors like this 1. Angel investment doesn’t go well 2. It’s hard to find a good investment destination 3. Angel investors I want to make more friends. 4. I want to invest in a seed fund as an LP and collect information. 5. I want to repay the debt I have received to the next generation. 〇
Recommended for the following VC, CVC, LP investors (large corporate investment division/CVC): 1. Interested in seed funds 2. Having difficulty sourcing startups. 3. I am looking for a partner for new business development, business co-creation, and investment business. 4. I want to increase the number of customers for my company’s accessories, coworking spaces, and events. 5. I want to expand my fee business through agency contracts with startups. 6. We would like to have a wider range of sources for M&A and business alliance partners in areas other than Tokyo. 7. We want to strengthen sourcing of deep tech, healthcare, university-based ventures, and female entrepreneurs. 8. I want to expand my horizontal network with LP investors, CVC, and angel investors. 9. I want to repay the debt I have received to the next generation. 〇Startups in the following business areas are particularly welcome. Generative AI, RPA, SaaS, FinTech, HR, IoT, robot, matching, ad tech, media, security, big data, marketing, legal, manufacturing, real estate, video, medical, logistics, communication, insurance, finance, SNS, entertainment, We focus on investments in mobility, lifestyle, leisure travel, SDGs, female entrepreneurs, university ventures, deep tech, and healthcare. There are five highlights with the theme of Meetup. 1. We will hold a pitch award for 4 companies. The Pitch Award consists of a six-minute pitch from four companies, followed by a six-minute question-and-answer session with listed company founders and famous consultants. Startups from a wide range of fields will be on stage, so you can understand the latest trends. At the awards ceremony, the Grand Prize, Audience Award, and Sponsor Award will be presented. The Grand Prize is the right to a free luxury lunch with the representative director and association advisor. The “Sponsor Award” is a large number of prizes presented by association sponsors. Many of the speakers have achieved funding, business alliances, M&A, etc. as a result of their pitches at this award. It will also be a big plus for increasing your name recognition and recruiting. A list of speakers and slides will be made available to all participants in advance, so you can expect a significant PR effect. Pitch Award Judges [TSE G] Mr. Hidetoshi Uchiyama,
Representative Director and CEO of unerry Co., Ltd. [TSE G] Mr. Naofumi Yanagihara, President and Representative Director of Ridge-i Co., Ltd. [TSE G] Mr. Tomonori Ishimatsu, President and Representative Director of CINC Co., Ltd. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Business Mr. Kenji Fujita, Director of Innovation Strategy Mr. Daisuke Shimada, Representative Director of Interlinks Mr. Kiyotaka Fujioka, CEO of Amaterasu Co., Ltd. Mr. Tsukasa Horio, Representative Director and CEO of LUF Co., Ltd. and 1 other person Short pitches (elevator pitches and reverse pitches) will be held for 2.70 companies. To do. The elevator pitch by 50 startups will be a one-minute pitch with one slide from seed to late startups. Startups from a wide range of fields will be on stage, so you can understand the latest trends. The list of speakers and slides will be made available to all participants in advance, so you can expect a significant PR effect. In reverse pitches by supporters such as VCs, CVCs, and large companies from 20 companies, contrary to the traditional idea presentation (pitch), we pitch to startups the characteristics of their existing business using one slide in one minute. Please do so. In addition to promoting your business, we will also ask you to collaborate on investments and projects, and present your investment areas, track record, and evaluation criteria. 3. A talk session will be held between the heads of famous venture capital firms and famous female entrepreneurs. You can share the latest investment environment and fundraising tips. You might even be able to listen to new material that can only be heard here! We mainly ask questions about the investor’s investment style and values, past investment performance, investor network, investor expectations, level of investor involvement, investments in competitors, and evaluation criteria. Also, the investor’s expertise and experience, the investor’s portfolio, risk tolerance and investment style, network, value provided, reliability and
transparency, compatibility and team chemistry, the investor’s local/global expansion, We will also discuss feedback and support structures, as well as potential long-term partnerships.
Speakers: Takashi Yamanaka, Representative Partner of i-nest Capital Co., Ltd. Yusuke Asakura, Representative Partner of Animal Spirits; Takamitsu Miyamune, President of DIMENSION Co., Ltd.; Yasukazu Nagano, President of ANOBAKA Co., Ltd. The panel discussion between prominent female entrepreneurs included: The participants will discuss topics such as “Difficulties in raising capital for female entrepreneurs, adapting to a male-dominated business culture, adjusting work-life balance, team building, and securing talent.” Themes can vary widely. Scheduled speakers Fumiko Kato, Representative Director and CEO of WAmazing Co., Ltd. Rina Akimoto,
Representative Director of Tabechoku, Vivid Garden Co., Ltd. Director and CEO of SHE Co., Ltd. /CCO Eri Fukuda Bridge Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Kanae Sakane Power matching booth (Holding time: 12 :00-19:00) will be set up in a total of 40 conference rooms on the 10th floor, where many fateful encounters will take place through wall-bashing and business negotiations. Japan’s leading companies, from major TV stations to major trading companies and manufacturers, as well as mid-late stage startups will be exhibiting. 25 business companies, 5 administrative municipalities, and 10 VC and CVC companies are scheduled to exhibit at booths. 〇Companies expected to exhibit at booths (subject to change) VC, CVC Norinchukin
Bank/Norinchukin Capital Norinchukin Capital Chiba Dojo Fund KUSABI Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. i-nest capital Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. Nippon Venture Capital Global Brain Incubate Fund Co., Ltd. AirTrip Toyota Boshoku Co., Ltd. ARKRAY & PARTNERS Pte. Ltd. Moon Creative Lab Local government Utsunomiya City Kyoto City Kyoto City Tokyo Office Toyohashi City Sapporo City Sakai City Hall Kobe City Business company TV Asahi Japan Co., Ltd. Mutual Life Insurance Company Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Co., Ltd. Pronexus Co., Ltd. Glass Foam Materials Business Cooperative Foundation Notebook Co., Ltd. Mirai Works Co., Ltd. Public-Public Partnership Promotion Organization Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. G-Fit Co., Ltd. Bankable Co., Ltd. 5. Great Exchange We will hold a meeting and business card exchange event. To make it easier to find them, we plan to have reverse pitch speakers and booth exhibitors exchange business cards over a table with company name stands. 〇11F/Central Lobby To make it easier to exchange business cards with speakers, business card exchange sessions will be held in the central lobby during breaks. 〇11F/Small Hall Food and drinks are available during lunch time (11:30-14:00). It will be open as a work space before and after lunch time. 〇The JSSA Startup Pitch Award The “Best Award”, “Audience Award”, and “Sponsor Award” will be presented based on a 6-minute pitch and a 6-minute question and answer session with a commentator. The “Sponsor Award” is a prize presented by an association sponsor. Many of the speakers have achieved funding, business alliances, M&A, etc. as a result of their pitches at this award. It will also be a big plus for increasing your name recognition and recruiting. ● What is The JSSA Startup Pitch Award? This is a business exchange event that has been held more than 50 times in the past, sponsored by the Japan Startup Support Association, held in Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. As a community place that provides entrepreneurs with a place to discover, learn, and have fateful encounters, members with the same awareness, challenges, and interests gather to solve problems, build networks, and gather information. We are also focusing on SDGs, regional revitalization, and nurturing university-originated ventures. We will send a list of all participant information by the day before the event, so you can know the speakers and participants in advance. This event is recommended for the following people:・I want to efficiently meet with many VCs, CVCs, and angel investors at once. For those who would like to have face-to-face meetings with people from large companies that are difficult to meet ⇒There will be a business negotiation booth, so please make a reservation in advance from the dedicated page with the company you would like to meet and make effective use of your time.・For those who want to learn new ideas ⇒ Entrepreneurs, founders, and startups from various fields will speak and participate in the pitch event. Your audience will be exposed to new business ideas and technologies. Also, by learning about the problems and challenges faced by startups, you may be able to apply them to your own business.・For those who want to meet various startups ⇒ Many startups will participate in the pitch event. Audiences can meet industry experts and startups working in the same field. They can also expand their network by interacting with people with similar interests.・For those who want to find investment opportunities ⇒The speakers will be startups that provide cutting-edge technology and services. You can source startups for investment.・For those who want to provide a venue for M&A and experiment verification ⇒ Startups and large companies can discuss initiatives such as open innovation and alliances at the power matching booth. You can also learn about the latest startup trends and technologies.・For those who want to see high-level pitches ⇒ This time, startups from seed to early stage will be on stage, so you can expect a rich pitch that incorporates their achievements. I also think there is a lot to learn from startups who are not good at pitching. This pitch has led to various fateful encounters, including funding, business alliances, joint development, and media introductions. Main participating companies〇Financial securities companiesSMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd.Orix Bank Kotael Trust Co., Ltd.FUNDINNO Co., Ltd.Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.〇VC, CVC, investment departments (in alphabetical order)Archetype VenturesI Cubed Ventures Co., Ltd.i- nest capital Arconics Co., Ltd. Iwagin Mirai Investment Co., Ltd. Well Investment Co., Ltd. A-Start SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. SMBC Nikko Securities Angel Investor ON&BOARD Co., Ltd. BANDAI NAMCO
Entertainment Co., Ltd. Environmental Energy Investment Global Brain Co., Ltd. JR East Japan Startup JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd. JT Management Co., Ltd. GENDA Capital Co., Ltd. Shizuoka Capital Co., Ltd. Dual Bridge Capital Delight Ventures Nippon Steel Solutions Co., Ltd. Nifco Co., Ltd. Norinchukin Bank/Norinchukin Capital Panasonic Co., Ltd. Hitachi Ltd. Falcon Co., Ltd. Capital Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd. Mainichi Mirai Creation Lab Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. Miyabi Ventures Mobile Internet Capital Co., Ltd. Rakuten Group Co., Ltd. 〇 Business companies iQ EQ Japan Co., Ltd. Xing Co., Ltd. Kindai Sakura Business Co., Ltd. Company Sun Asterisk Sanko Estate Co., Ltd. CBC Co., Ltd. Osaka Branch Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Hatena Co., Ltd. Amaterasu Co., Ltd. School corporations, local governments, organizations Shibaura Institute of Technology Mineken Mental Care Utsunomiya City National Research and Development Corporation New Energy/Industrial Technology Japan Comprehensive Development Organization Tokyo Area Employment and Labor Consultation Center Co., Ltd. Overseas Demand Development Support Agency National Research and Development Agency Japan Science and Technology Agency Minato Industrial Promotion Center Shigyo Co., Ltd. Human Hub Japan Aiwa Tax Accountant Corporation In-House Hub Tokyo Law Office Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. SPRITEA Kou Consulting Co., Ltd. Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. Japan Senior Entrepreneurship Support Corporation Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. Tokai Tokyo Securities Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Azsa Audit Corporation Takara Printing Co., Ltd. Pronexus Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. J-Front Retailing Bridge Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. Amazon Web Services Japan LLC TIS Co., Ltd. Socio Co., Ltd. Obic Business Consultant Law Corporation Daiichi Law Office ● Sponsored partner organizations Mitsubishi Estate Tokyo 21st Century Club Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. Osaka Innovation Hub (Osaka City) Sharing Economy Association
Please see the participation application form below.
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